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Top 5 High Heat Spray Paint, Application, Types, and Features


High heat spray paint is a type of paint with high heat resistance. Generic spray paints have about 200-300 degrees of heat resistance, which fails to provide desirable results.

However, high heat red spray paint will satisfy you in terms of color and quality. This type of paint withstand temperatures much higher than standard room temperatures.

As its name suggests, high heat spray paints come with advanced technology to resist corrosion. The heat-resistant paints have a mixture of inorganic pigmented powder and a binder emulsion made with polysilicon alkoxide.

Because of the above solution, the paint can resist a good amount of heat. In some cases, paints are even designed to withstand 600F degrees of heat.

Usually, heat-resistant paint can resist flame, heat, grease, rust, and smoke.

You can find these high heat spray paint colors in various shades, like black, grey, silver, gold, orange, red oxide, and white.

Many popular brands manufacture these high heat spray paint—for example, Krylon, Rustoleum, Behr, Dulux, and Vitcas. But it is best to check each of their reviews before choosing the one for you.

Where do we use the high heat spray paint colors?

Now that you know what these high heat spray paints are let’s see where you can put these to use:


Due to their characteristic of moisture and heat, using heat-resistant paints is an ideal option to save boilers from corrosion. You need to cover the metal part of the water tanks and boilers to make them durable to heat.


You must have a chimney at home. The amount of heat that moves through it is subjected to intense heat. Hence these paints can help reduce the chances of fire generated from the formation of debris and soot within the chimney.

Transmission and exhaust systems

The transmission and exhaust pipes in your bikes or car engines generate a lot of heat. This is why ordinary paints will not resist such heat and gradually wear off. Hence, heat resistant paint will be more durable in holding up the grime, debris, and warmth that transmissions and exhaust systems receive from your vehicles.

Industrial fans

Industrial fans help evacuate heat through large areas. These fans that you see in industries are subjected to high heat levels. Coating them with this high-heat paint will protect the metal and plastic areas from moisture. Also, save it from the grease that is formed due to high temperature.


Cooking appliances that you use at home also require this high heat resistance paint. Ovens are used for grilling and broiling, and these paints can protect their surface areas from damage.

Light bulbs

If during Christmas and Halloween, you wish to decorate and paint lampshades, light bulbs, etc., try using these paints. It ensures the paint is intact without damaging anything.

Application of high heat spray paint

So, once you know where you can use it, it is essential to understand how to apply it yourself. The application process is easy.

Just follow the below steps below, and you’re good to go:

  • Turn off any source that generates heat or ignition and let the area cool down
  • Clean the area using a damp cloth to ensure you don’t leave any dirt, dust, rust, or grease
  • Now cover the areas that you don’t want the paint on
  • You can also use newspapers to avoid damage due to overspray
  • Take the spray paint, and shake it nicely, so it mixes well
  • Once you’re done, hold the can at about 15″ far from an object and start spraying
  • Cover the entire area evenly
  • Try applying thin coats to begin with
  • You can always opt for a second round if one coat doesn’t look sufficient
  • If you are going for a second coat, wait for the first coat to dry, which will take about 20 minutes
  • You need to wait and let it dry
  • Before using the item, wait for at least 6-8 hours.
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If you are using this at home for residential purposes, you can easily use the low-grade ones, which will not have additional fumes, also easy to apply.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully before using such paints.

Though spray cans are the easiest to use, it is always better to be careful and take precautions.

Follow the standard safety measures, like covering your nose, eyes, and mouth while doing the task. I recommend you to use gloves while performing such activities.

Once you finish, make sure you dispose of the can as per the instructions.

Types Of high heat spray paint

High heat spray paint comes in different forms depending on the inorganic and organic materials that were used in this heat spray paint.


These Epoxy-based liquid paints are used mainly for maintenance or new construction coating. You can use this paint on surfaces that are still hot, and it reduces the time for the item that is out for repainting. The more volume of silicone the paint has, the higher heat resistant it becomes.

For example, you can easily use them for coating stoves, chimneys, flues, boilers, or any equipment that constantly experiences high temperatures.

Powder Coating

The powder-coating paint is similar to epoxy-based and silicone paints. It performs even at 10,000 degrees which is very high. The powder comes in different colors and is also VOC-free, making it environmentally friendly.

Metal additive or Sprayed metal

This type of paint is also known as a thermal spray. It is mainly used for protection against corrosion where the object has an impact due to insulation.

For example, the tanks or pipes that are hidden under insulation are invisible to the eye. The combination that thermal spray possesses is ideal for manufacturing facilities where it requires both moisture and heat protection.

