Tom Brady’s unique approach

Tom Brady’s unique approach to fitness is why he’s still great at age 42


There’s a reason why many refer to Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time, and it starts and ends with his fitness approach.

Some NFL players use the offseason to let loose a bit — eating whatever they want, and often drinking a good deal as well.

But not Brady, as there truly are no days off for him. This is a guy who signed with the Bucs, then attempted to work out at a local park in the area just a few weeks after doing so. It was during the “stay at home” order due to the coronavirus pandemic as well, yet that didn’t stop Brady. In fact, he actually had to be kicked out of the park by a staffer. And this came during a time when most NFL players were enjoying the offseason, simply staying at home eating and drinking — as well as doing social media live streams and Zoom calls with friends and family. ( But not Brady, he wanted to get a workout in, and to get a feel for the new weather and conditions in the place he now calls home, Tampa Bay.

It’s even the central theme of his business, as his brand has been built on exercise and nutrition. TB12 features its own line of exercise equipment, supplements — even a performance center, where people can come train with some of the best and brightest in the world. This infographic from Betway Sports shows how physical, emotional, and mental fitness are keys to reaching an elite level of performance. These are certainly aspects that Tom Brady has mastered and are important components of the TB12 method.

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And it’s crazy, because Brady is 42 years of age, and has played in the NFL for 20 seasons. His longevity is a sight to marvel at, as most quarterbacks aren’t even able to be a starter past the age of 40, if that. Some guys aren’t even in shape enough to be backups then, or even play golf

But not Brady, as the future Hall of Famer has still shown the ability to throw the ball downfield, and lead his team to the playoffs — which he did last year, despite the team lacking many weapons on offense.

Brady’s preparation plays a role as well, as he’s been known to spend a ton of his free time watching film and studying his opponents. It’s a big reason he’s been able to consistently read blitzes better than few other quarterbacks in NFL history, along with Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers.

Tom Brady’s unique approach to fitness and preparation have played a big role in him winning six Super Bowl rings.

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