companies with the best employee benefits

The Ultimate Guide to the Companies With the Best Employee Benefits


Have you ever heard that the companies with the best employee benefits are, well, the best?

It makes sense, after all. A business that cares about its employees’ welfare can benefit in significant ways. Employees that are taken care of are more productive, happier, healthier, have less turnover, are more innovative, and provide the business with a winning reputation.

You’re likely seeking the opportunity to work for one of these types of companies—ones that provide job perks like health or dental insurance, advancement opportunities, vacation time, and much more. What companies offer the greatest employee benefits? Where can you reap the employee perks you deserve?

Here, we highlight a few of the top businesses to consider. Keep reading before someone else applies to your dream job!

Explore Passions and Freedom With Netflix

Netflix has made a name for itself regarding strong company culture. The business boasts an 8% involuntary departure rate and a voluntary attrition rate of 3-4%. Their culture document outlines a few things that make working for Netflix great:

  • Encouraged, independent decision-making
  • A lack of rules in lieu of more flexibility and innovation
  • A passionate, curious workforce

If you’ve ever dreamt of taking the reigns at your job, Netflix allows you to do so. You can read more here about how a majority of employees like you—or, 80%—prefer these benefits to a pay raise.

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Enjoy Greater Work-Life Balance With Microsoft

Besides a ping-pong and foosball table on-premises—yes, really—there are other perks for working with the tech giant, Microsoft.

Microsoft wants its employees to live well. The company wants its employees’ families to be taken care of. They offer things every employee dreams about: competitive pay, bonuses, stock awards . . .

You can plan for the future by enrolling in their 401k plan, or “live in the now” by enjoying time off, whether for vacation or parental leave. Regardless of your wishes, your individual performance can grant you access to these fantastic benefits.

See the World With Airbnb

It’s genuinely difficult to find the downside for working with vacation rental company, Airbnb.

They offer free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, five days a week. They provide health, dental, vision, and life insurance. They have on-site fitness, paid time-off, phone bill reimbursement, and more.

It’s safe to say that this company values the happiness—as well as the physical, mental, and emotional well-being—of its employees. But these might not even be the most unique perks.

One thing that Airbnb does that’s extremely special? They offer employees a $2,000 stipend every year and the chance to stay at any Airbnb listing in the world.

These Are Some of the Companies With the Best Employee Benefits; Apply Today!

This list only dips its toes into the many wonderful options available to you. Rest assured that more businesses are focusing on employee welfare, taking a hint from the above companies.

It’s time to spruce up your resume and get to applying. These companies with the best employee benefits don’t hire for long—getting to work for them certainly involves some competition!

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