Best photo editing apps for iPhone

The trending best photo editing apps for iPhone that you should try


Apple’s Smart devices have the best cameras in the business. Their iPhone 8, XR, XS, and Max models take crystal-clear pictures. You can snap landscape and portrait photographs with great depth. The cameras also present 3-D spatial ideas and remove blurry backgrounds. So, what is the need for buying the best photo editing apps for iPhone? The answer lies in generating spectacular effects.

Why should you choose the best photo editing app for iPhone?

These apps have sophisticated features for processing the well-taken images. You can create exquisite photos with fantastic colors, contrast, and brightness. Also, the photo editors make the images look spectacular on social media platforms. You can gain more shares, likes, and followers.
But there are so many professional-quality choices on the App Store. How do you select the best photo editing apps for your iPhone? The answer depends on your requirements, taste, cost, and functionality. You can also select based on referrals, reviews, and rich set of features. Here are the top photo editor apps to choose from the App Store.

Snapseed – The best photo editing app for iPhone from Google

This free software from Google is one of the best in the business. This all-purpose app has a wide range of editing tools to easily adjust an image’s color, saturation, curves, and sharpness. Both beginners and experienced photographers will enjoy this powerful tool. The brushes, selective and healing tools process the images with aplomb.

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Also, the portrait tool is excellent for posting images on social media. The portraits will look flawless with perfect skin tones and sparkling eyes. The app’s filter tools are also excellent for creating textured, black and white photos.

VSCO – The best photo editing app for iPhone with inbuilt camera

One of the best apps with gallery and photo-sharing features, VSCO is a chart-topper that refreshes the photographer’s spirit. It filters images with finesse and tweaks contrast and brightness with ease. You can create sharp, full-scale photo edits for saving and sharing. You can also adjust highlights, temperature, vignette and saturation conveniently. VSCO’s inbuilt camera also has advanced manual controls. Subscribers get additional tools, while annual users will receive a full set of 130+ filters.

Adobe Photoshop Express – The best photo editing app for iPhone for professionals

The professional-grade software has been an all-time favorite. It is also one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone. This lite version has a monthly cost of US$9.9. The app has all the regular features for cropping, straightening and adjusting images. You can add filters, remove red-eye, and adjust the color temperatures. Also, there is an innovative, useful collage tool for frequent photo takers.

The Adobe product has entertaining features to keep you engaged. You can add borders, text, and stickers to the images, and you can create impressive memes for sharing on social media.

Affinity Photo – The best photo editing app for iPhone for filter lovers

This high-quality app from Serif Labs is a perfect competitor to Adobe. It is one of the most powerful software in the market. Creative professionals choose it for accuracy and speedy production. Even amateurs can use it for an immersive experience. The app lets you interact with the images without any compromises. The limited use version is available for online download for US$19.99

It offers a full set of 16-bit filters with sub-pixel precision. Snap explicit photos, and apply professional-grade color and profile effects. Its camera lens stands out, while the exposure correction is also great.

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Pixelmator – The photo editing app for unique effects

This iOS 11 compatible software comes very close to Affinity Photo. It generates excellent images and graphics with just a touch. Pixelmator has a wide range of tools that are not available in other, similar software.

Moreover, it has a painting application to awaken your inner creator. This full-featured app is also available for the iPads. It has a familiar look and will make the user fall in love with its editing extensions. Create superior effects and share beautiful and jaw-dropping photos with your friends.

Afterlight – A comprehensive photo editor app

The all-purpose photo editor comes bundled with free filter packs. Create sharp and colorful photos with great exposure. It has advanced tools to handle gradients, curves, blend mode, and selective colors. The double exposure tools and overlays help you create fantastic images. With a price tag of US$2.99, this iPhone app is also very affordable even for amateurs. This comprehensive software is surprisingly easy to use. You can quickly create fine-tuned, toned images of high quality. It has the layers tool to add customizable text, artwork and graphics.

RAW Power – The app with an Apple quality

RAW Power is arguably one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone. It is fully compatible with iCloud Photo Library. So you organize, manage, and sync all your images without any errors. This professional-grade, the stand-alone app has three key characteristics that deliver a knock-out performance. Apart from the Library, it has editing extensions and a fast, non-destructive image editor. You can open multiple files and windows, and use a range of filters.

Hyperspektiv – The app with AR filters

It is not like any other ordinary photo editing app for the iPhone. Hyperspektiv is excellent software for creating unique photos, and you can use the AR filters to create mind-bending visuals very quickly. It is also one of the best new apps for producing psychedelic images. The filters let you edit the image to extreme levels of incomprehensibility. And all you need to do is swipe the fingers to create these unrecognizable, trippy images. The price of this app ranges between US$1.99 to US$4.99.

Enlight Photofox – The app for creative photos

The free version of Hyperspektiv has innovative and creative tools. Distort and generate edgy images that can bend any mind. Create surrealist iPhone art without any hassles. You can easily use the layers, superimpose and double exposure features. It also has advanced tools for blend adjustment, transparency, perspective changes, and photo overlays.

Before you choose an editing app of your choice, check the compatibility, the list of available free and paid options, and most importantly, the budget.

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