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We’re in June and that means it’s wedding season. Although the bride’s dress is unequivocally important, the groom doesn’t always receive the same attention when it comes to his suit. Just because he’s a man, it doesn’t mean that he’s not conscious about looking good on his big day. Someone’s wedding day is arguably one of the most important day of their lives and definitely the most photographed. Therefore, it’s important to make the right fashion choices, as anyone would want to look back at these photos and feel pride about their big day. Read on to find your guide to wedding suits. 


Although they tend to be an afterthought, accessories are incredibly important to tying your entire ensemble together. From  skeleton cufflinks to boutonnieres, there are many objects of consideration when it comes to selecting the right accessories. Not only do you have to match your wedding’s theme and your own individual outfit, but you also have to express your individuality a little. Although tradition is something that is highly sought after for a wedding, it’s important not to lose yourself within this. After all, your partner is looking to marry you and only you; therefore, you should always keep a little bit of yourself in your wedding ensemble. 



Tuxedos tend to be the chosen suit for weddings due to their formality. The key difference between a tuxedo and a standard suit is that tuxedos don’t tend to have belt loops. As a result, suspenders will be required to hold the pants in place. Despite this, grooms are often less interested in owning a tuxedo than they are a suit, meaning that you might not have to shell out for the wedding tuxedo of your dreams. Instead, you might opt for a rental solution, which will enable you to save money to go towards the remainder of the day. 

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Suit Style

Tuxedos aside, there are also various styles of suits, with a two-button suit being the most common. With this being said, particularly tall men may struggle with a two-button style, in which case a three-button suit would be available. Alternatively, someone interested in an especially bold choice might decide to opt for a double-breasted suit. Regardless of which style you opt for, it needs to be worn with confidence for it to work. As long as you express confidence, you can wear absolutely anything, so do whatever makes you feel comfortable. 


Although weddings are usually deemed formal events, how formal your wedding is, is really down to you. If you wanted to get married on a beach in board shorts, then that’s absolutely fine. We live in a modern world and outdated rules no longer apply. Once upon a time, you were only able to get married in a religious dwelling, which heavily contributes to the formality of weddings. Despite this, it’s now possible to get married absolutely anywhere, and the setting of your wedding may well set the tone for the formality of your suit, or whatever you choose to wear. 


Last but not least is the color. As a rule of thumb, lighter colors are reserved for daytime or outdoor events, whilst darker shades are intended to be worn indoors or in the evening. Despite this, these rules needn’t apply to you. You might simply feel more comfortable in a particular color, which is fine, too! It’s your day so don’t put yourself in anything that you don’t feel good in, as this will ultimately be reflected in your demeanor, which isn’t what you need on your special day. 

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