When direct contact matters


When direct contact is important Without intermediaries it is always easier, the extra link disappears. Selling without a broker and buying from a supplier is always more profitable. It is more practical and more accurate to use touch monitors, which, in the image of smartphone touchscreens, respond to pressing. 19 touch screen monitor — let’s expand this code.

The principle of operation of the touch monitor

A touch screen is a monitor that is sensitive to touch, allowing you to work with a computer by touching objects. Touch monitors are usually used on information panels, in computerized training devices and simply by people who are deprived of the opportunity to use a mouse and keyboard. Touch technologies can also be used in other applications where a mouse may be required, such as Web browsers. Some applications are designed specifically for touch technologies, which usually use larger icons than PC applications. Monitors that support the function of built-in sensors can also be equipped with touch controls.

Types of sensor technologies

  1. Resistive touch panels are covered with a metal plate that conducts electricity, and a resistive layer that causes a change in the flow, which is recognized as a touch and sends it to the dispatcher for processing. Resistive touch panels are usually the most affordable, but give only 85% clarity, and they can be damaged by any sharp object. Ingress of dust or water does not affect the operation of resistive touch panels.
  2. Surface acoustic wave technologies use ultrasonic waves passing through the surface of the touch panel. When the panel is touched, part of the waves is absorbed. This change in ultrasonic waves is recorded as a touch and sends information to the controller for processing. These are the most progressive panels.
  3. Capacitive touch panels are covered with electric charge material. When the panel is touched, the point of contact receives a small charge. The circuit is located at all corners of the panel, measures the charge and sends the information to the dispatcher for processing. Capacitive touch panels must be used with the touch of the fingers, unlike resistive and surfactant panels, which can be used with a finger or a stylus. Ingress of dust or water does not affect the operation of capacitive touch panels.

Battle of formats: LCD vs. CRT

The difference between a Liquid Crystal Display and a Cathode Ray Tube is obvious even externally: a liquid crystal monitor is flat; an electron beam monitor is convex. Due to their low weight and space saving, flat screens have replaced tube monitors on the market.

But CRT is still relevant for those who work with images — artists, editors, designers. Therefore, there is no need to discount CRTs, but their characteristics should be considered along with those of LCDs.

Parameters LCD CRT
Screen resolution One resolution with a fixed pixel size. Optimally, it can be used only in this resolution; you can use a higher or lower resolution, but they are not optimal With all supported resolutions, the monitor can be used optimally. The limitation is imposed solely by the refresh rate
Regeneration frequency The optimal frequency is 60 Hz, which is enough for the absence of flicker Only at frequencies above 75 Hz there is no clearly noticeable flickering
Image formation The image is formed by pixels, their number depends on the specific resolution of the panel. The spacing between pixels is not important because the pitch depends only on the pixel size. Each pixel is formed individually, with excellent focus and clarity Pixels are formed by a group, the distance between single-color dots (lines) is important for determining the step of the dot (line). As a result, the sharpness and clarity of the image strongly depends on the size of the dot step or the line step and on the quality of the CRT
Energy consumption and radiation There are practically no hazardous electromagnetic radiations. The level of energy consumption is approximately 70% lower than that of standard CRT monitors Electromagnetic radiation is always present, but its level depends on whether the CRT meets some safety standard. Energy consumption in working condition at the level of 80 W


On the modern sellers of monitors websites, such as Beetronics, it’s possible to download a full list of characteristics in PDF format for further detailed study.

How much time do you have left

According to the principle of use, touchscreens are divided into:

  • for personal use
  • for business

The resource of using the monitor depends on this — you poke it yourself or thousands of people do it a day. Such touchscreens are especially popular in the horeca industry. In a hotel, restaurant and cafe, touch devices can be used as a porter / waiter workplace. Using a magnetic card, an employee identifies himself in the system, places an order and prints out an invoice. To increase efficiency, specialized software is installed on such devices, taking into account the specifics of the use of POS systems in the industry.

The duration of using the gadget is directly related to the number of touches on the screen. On average, the surface of the monitor can withstand up to 50 million touches. When choosing a monitor, you must consider how often it will be used. In touch systems, the screen serves not only to display information, but also to enter it, being the object of constant physical impact. It’s easier to damage the touch panel than a conventional monitor.

Famous or cheap?

Having decided on your needs and a monitor that matches in parameters, you’ll definitely come to the main question: what to choose — a brand name or an inexpensive analogue? The answer is up to you, but be aware of the after-sales service guarantees. Or their absence.

Keep in mind that Beetronics provides great solutions for each and everyone, regardless of the industry. You can find the high quality monitor for manufacturing, maritime shipping, broadcasting, healthcare and more. So don’t hesitate over the decision too much – just get in touch with Beetronics.

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