Top Tips for the Novice Gardener


If you have just purchased your first home and you are your partner are ready to start a family, there’s a lot to learn about property care and management. Of course, your garden will be a priority, as the Australian summer nears and if you have no gardening experience, here are a few top tips.

    • Plan your garden layout – If you are starting with a plot of freshly turned soil, you can decide on how much space to give you in the way of building a deck. Decide on the placement of flower beds and shrubs and make the best use of any trees you have. Lawn size should be proportionate to the overall size of the garden and when the plan is finished, visit a local nursery. 
  • Tree care – If you have a mature tree you want to remove, call the company that provides tree removal in Sydney and ask them to pop around and take a look. They can even remove the stump, allowing you to reclaim the space. Ask the arborist to prune all the trees and he can advise on best practices. Large tree removal is dangerous work and you want to be sure that the tree surgeon is fully insured.
  • Acquiring tools and equipment – Always choose top brands and that ensures tools stand the test of time. Start with the basics; a stiff broom, spade, shovel, rake and a wheelbarrow; over the years you can acquire everything you need to keep your garden looking good. You will need a shed in which to store gardening stuff; make sure you order a large unit, as you will need more space. Click here for how to remove calcium buildup from your dishwasher.
  • Educate yourself – The Internet is a great learning resource and it certainly can educate you about all aspects of gardening; YouTube hosts lots of gardening videos for some hands-on examples.
  • Work with nature – Understanding nature is very important from a gardener’s perspective; some gardeners see themselves as shapers of Mother Nature and work with her to bring out the best of your natural resources.
  • Understand the seasons – There are ideal times for pruning and planting; the best results come when you take that into account. Feed and nourish, while making sure there is adequate water, and nature will do the rest. If you are in NSW, this is a very fertile part of the country and most plants, shrubs and trees grow well.
  • Garden maintenance – If you don’t have the time or inclination, there are affordable garden maintenance services from local providers. You could have the team visit once a week, every fortnight or monthly, whichever you prefer. They trim the hedges, cut the grass, prune, and weed and they clean up and take away the green waste, which is recycled.
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Some people embrace gardening as a soothing experience, while others regard it as a chore and would prefer a company to handle garden maintenance.

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