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Top 6 ways to fix streaming errors on Netflix, Amazon Prime video, HBO, Disney + and more

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Regardless of the Internet provider, Internet speed, PC type, your location, streaming errors can occur. They pick no time nor place when to do it, and they surely aren’t pleasant. All these days you’ve been waiting for that episode, or the movie, and now when the bell rang, you have no Internet connection to watch them. You are not alone there – it can happen in the morning, at night, while you are relaxing on your bed after a day spent working hard, on a date, and on so many occasions. It isn’t all doom and gloom – most of the time, you can fix these issues by yourself, easily, without tools. Below are the most common solutions, and a few of the many, you can try to fix streaming errors.

Power-cycle the router and turn it back on

Run a speed test before you change your setup and write down your download and upload speed and then run another test afterward to see how much your internet speedtest improved.  To check this, take a look at the router’s lights. Not sure what the lights say? No problem, just grab a manual, it will tell you everything you need to know. If there is something wrong with how the lights behave, based on the router’s guide, unplug the router’s adapter from the strip and wait for a couple of minutes. (xanax) Plug the router back in the strip and check if the movie or series load. 

Eyeball the Ethernet cable

The Ethernet cable is the main pipe that drives Internet to the modem, or the router. Even though you may not use it directly, the Ethernet cable plays a significant role in you having a stable Internet connection to watch series and movies. If the pipe is cut somewhere, water will leak, and issues with Ethernet cable are not that different. Maybe it is the Ethernet cable itself, that is the reason for your internet access issue or streaming error. Maybe you or the cleaning lady disconnected it accidentally, or Tom, Jerry or Buck chewed it. If you keep the cable close to, or under a door, maybe one of the relays (wires) was cut. One can’t always know without testing the cable. Check all the Ethernet cables you have at your place. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to plug them in firmly, too. When you find the cable that was damaged, all you need to do is to replace it with a new one. Then, it’s “hi time” for your movies or series. If you don’t maybe the main cable from the pole or under the house, or on the ISP end that is damaged, and in this case only they can fix it.

Change your router’s channel

A router channel is like a lane on a highway. The more cars in it, the slower the traffic is. It gets even worse if there are traffic lights. The same is with router channels. Maybe there are too many routers connected to the same channel, and there are 10+ channels, depending on the router. Usually, routers pick which channel to use, automatically, but this may not  always be the case. To fix your Internet access, change the lane – set your router to a channel that is used by fewer routers. You can test this by switching from one channel to another, through the router’s settings, or just install a software that will do that for you – it will make your search much easier. Once you have found the least occupied channel, it’s time to tell the router to use it. To switch channels, open a web browser and type or Then, enter the router’s username and password (should be admin/admin in most cases). If changing the router’s channel didn’t help, it is possible that your Internet is slow. In this case, you may want to check our guide on the best ways to deal with slow Internet connection.

Change the DNS settings

What happens if you try to enter a bar without an ID card, or when you try to pay the bill with the wrong currency? The answer is simple – you get rejected, or kicked out. The same is with accessing the Internet. Incorrect or bad DNS settings can be the reason for your device not to be able to connect to the Internet. Analogously speaking, your passport’s details may have been damaged and customs control won’t let you in the country. Even though DNS settings are set to be taken automatically, from the ISP, however, it’s best to set them manually. Another way to fix this Internet access issue is to change the DNS settings, and set ones that are more stable. Change the DNS settings by yourself, following the guide of the operating system. The most reliable are said to be the ones by Google – /

Place the router away from kitchen appliances

On a level that is beyond our perception, all the appliances make noise. The “noise” that the router makes is picked up by all the Wi-Fi capable devices. If the router is far away, your device cannot hear it, or if there are too many sounds, your device may not able to hear the right one properly. In this case, take your router and place it on a spot that is far from TVs, fridges and other devices, and place it on a higher position. You may also buy signal boosters to make your signal even stronger. The most important thing you need to remember that the closer your device is to the router, the stronger the signal and streaming speed will be.

Scan your devices for malicious software

Malware are very bad. They invade and conquer everything they run into, including system files. If one of the system files that control the Wi-Fi module has been damaged, then Internet issues can occur To fix this, all you need to do is to scan your device for malicious software and remove all of them, if you detect one. Bear in mind that no matter what antivirus you have you are not protected. Avoid visiting suspicious websites, opening every email you receive, mind what you install – this is the best protection against malicious software.

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