Kodak Black net worth

Kodak Black Net Worth and Journey as a Rapper So Far


Kodak Black is an American rapper who gained recognition with “No Flockin,” released in 2014. Then his debut album “Painting Pictures” did amazing in the United States charts, making him more popular all over the country. We will let you know about his early life, career, and Kodak Black net worth in the blog. His second album was “Dying to Live,” released in 2018. The single from the album was “Zeze,” where Offset, and Travis Scott was featured.

Early Life of Kodak Black

Dieuson Octave later legally changed his name to Bill Kahan Kapri, better known as Kodak Black, was born on June 11, 1997. He lived most of his early life in Pompano Beach in Florida. He is the son of a Haitian immigrant raised by his mum. Marcelene Octave in Golden Acres, a public housing project in Florida.

When Kodak was in elementary school, he started rapping and went to a trap house to write and record music in the evening. As a kid, he used to read a lot of dictionaries and thesauruses to develop his vocabulary. Furthermore, Kodak participated in many fights and even broke into some houses with his friends as a kid. When he was in 5th grade, he was expelled from his school for fighting.

Again when he was in middle school, he was arrested for stealing a car. In an interview, he was asked about his upbringing. Kodak said that he had only two options: either be a rapper or sell drugs. Also, when he was only six years old, he gave himself the nickname “black.” Kodak wanted to have the nickname “Lil Black” but changed it to Kodak Black when he joined Instagram. Later he made this his stage name, and now that name recognizes him.

Personal Life

In 2104 Kodak said that he was working on getting his high school diploma at Blanche Ely High School. When he was in prison, Kodak identified as Hebrew Israelite. After this, he changed his name to Bill Kahan Blanco. Kahan is the alternative spelling for the word “kohen.” In May 2018, he legally changed his name to Bill Kahan Kapri. In June 2018, he earned General Educational Development (GED) while being in jail.

On February 6 this year, Kodak returned to his social media. He has lost a lot of weight and has a new hairstyle. On the same day, he posted a video with his lawyer Bradford Cohen where he said he would cover the education fees of 3 children of FBI agents who died on duty. It was for Daniel Alfin’s kid and Laura Schwartzenberger’s two children.

Kodak Black net worth


Beginning as a rapper – 2009 till 2015

As a kid, Kodak always wanted to be a rapper, and at the age of 12, he joined a rap band called “Brutal Youngnz.” At this time, his stage name was J-Black. He was with this group for almost three years, and later, he joined a local rap group which was called “The Kolyons.” In late 2013 he released his first mixtape called “Project Baby.” After a year in December, he released his 2nd mixtape, “Heart of the Projects,” and in December 2015, he came out with another mixtape “Institution.” However, he rose to fame when Drake danced to one of his songs called “Skrt” in 2015. In October the same year, he signed a record deal with Atlantic Records.

In May 2016, his label mate and fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert announced that they would do a tour together called “Parental Advisory Tour.” But Kodak was not there at the time of the tour.


In 2016 Kodak was featured on “Lockjaw,” the single from French Montana’s mixtape called “MC4”. The song peaked at 23 number on the “Billboard Hot R&B or Hip-Hop Songs” chart.

In June 2016, Kodak released his 4th mixtape called “Lil B.I.G. Pac,” It was his first mixtape that charted on the Billboard. It reached 18 numbers on the “Heatseekers Albums” chart and 49 on the “Billboard Hot R&B or Hip-Hop Songs” chart.

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Also, in the same month, XXL magazine called Kodal “2016 Freshman Class”. In August, his single “Skrt” also reached ten on the “Billboard Hot R&B or Hip-Hop Songs” chart.

However, in August, a video of Kodak was released where he was ridiculed black women in his lyrics. The lyrics implied that he was saying dark-skinned black women were not as attractive as light-skin black women. It is a type of misogynist and anti-black comment and hatred towards dark-skin women.  He also released a song called “Can I” in 2016.


In February 2017, Kodak released another single, “Tunnel Vision.” Also, in the first week, the song reached 27th rank at “Billboard Hot 100” and then peaked at six, making it the first song to get to the top 10. The song also charted at 17 at the “Canadian Hot 100”. Moreover, in March, Kodak released his first studio album called “Painting Pictures.” It reached number 3 on “Billboard 200”. Also, the album sold 71K units in the first week of release.

At this time, Kodak has said some controversial things on his live stream on social media. He insulted fellow rappers Lil Yachty, XXL Freshmen, and Lil Uzi Vert. However, Lil Uzi Vert said that he wasn’t bothered by the insult and still considered Kodak, his friend.

On August 18, he released a second part of “Project Baby” called “Project Baby 2”. Moreover, in November 2017, he released a deluxe version called the “Project Baby 2: All Grown Up”. The leading single from this version was “Codeine Dreaming,” and it peaked at 52 on “Billboard Hot 100”. This deluxe version was very successful. Thus Kodak Black net worth was seeing highs.

2018 – 2019

The start of the year was not good for Kodak as he was arrested after a raid. Later on, on February 14, he released another mixtape, “Heart Break Kodak.”

