What are Painting Services Offered by Professional Commercial Contractors?


A commercial painter focuses on painting projects for businesses. These are typically large-scale projects and involve multiple companies, such as factories, restaurants, historical landmarks, large residential complexes, manufacturing units, and more. When an individual thinks of a Commercial Painting Contractor in Oregon, he will most likely think of a professional crew arriving and slapping paint on the walls of commercial facilities. While interior and exterior painting is the primary service, commercial painters offer many other commercial painting services. Read further to uncover commercial painting services provided by commercial paint contractors. 

  • Interior and Exterior Repairing and Painting

Before painting the interior and exterior of a building, the Commercial Painting Contractor in Oregon repair the same. Commercial painters have the skills, knowledge, and experience to apply a fresh coat of paint, helping businesses stand out from the competition and boost the facility’s value. 

  • Stains and Transparent Finishes

Stains and transparent finishes have become a popular way to improve the overall appearance of commercial offices with wood surfaces. Wood stains are paints that bind with the wood’s natural grain and soak the pigment into the wooden surface. In addition to beautiful aesthetics, wood stains offer many other benefits, including increased structure durability, elevated shelf-life to the wood, and maintaining a natural look. 

Transparent finishes are clear coats that enhance the wood’s natural color while providing a protective cost to the wooden surface. In addition, these finishes protect the surface from harsh weather conditions, moisture, and UV rays.

  • High-Performance Coatings

The industrial industry usually requires high-performance coatings to protect steel and other metal structures. These coatings help create a surface that isn’t easily damaged and protect against abrasion, harsh chemical exposure, corrosion, physical use, and more. Commercial Painting Contractor in Oregon also offers intumescent coating service to fireproof premises. 

  • Floor Coatings
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Some commercial painting contractors are also experts in delivering floor coating services. These contractors apply opaque coatings to different types of flooring, such as epoxy floor coating, polyurethane costing, etc. Such coatings have protective properties and, thus, help keep the floors safe from harsh chemicals, scratches, humidity, temperature swings, and more. 

  • Architectural Coatings

Architectural coatings are the paints or coatings used on stationary structures, like residential complexes and commercial buildings. These coatings include special stains and sealers and are available in various finishes for interior and exterior architectural projects. 

Architectural coatings a professional painter applies serve functional and aesthetic purposes while providing a protective layer and structural support. Inks, paints, ceramics, enamel, lacquers, and powder are architectural coatings. 

  • Drywall Finishing

Although not all commercial paint contractors offer complete drywall services, some at least offer drywall finishing services. Drywall finishing involves applying fiberglass or paper tape on the joints and imperfections between pieces of installed drywall to prepare the unfinished interior drywall panels for painting. 


A commercial painter is professional enough to complete the commercial painting project efficiently within a predefined timeframe. Moreover, commercial painting services help boost the building’s attractiveness and improve the business’s perception. More attention, business opportunities, and money are just some positive results that business owners can see by investing in commercial painting services. 



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