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Change management – 5 ways to deal with major business changes

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Every business has a life cycle of its own, with the moving time and the changing phases of this lifecycle, a business ought to go through many changes. These changes might be smaller or bigger but would affect everyone connected with it whether directly or indirectly.

Business owners tend to make the changes in the organization based on their knowledge and understanding from their analysis. This changes when implemented (whether a change in a business plan or the work environment or pattern) might not be accepted easily by the employees working in the organization as they are completely unaware about the reason behind the sudden change.

Making them blindly follow the instructions might not help you manage the change and chances of people getting frustrated with your decisions might increase.

To avoid being in such situations, preparing your business as well as your team for the upcoming change becomes a must. Below are some of the easy ways you can implement the change without having a negative effect.


  • Be loud and clear about the changes

The first mistake that most of the business owners make is hiding the upcoming transformation from their team. The fact that their team to have the right to know every small traction that’s going to affect them is taken for granted. But realizing that the thing that they feel is important can put them into big trouble.

So before you announce the decision and its implementation, try to discuss it with them in open. Tell them the reasons that you think takes you towards making this change. Make them understand the factors behind it. If they are convinced with the points you have put forward, implementation of the change will become easier.

  • Analyse the effect of changes

It’s always good to be prepared for the consequences before they arrive. You know you are bringing a change that can affect many people’s routine and work patterns.

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So while you are sharing the information of the upcoming change, make sure you have a handy solution for all the challenges that would arrive after the implementation of change. List down what could come and how will your team react if the situations turn down against. Keep in mind all these aspects while you discuss the change with your team because they will only get convinced about the transformation if they find you confident enough to make the change possible.

  • Set your team’s expectations after the change

The change when not accepted by the team makes it harder for the authorities to manage its consequences. Be very clear about your expectations from the people with the coming change.

Tell them you are making this decision with some expectations of growth and improvement in allover work productivity. Make them mentally ready to deal with the situations by removing all the uncertainties connected with the change to make sure they understand the things better and set their output margins accordingly.

  • Plan your actions after the change

The next thing that comes with the decision of change is how exactly it’s going to be implemented in the running process. Making a plan of execution that lists the actions to be taken will make it easy for the people who are the part of the transformation process to understand their part better.

Try to solve the issues that arise during the process, be precise about what you will do after the change has occurred, let people know what actions they have to take to be part of the transformation.

  • Give time for acceptance

The best way to handle the change is to give people time to accept it. Let their minds process the concept of change. Everyone might be having their own views on the concept of change and they all will think about how this change would affect them individually.

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Will it be taking away their freedom to do things or it’s about giving some extra time and efforts to the company after work, let them understand how they are going to deal with the changes along with validating the reasons you have given for the implementation of change.

Summing up:

You don’t want your business to get into the loop of stagnant growth, so making changes in the organization becomes inevitable. But the hardest task here is the acceptance of the change by the people connected with the changes.

Positive or negative, the change always affects the people and their lives. But the important part here is the way the concept of change is presented and the time that the person, on the other hand, takes to accept the change. So before you plan to implement something new in your organization, try to use the above tactics to make the transition smoother.

Author Bio:

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered, startup consulting services. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.


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