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Why Use And Ways To Use Instagram Hashtags In Email Marketing


Experts say that if you want more engagement and make your email marketing success, then you should use Instagram hashtags with it. Such incorporation will produce amazing results. If you are new to Instagram, you may not know what these hashtags can do exactly and what is the reasons of such hype. Well, this article will clear all your doubts.

There are lots of reasons why most of the businesses today include tags on their posts. These hashtags may be the common ones used or can be created as well. 

  • These hashtags will build the desired engagement and interest in the users providing you with a greater opportunity to reach your target audience. 
  • Using hashtags and incorporating Instagram with your email marketing means that you will not have to toss dozens of posts and emails and hope for the best. 
  • Hashtags make your content easier to find and will also encourage interactions among your audience and recipients of your emails.

All you have to do is formulate a strategy and follow it because some may find it easy, while others may need to be a bit more creative. If you are new and wondering how to go about it, do not worry because there are experts like Gramista who can help you out.

About email engagement

When you send emails to your customers, current and potential, you will expect them to engage in a conversation or take the actions as desired. When you integrate email with Instagram, this level of engagement is maximized. They will not only pay attention to your email messages but will also spend more time reading it and take the necessary actions. You may also visit SocialEnvy to get knowledge about their growth service for Instagram growth. Once you have gained knowledge about SocialEnvy, you will realize there is no need for a SocialEnvy alternative as it is one of the potential growth tools for Instagram.

There are different forms of engagements, such as:

These are a few specific metrics that you will need to look for if you want to know the level of engagement your emails are creating. However, you must also keep in mind that all activities are not examples of engagement. For example, when a user opens a mail and deletes it immediately will not be considered as an engagement or an engaged subscriber.

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It is only an Instagram content in email newsletters that will ensure a high level of engagement. This is because Instagram, in particular, has something special in it, which is why it is recommended to use in your emails. According to a research report of Curalate and Movable Ink, it is found that:

  • More than 76% of emails now include social icons and 
  • Only 14% include social images.

The research also found that out of this 14% of businesses who use social images, they leverage different social media network such as:

  • 53% leverage Facebook
  • 14% use Twitter and only 
  • 3% use Instagram content.

This is surprising because Instagram is considered to be the king of social engagement. Research says that Instagram delivers more engagement. In comparison, it is found that Instagram engagement is:

  • 29% more than Facebook and 
  • 60% more than Twitter. 

Therefore, this is enough good reason to incorporate Instagram with your email marketing campaigns, just like most of the businesses do today.

Email hashtags to use

The best way to integrate Instagram with email is to use specific hashtags with your emails. Here are some of the top and related emails hashtags that are most commonly used and according to their usage figures on Instagram, and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr:

  • #emails – 24%
  • #emailmarketing – 13%
  • #email – 12%
  • #emailmarketingtips – 8%
  • #emailsuccess – 8%
  • #onlinemarketing – 7%
  • #digitalmarketing – 7%
  • #marketing – 6%
  • #emailcampaign – 6%
  • #emailing – 5%

Apart from the above you can also use some of these new and related email hashtags along with the number of posts it is used for better engagement: 

  • #emailsuccess – 14,607
  • #emailsignature – 2,164
  • #emailstrategy – 1,777
  • #emailsecurity – 1,457
  • #emailstrategies – 1,271
  • #emailsupport – 1,109
  • #emailservice – 688
  • #emailsubscribers – 389
  • #emailservices – 380
  • #emailsolutions – 308
  • #emailsignaturedesign – 288
  • #emailserviceprovider – 223
  • #emailserviceproviderindelhi – 139
  • #emailselling – 94 and 
  • #emailsubjectlines – 65 posts.

In addition to that, there are also a few trendy hashtags that you can use for your emails. Therefore, you will need to do a little bit of research.

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Three simple ways to follow

Do some research to find such a hashtag to own and use with your brand and make sure that it is easy to remember and get engaged with. 

  • Always choose a single hashtag to connect your email and Instagram. This should represent your brand and current marketing campaign. This hashtag should be usable across all social media platforms, emails, and your website. 
  • Use User Generated Content or UGC in your email campaigns to increase social proof and trust among people. This will validate your message and increase engagement.

Also, promote a hashtag contest and ask people to post pictures using your product. Find out the specific hashtag you are looking for and reiterate it, featuring the winners.

Focus on content hashtags

When it comes to using hashtags with your emails, always focus on using content hashtags. Content hashtags are not branded. These will not define your marketing or business and are not necessarily popular or trending. These hashtags are simple and common hashtags that will relate to the content of your post.

The good thing about content hashtags is that it will improve your SEO Services and enable your updates to be seen by your audience. The most common categories of content hashtags are:

  • Product hashtags that connect your product to the market.  
  • Lifestyle hashtags should be used thinking about the lifestyle and hobbies of your demographics but use only the well-used hashtags.
  • Event hashtags are pretty cool and can be anything from a global event to a local community fair or form a live webinar to a live product launch hosted online.
  • Location hashtags, on the other hand, are good for businesses that are locally based on helping them connect with the local customers. Specific geo-targeted hashtags are used to make a business popular in the area.

All these will make your email marketing success and extend the reach of your email content.

Author Bio : Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. 

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