What to do if you have been Accused of a Child Sex Crime

What to do if you have been Accused of a Child Sex Crime


What is it that a defendant should look into when finding a lawyer for sensitive cases? It can be hard to vet lawyers when dealing with an emotionally-fueled case, such as those related to sex crimes. This is why defendants should have a list of criteria to look out for when shopping for a lawyer, after being hit with a heinous accusation. Read on to see the top three things you should keep an eye out for when looking for a lawyer to defend you.

You Need Someone Who Understands the Law

While this may seem basic, having a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of the law, as well as any changes made to laws in recent years, is an absolute must. A law firm with experienced lawyers is something to keep an eye out for. When a firm catches your eye, see how many years combined each lawyer has in the industry, and if their law blog shows a comprehensive understanding of both state and federal laws.

This also means keeping an eye out for any accolades, awards, or other forms of recognition that the law firm has received. Being rated highly in client satisfaction, having starred reviews on review sites and other forms of positive reviews are all things to take into consideration when choosing a law firm.

You Need Someone Who Can Fight for You

Another one that may seem obvious, however, it’s key to have a lawyer that will be on your side and will argue every possible angle of your case. This is especially important in cases that can cause severe damage to your reputation, such as sex crime accusations. These accusations can result in lengthy jail times, tens of thousands of dollars in fines, being registered as a sex offender, and many more outcomes that can greatly impact your quality of life – even if you are innocent, but were found guilty in court.

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There are many steps when it comes to cases like this, so it’s key to have an experienced lawyer present for every step of this process. This isn’t limited to just arguing in court – your lawyer should be present for interrogations, arraignments, bail hearings, and any other additional steps that come up.

You Need Someone Who Can Truly Work With You

As mentioned before, you need a lawyer who’s going to find the best possible angle for your case and present it accordingly. In addition, you need a lawyer who knows what questions to ask you and what information to weed out to present the best case for you. Having someone who is willing to regularly speak with you, go over the details of the case again and again, and rework your case when necessary is key to getting a favorable outcome.

Experienced lawyers, like those at Gurion Legal, are where people fighting sex crime charges should look first. You want to be able to choose from a team of highly knowledgeable, competent lawyers who can use every tool in their toolbox to help you.

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