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Los Angeles County Beaches Reopen and Have Thousands Flocking In


The feeling of freedom after being quarantined at home for months is priceless. Who knew that something as basic as going to the beach would be so satisfying? Thousands hit the shore of Santa Monica last weekend to soak up sunshine after they were given a permit. The Los Angeles County Beaches were closed due to the pandemic but has not been reopened with restrictions.

An interviewed person, Chris Kyle, said how amazing it felt to be going back. He came there with his entire family and said that they were grateful to get to the Pacific. The waters were surprisingly warm and perfect for the weather. They could all surf and swim and enjoy the summers together.

Laura Cortez of Palm Springs said that she’s not getting close to people and that’s okay. She also said that she’s wearing a mask all the time and abiding by rules.

Los Angeles County Beaches opened but with restrictions

It has just been one weekend since the beaches of Los Angeles County Beaches have opened. However, there are lots of restrictions that people have to abide by. They are not allowed to sit or sunbathe even though some people did spend time on the sand. (https://manhwatop.com/) However, people have not been forced to leave the beaches for not abiding by restrictions like that.

Police and people in-charge of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are constantly on patrol to make sure of social distancing. Everyone needs to keep away by six feet from each other. Most people wear wearing masks, which is mandatory when they’re not in water.

Even though there are clear warnings that the bike path is closed, there were still many people enjoying a ride. All piers are still shut down and also most of parking lots of the beaches. Santa Monica happens to be one of the busiest beaches but it has a lot of space to allow people follow social distancing.

Residents who are living right by the beach have informed that they would want more restrictions. According to them, there aren’t much being done in terms of asking people to stop on the sand.

Danger at the beach

Safety to be in the water right now is quite questionable. Scientists have not been able to reveal if COVID-19 can spread through water or not. Now that the beaches are reopening, people have to be extra cautious about every move they make.

Congregating at beaches seems impossible as of now. Even if you’re going there, you need to have the motive to get into the water for swimming or other activities, as staying on the beach for a prolonged time is not allowed. People still need to maintain social distancing and carry safety measures like masks and sanitizers at all times.

It is advisable to not bring too many family members at once or spend a lot of time out in the open. People are surely getting a breath of fresh air, but they still need to abide by the rules to keep themselves and others safe. If you’re hitting the beach any time soon, make sure you follow rules and safety measures.

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