What To Do With a Weak Internet Connection?


Unstable Internet often becomes the main problem for modern people. There are many factors that reduce the availability and speed of a Wi-Fi connection, and the provider may have nothing to do with it. If you are encountering Wi-Fi connection problems when using the services of the Vodafone mobile operator and are thinking about installing a Vodafone signal booster, this article is for you.

Finding The Source Of The Problem


It happens that a person installs high-speed wired Internet into an apartment, and chooses a reliable provider (for example, Vodafone) and a high-quality router, but the connection, despite all efforts, leaves much to be desired. Or most of the time the speed corresponds to the declared tariff, but periodically Wi-Fi becomes weak. This often manifests itself in the following:


  • devices see Wi-Fi, but connect to it after several attempts;
  • Wi-Fi works provided that the gadget or PC is located next to the router;
  • Wi-Fi speed does not match the selected tariff;
  • the Wi-Fi network periodically disappears.


The cause of the problem can be determined and resolved independently. First of all, you should understand where the problem is coming from and rule out a malfunction of the connected devices (smartphone or laptop). To do this you can:


  • connect another device to Wi-Fi and compare. If the Internet is still too slow, then the problem is not with it, but with the Wi-Fi connection.
  • connect several devices to another router via Wi-Fi and compare the speed. If the speed is low on one device and high on others, then the problem is with the connected smartphone/laptop.


If you have ruled out problems with connected devices, you need to look into the Wi-Fi connection to understand whether the problem is with the router or the provider. To do this, connect the cable directly to the computer and measure the speed using special services. If it is 10-20% lower than stated in the tariff, it means that the router is not to blame for the slow connection, and you need to contact your provider. If the speed matches the tariff, then the reason is in the router.


The easiest way to increase Wi-Fi speed is to restart the router and your smartphone or laptop. Perhaps the router will find a free channel or work better. If this does not help, then we will analyse possible problems and solutions in more detail.

Problems With Wi-Fi Connection Or Router


If, by connecting other devices to your router, you have determined that the problem is with the router, then you should consider the following options.

The Router Is In The Wrong Place


Many people hide the router in a wall niche or place it between obstacles, not taking into account that such a location greatly degrades the signal quality. The device may not be able to see the Wi-Fi signal well because there are several obstacles in the path of the electromagnetic wave. If you are concerned about the low speed of your router, you should change its location by installing the router on an open surface, preferably at a height of half a metre and away from electrical appliances, to avoid interference. You may also want to consider installing signal boosters for Vodafone, Three, Virgin, and other UK operators.

The Wi-Fi Channel Is Overloaded


Electrical devices create interference because they use the same frequency as Wi-Fi networks – 2.4 GHz. These are fitness trackers, microwave ovens, and baby monitors. Therefore, it is better to turn off unused devices and then check the connection quality again.


Other Wi-Fi may also cause interference. To find out how busy the channel is, you can use the channel congestion analyzer. There are routers that automatically select the freest channel when rebooting, you can use this. If this function is missing, after checking the surrounding Wi-Fi networks, you need to manually set the router to a channel free from interference.

Outdated Wi-Fi Router Standards


If you use the most budget router or bought it many years ago, then it probably supports the Wi-Fi 4 or 802.11n communication standard, created in the late 2000s. Its maximum speed in theory is 300 Mbit/s, but in practice, users get up to 150 Mbit/s. And this is not the final speed, since the router divides it equally between all devices connected to the router. The result is a very weak connection.


In a new modern router, you can change the standard in the settings to a faster one, 802.11ac. In addition, cheap models have port restrictions of up to 100 Mbit/s. In this case, the only thing that will save you is replacing the router with one in which the ports pass 1 Gbit/sec. Therefore, it is better to replace old equipment. But this is only relevant if you use a high-speed tariff, from 100 Mbit/s.

Old Software


Old router firmware negatively affects the quality of the Internet. For a stable connection, you need to update the software. This file can be downloaded from your router manufacturer’s website. Before downloading the program, make sure you have the correct version.


Then install the program by entering the router IP into the browser line. It should be listed in the router documentation, but usually, it is The password and login for the IP are also indicated there. After entering the settings, you need to select the “Software Update” item.


The downloaded file needs to be opened and loaded, then the router will reboot and the new settings will be saved in the settings. After this, the connection speed should increase, and the router will stop producing glitches.

Someone Is Stealing Traffic


It may also be that one of your neighbours has connected to your Internet and is using the traffic. Suspicions can be easily confirmed or refuted using a Wi-Fi analyzer program or in the router admin panel, where a list of all devices connected to the router will appear.


If this is the case, change the password in your personal account to a more secure one with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. This is usually done in the “System” section. To be sure, you can add the thief’s IP address to the blacklist.

Wrapping It Up


Devices such as Wi-Fi boosters (also known as signal boosters or repeaters) You can increase your coverage range and improve your Wi-Fi signal in places where it is weak using signal boosters. We recommend contacting Uctel if you want to install a Vodafone signal booster with high quality because the company has many years of experience working with clients from various industries.


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