In December 2018, Kodak released his 2nd album called “Dying to Live.” The official single from this album was “Zeze,” which featured rappers Offset and Travis Scott. Also, three other songs, which are “If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin,” “Take One,” and “Calling My Spirit,” got official MV. Moreover, this album also featured other rappers.

Juice WRLD was featured on “MoshPit,” and Lil Pump featured on “Gnarly.” Kodak also paid tribute to XXXTentacion, who was a rapper who recently passed away. Two of his songs charted on Billboard Hot 100, and “Zeze” was peaked at two, and “Calling My Spirit” was at 46.

Also, all the songs from the album were charting on “Billboard 200” for more than three months and even peaked at 1 for a week. Furthermore, in October 2019, Kodak released a song called “Zombie” with DB Omerta and NLE Choppa.

2020 – Present

In February 2020, Kodak released a song called “Because of You” and released the music video later. He told his fans that he would release a new album if the song got certified platinum by June 11, which was his birthday.

Later on May 12, Kodak released another song called “Vultures Cry 2,” which featured Mike Smiff and Wiz Da Wizard.

Still, in jail, Kodak released his 3rd album on November 11 called “Bill Israel.” In January 2021, he released a single “Last Day In,” stating that he was released from jail and thanked ex-President Donal Trump for freeing him from prison.

He released another single, “Every Balmain,” where he talked about his life after jail in February. Moreover, the song was a hit and charted well on a lot of music charts making Kodak Black net worth more than $500k.

In May 2021, he released a mixtape called “Haitian Boy.” 19th of the same month, Kodak featured on “Hit Bout It” by Lil Yachty. He was even on the music video of the song. The cover art of the mixtape pays tribute to Kodak’s Haitian pride.

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However, this mixtape did not do well and sold only 22,000 units in the first week. Black voiced his frustration and said that his fans turned their back on “gangsta rap.”

For his 24th birthday on June 11, Kodak has released his new project called “Happy Birthday Kodak.”

Inspiration and Music Style

His music is about past and future crimes, and he said that rappers Chief Keef and Boosie Badazz influenced him significantly.

Moreover, The New Yorker has said that he has a very youthful voice and his songs sound mutinous. Even they stated that Kodak joined other rappers who left the old-school rapping style, which heavily used personal catharsis, individualism, and deep lyrics.

His rapping style is known as mumble rapping.

Kodak Black Net Worth

One of the primary sources of Kodak Black net worth includes all the albums and his mixtapes. Since the age of 12, he wanted to be a rapper, and at 16, he was part of the mixtape called “Heart of the Projects.” So, since a very young age, he has been successful.

Moreover, he became famous when Drake posted his song “SKRT” on his social media platforms. He featured in “Lockjaw,” and the fans went crazy over this upon its release, contributing to Kodak Black net worth.

After the release of his first album, he earned almost 4.7 million dollars. Earlier this year, he released another mixtape which was loved by his fans. According to Wealthy Gorilla Kodak Black net worth is $600,000 in 2021.

Cars and Houses

He lives in a mansion in Florida (Pembroke Pines). Also, he has a good collection of cars. One of the cars we have seen him ride most of the time is the red BMW X6. It has a Twin Power Turbo engine, and the price of the car is $66,245.

Furthermore, we have seen him riding Cutlass, orange and gold rims, and Rolls Royce Ghost. He even gifted his mum a Mercedes Benz. This car collection also contributed to Kodak Black net worth.

Kodak Black net worth

Charity Works

In 2018, Kodak donated 10,000 dollars to the “Jack and Jill Children’s Center.” This organization provides children education up to the elementary level. Later in November same year, Kodak has stated that he was building a school for kids in Haiti. In December 2018, Kodak donated money to the “Paradise Childcare” in Florida (Broward County). No one disclosed the amount of money, but the organization provided gifts for all the 150 kids with his money. Later for the Christmas party, he donated 5,000 dollars to the same organization.

Again in 2018, Kodak donated 2,500 dollars to Terrence Carraway’s family was a South Carolina police officer. The police officer died during a shootout. Also, in May 2019, Kodak has donated 12,500 dollars to Paige Cook. Paige’s goal was to give notebooks and pencils to all the Cleburne Independent School District in Texas. The total number of students in this school was 7,600.

Before this donation, Paige has raised money in 2018 where she could buy almost 40,000 pencils. In the 2019 Colorado STEM shooting, Kendrick Ray Castillo was killed after trying to attack the criminal. Once Kodak knew about this, he reached out to the family and offered to pay for his funeral. However, we do not know if Castillo’s family took the offer or not.

Kodak also has a fund of 10,000 dollars for any kid who wants to go to college for engineering or science. There is also a rumor that he donated 50,000 dollars to Gekyume. He is the son of XXXTentacion, who passed away. XXXTentacion and Kodak were really good friends until he was murdered in 2018.

Final thoughts

Kodak Black is an American rapper who rose to fame when Drake played one of his songs in his live stream. Later his song “Zeze” went viral in the United States. His most successful album is “Dying to Live.” He released the album in  December 2018. Recently he released his birthday project “Happy Birthday Kodak.” Even though he has a controversial past, he has helped many people in need and always trying to help kids in need. Moreover, he lives in a mansion in Florida and has a vast car collection. Kodak Black net worth in 2021 is $600,000.

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