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What Is Considered a Good TEAS Test Score?


If you’re an aspiring nurse, the best way to see if you’re a good fit for the program is to take the ATI TEAS test. The TEAS test score measures your potential as a future nursing student and tells you whether or not you’re prepared for the rigorous curriculum.

This article will cover the score you should be striving for and some tips to help you succeed.

What Is a Good TEAS Test Score?

Your final TEAS test grade reflects your preparedness for nursing school. These are the five levels of preparedness from worst to best:

  • Developmental
  • Basic
  • Proficient
  • Advanced
  • Exemplary

A good TEAS test score is anything above Proficient. However, you should strive for an Exemplary score.

This test is multiple choice and standardized for prospective nursing students in the United States. You’re expected to answer 170 questions in the allotted 209 minutes. Some of the subjects you’ll encounter include math, reading, science, and English language usage.

How To Do Well on the TEAS Test

The TEAS test is taken at your school, at a designated testing center, or even remotely. Wherever you decide to take the exam, the following steps will help you get a great score.

Start Studying Early

Serious study sessions should begin a few months before your exam date. If you wait until the last minute to study, you won’t properly absorb the information.

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If possible, implement small study sessions as early as a year in advance. That way, when you start major study sessions a few months before the exam, the practice tests will feel much less overwhelming.

Take Practice Exams

The best way to study for the TEAS exam involves taking practice tests. These practice tests include more questions than you’ll encounter on the actual exam so that it will prepare you for every possible version of the test.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t do well on the first few practice tests. There’s no penalty for performing poorly on these practice tests. The more you practice, the better you’ll perform.

Not sure where to get practice tests? Get more on TEAS practice test and how to take them. You can even get a discount during available sales.

Get a Tutor or Mentor

If you know anyone who has already taken the TEAS test, consider setting up a meeting with them to discuss it. Since they’ve experienced it, they may have some lesser-known tips that will help you excel.

Hiring a tutor is another option you should consider. While this option might be expensive, it’s beneficial if you’re struggling with the practice tests.

Time for the TEAS Test!

Getting a good TEAS test score relies on patience and dedication. By implementing our suggested path toward success, you’ll likely land a spot at your dream nursing school.

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