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Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing

The landscape of digital marketing is very dynamic, and it keeps changing constantly. One has to keep themselves updated with the latest digital marketing trend, leverage them, and get higher recognition and potential clients for the brand. There is a possibility that you are very unaware of the new marketing trends, but the target customers and competitors are well versed in it. Thus, to make things a little easier for you, we have curated the trends of digital marketing for the year 2020. 

  1. Shoppable posts (social commerce)

There was a time when businesses were concerned about directing social media followers to their online store through an ad maker. VideoCreek is the best video maker, it has a user-friendly interface, and there are thousands of video templates to choose from. InVideo makes the video-making process easier, simpler, and with a professional touch. Things have changed dramatically ever since. Now social commerce dominates the scenario. You can think of it as the practice of buying services and products directly from social media ads and posts. There is no need to leave the site or app. The concept of shoppable social media posts is not new. They have been around for quite some time. You can take the example of an Instagram checkout launched in 2019. Gradually this one of the trends of digital marketing that has gained pace and becoming popular. 

  • Around 54 percent of the people on social media use it for research on product purchases.
  • The goal here lies in reducing the number of steps needed to be completed.
  • When you directly sell on social media, it minimizes the chance of sales abandonment.

You do not have to be a renowned eCommerce brand for the purpose. You are good to go if you can continue selling products. Even if you sell a handful of branding merchandise, you will get benefit from greater returns by permitting transactions over social media.

If you have a Shopify store, then things could be as simple as linking accounts for Instagram or installing a plugin for Snapchat. Else, there may be a need for creating stores in the right place. In this regard, mention could be made to Facebook for qualifying or Pinterest, which happens to be one of the first platforms to offer Shoppable posts.

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2. Direct messaging

In the quest to offer personalized service to customers, brands rely on taking the conversation to DMs. You can think of it as a way of streamlining customer service and complements sales. Indeed, direct messaging is emerging as one of the dominant digital marketing trends of 2020. 

With VideoCreek, you create fun videos for messaging apps like Viper, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp or with private messaging on different social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. You could look here. Brands are developing a resilient connection with their existing and prospective customers through sharing videos. These platforms are serving ambitious brands quite well through the immediacy of phone conversation and convenience of text. 

Brands gradually understand that direct messaging customers effectively forging relationships when it comes to taking sales orders, addressing complaints, etc. One of the major considerations here is customers agreeing to it. When a brand reaches the customer first, the customers feel better, and they know the brand cares for them.  This technique is ideal for a scenario where you encourage users to message you by providing your username or handle. You may also incentivize them with coupon code and exclusive deals. Direct messaging discounts, coupons will have them interested. 

3. Micro-influencers

In contemporary times, influencer marketing has emerged as a dominant digital marketing trend for several years. It has been quite successful, and major influencers now are in charge. It may not be sufficient to send them a free sample in the hope of reviewing it. There has to be a pricing list and payments table. It has been established beyond doubt that Social Media influence serves as a commodity, and it is an expensive one. 

Small and medium-sized businesses play it smart by bragging to small and medium-sized influencers, which is in sharp contrast to the global enterprises, which count on the top-tier influencers.

  • The term micro-influencer refers to the medium size influencers with narrower niches.
  • They are popular enough to influence people. 
  • They are in touch with their followers.
  • Not overloaded with sponsorship offers.
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They are an economical option to consider when compared to popular influencers. Moreover, they are capable of better engagement rates when compared with popular influencers. As they have fewer followers, it will be possible for them to devote more personal time to each one; a smaller following translates to an organic following. Micro-influencers make it easy to attain specialization in a niche as they are often representing the niche themselves.

Adweek conducted a study for finding the effectiveness of micro-influencers. They are categorized as accounts having at least 30,000 followers. It was found that micro-influence accounted for nearly 60 percent more engagement, and it was around six times more cost-effective than influencers with a huge fan following. 

4. Interesting mailers 

Email is one of the dominant tools of digital marketing. However, experts are noticing a gradual slowing or stagnating in the numbers. As observed, there has been a steep decline in the use of plain text emails and newsletters. Instead, we are witnessing the dominance of pixel-perfect emails that look gorgeous brought straight from the web designer’s portfolio. In 2020, brands will utilize emails that will function and look like web pages inclusive of clickable buttons and other interactions. Audiences love visually pleasing advertising, and emailers are the perfect medium for it.

These designs are highly polished, and they do more than just impress. They also improve conversion. In comparison to plain text links, readers are more likely to click on images with stylized buttons. We are living in a time where web page based email templates may not be enough. There is a need for you to transcend the existing norms and create stunning visuals with designs that are UX centric. 

Final thoughts

The trends of digital marketing for the year 2020 are mechanical and humane too. With every passing day, the element of personalization in digital marketing is becoming evident. Digital marketing will focus on the niches, although establishing a connection will rely more on new technology and automation.    




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