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Instagram and Its Powerful Impact On The Fashion Industry Across The Globe

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Instagram has made a significant impact on the fashion industry. It plays a vital role in transforming brands and becoming an interactive platform for consumers. Users of Instagram follow fashion trends and news on this popular social media platform. They can get insights into the latest fashion tips and quickly share it among their followers. Instagram is known for reaching out to a large volume of targeted users. When posts related to fashion are shared with the relevant hashtags and captions, the sales of fashion houses and designers surge multi-fold as fashion is the 3rd most sought after category on Instagram. 

Window display for fashion lovers  

Instagram has become a window display for fashion lovers. Eminent designers believe this platform is the perfect place for sharing fashion ideas and inspiration. Here, you can attract the attention of those that share your passion for aesthetic sense and style. Consumers experience a unique sense of thrill when they look at fashion images and pictures on Instagram. This feeling or experience does not exist when they shop at local shopping malls or stores. If a fashion lover spots something new on Instagram, it seems like a recommendation from a close friend. Later similar posts with the same product follow suit and the decision to buy the item arises inside. Instagram spreads new fashion tips and trends like wildfire. If you see one post with a new launch now, you later will find others sporting the same item soon. 

Fashion brands on Instagram and their cult following 

Today men and women are buying items they see on Instagram. They admit they liked the item when they saw it online, and this is why they decided to buy it instantly with the belief it is in vogue. Many fashion brands focus on showcasing women’s wear on Instagram as women love to experiment with shopping.

Fashion designers and brands benefit with Instagram posts 

Both fashion designers and brands admit that posting fashion items from their business has doubled sales hugely. The response from the targeted audience is quicker. Today, people want to look and feel “cool”. Instagram has helped them get access to what is in fashion and what is not from the comforts of their home. Instagram is a large global fashion store that sets trends and drives sales. Fashion houses and brands use Instagram as an inspirational platform to generate lifestyle trends and increase sales beyond the store racks. In the present times, fashion houses and designers are intent to sell the lifestyle more than the look. They even have created their own shop on Instagram, where their customers can find everything they need from a single platform. This saves time and money.

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Moreover, these shops have also increased free Instagram followers for these fashion brands. Simply being present with photographs and images today is not enough. Fashion houses and brands need to initiate more efforts for what is known as fashion conversations. In this way, followers get the chance to interact with one another and create a fashion hub where opinions and thoughts are shared.

Bring the story of your fashion brand to life with Instagram 

Instagram is the ideal platform for fashion houses and designers to bring their brands to life. Some popular Instagram fashion brands have mastered the art of visual storytelling on the platform. They have excelled in the art of capturing the ideal shot when it comes to the items they wish to showcase. 

If you are a fashion house or designer who wishes to showcase your brand online, you should include the following- 

  1. Brand mission 
  2. Features of the product 
  3. Updates of the product 
  4. Lifestyle posts
  5. User-generated posts
  6. Behind the scene posts 

If you combine the above, you effectively can give your followers a complete look at the product range you have on offer.

Using the Instagram shopping channel feature 

You can enjoy the features of the Instagram shopping channel to reach out to your consumers. With the help of this feature, you can effectively follow fashion brands and the suggested brands that Instagram thinks you might like. Both retailers online and e-commerce fashion brands are open to attract a broader range of targeted audience thanks to this feature.

Fashion business houses of all sizes can use the carousel posts to show consumers their products from various angles. This is a creative and innovative marketing strategy that fashion designers and houses use to attract the attention of their followers and potential buyers. It helps you to showcase collections and new clothing lines in a single post. You get the ability to share many videos and photos. This gives you the flexibility and the chance to share fashion content that is relevant to what your followers wish to see.

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Make fashion brands come alive with good videos 

Instagram videos can also promote a fashion brand. Creating a good video post with hashtags and a compelling caption increases visitor engagement. Research and surveys indicate that people are more likely to purchase a product after they watch a video of the item online. Creating a good video of your product helps you to showcase your items completely. This generates better returns on investments and doubles the targeted traffic for your fashion brand. 

Last but not least, Instagram Stories play a vital role in showcasing fashion brands. You can use the Highlights feature to show the Instagram Stories right under your bio. This makes these stories stand out from the rest and help catch the attention of the targeted customer. When you are posting fashion-related content, ensure you track how they are performing. Using the in-built Instagram Analytics tool will help you get an accurate insight into the performance of your posts online. Instagram has created a huge impact on the world of fashion, globally. It is an interactive platform with flexible features to enrich the experience of online shopping and showcasing the latest fashion items. It is a platform that creates trends and helps fashion houses and brands to sell their products faster! But you need to have a good follower count to make profit out of your work. So you may choose an organic growth tool to grow faster. For instance, read a review of Growthoid here to know about their growth service.

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