For metals that experience over 400 degrees centigrade, these paints help stabilize the high temperature and provide ideal heat resistance.

Ceramic paint

Ceramic paints give the object a tough finish, protecting it from corrosion and chemicals. Primarily used on machinery that is exposed to high heat. It is also believed that these paints are virtually free from toxic compounds. The consistency and thickness make them the best insulators for machinery.

As the temperature goes up, the paint also differs. Silicone and ceramic ones that can handle extreme temperatures.

Characteristics for choosing the right paint

To put it to proper use, it is crucial to know the few parameters that you must consider before choosing the paint. These paints have different categories based on their use.

Temperature range

As the name suggests, the main work of heat spray paints is to resist heat. However, they come in different heat ranges. Hence you need to know the ideal match for the color to work effectively on the object. For example, if you want to put it on a surface where the heat is about 1000 degrees, a 400 degrees heat resistance will not work.

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Application method

The next thing is how you want the paint’s application.

Modern thin-film paints are remarkably intact and flexible, even at high temperatures. However, its application can be challenging, mainly if you use it for maintenance work.

But thicker coating is very easy to apply, offering support and protection from temperature rise. The thicker coat also saves it from other elements that can cause damage to the object and also lasts longer compared to thin coats.

Environmental outlook

The place where you use the paint also impacts the choice. For indoor equipment or pipes, you can choose a lighter range paint, but for the outdoors, you would require a heavier resistance paint to hold rain, UV rays, etc.

When it comes to industrial use, the paint has to be even more vital to resist the harsh environment like engine exhaust, chemical labs, or refining plants.


If you are painting pipes to indicate a warning label, you would want the paint to remain intact for safety measures. Hence better color-retention colors are recommended.

Difference between Fire-Retardant and Heat Resistant Paints

Fire and flame are often used interchangeably. Also, when you consider Retardant vs. Resistant paints, both may sound similar. However, they are different.

Retardant paints are made in such a way that they are “chemically treated” to be self-extinguishing.

At the same time, resistant paints are inherently resistant to catching fire. This provides insulation for the surface.

Also, this means that the type of coating is self-extinguishing in nature and will not drip/melt when exposed to extreme heat.

Fire-resistant and fire-retardant paints are made under different substrates. Hence, they will respond when exposed to fire.

For example, in the case of fire retardants, you can apply them using a roller, spray, or brush to materials like plastic or wood, which reduces the rate at which flame spreads.

Fire-resistant paints are helpful for painting surfaces that reach high temperatures in a short period.

Fire retardants have a lighter texture than Fire Resistant, usually trowelled or sprayed on.

Best high heat spray paints available online

Here are the top spray paints that you can use:

1. Banna Heat Resistant (440ML)

  • Banna can resist the temperature of 600 degrees
  • Dries in 15 minutes
  • Provides heat resistance as well as a rust prevention

2. Nippon Paint Multipurpose Spray Paint (300ML)

  • Nippon paint comes in a matte finish with many color options to choose from
  • The packaging is also very convenient
  • It also proved to provide a nice glossy finish to the object
  • This can be used in automobiles, home décor, industries, offices, and domestic items
  • The Nippon paint can also be used for your craft and art purpose

3. ABRO Spray Paint

  • This has one of the most quality tested chemicals, making it non-toxic and acid-free with appropriate PH balance
  • It is an apt product for your motorcycle or car application
  • It has a non-chipping texture that makes it easy to maintain and apply, which goes for a more extended period
  • The spray can have an adjustable nozzle, making it easy to use

4. Samurai Kurobushi

  • This spray paint can resist up to 600 degrees of heat
  • It is anti-corrosive, non-toxic, crack-resistant, and even lead-free
  • The main characteristic of this product is that it is made using Japanese technology, which claims the durability of this product

5. Thermolac Heat Resistant

  • This spray can come in 400ML pack
  • Mainly designed to protect the surfaces from corrosion of metal objects and saves them from high temperature
  • The pigmentation of this spray is about 99.5% of pure aluminum

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of products available online that work great for residential and business purposes. But choosing the right product depends on where and how much protection you require.

For example, Rustoleum high heat spray paint comes in many variations and colors. Rust-Oleum® Specialty High Heat Spray claims it can resist heating up to 1200º F. This can easily be applied to wood-burning stoves, grills, engines, radiators, or other metallic items. It also protects from rust.

As various products are available for different temperature ranges and purposes, you must choose them cautiously and use them correctly. Hopefully, I have been able to clears all your doubts and queries on high heat spray paint, and to assist you make your purchase efficiently.

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