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10 Storage Hacks to Transform Your House into a Neat and Well-Organized Home

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Every homeowner wants their home to be well organized and free of clutter. After all, seeing your stuff strewn around the house is a problem that sometimes causes an eyesore and headache. That is why it is important that you should prioritize storage and deal with the clutter in your abode for well organized home. 

Thanks to the internet, learning about smart and easy storage solutions for your home is just one search away. Keep in mind these smart storage hacks if you want to transform your house into a clutter-free and well-organized home. 

Cube Storage Shelves

If you need a versatile storage piece that you can install in every part of your house, it’s high time that you buy cube storage shelves

This furniture piece is perfect for storing different items in your home. You can use it to keep your vinyl collection, kid’s toys, books, towels, etc. There are also cube storage shelves that work as a nightstand or a coffee table, And you can even find one that has wheels for easy transit around your house. 

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Indoor Bike Rack

It’s no problem when you don’t have a basement bike room as you can install an indoor bike rack to keep your bicycle in its proper place. You can have a bike rack installed on your wall, and place your bike in it after use. This storage solution is also a creative way to make your bike a part of the overall wall decor. 

Tall Cabinet to Hide Your Cleaning Supplies

A tall cabinet can do the job of making your home free of clutter. For instance, you can use this excellent furniture piece to store your cleaning implements after use. You can also install a wire mount rack to maximize the space inside. It’s also a good idea to paint the exterior of the tall cabinet to add an aesthetic element to your home. 

Dish Drying Rack Inside a Kitchen Cabinet

Are you fond of combining classic and modern design elements in your home? Well, you can do that by having a kitchen cabinet with a dish drying rack inside. This piece of furniture saves a lot of space in the kitchen and allows you to organize your tableware properly. 

You can install a kitchen cabinet with a dish drying rack above the sink to maximize space on your kitchen countertop. 

Freestanding Clothing Rack

If your closet is already full of clothes, it’s an excellent storage idea to have a freestanding clothing rack. This storage solution also compels you to keep your clothing in their proper arrangement since they’re out in the open. 

Go for a Headboard with Storage

Did you know that too much stuff in your bedroom ruins your sleep? Yes, you heard that right, and that’s why opt for a headboard that has a storage compartment. 

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Such a piece of furniture is an excellent way to keep your mementos, jewelry, and books. Choose one that has a stylish design that can enhance the style of your bedroom. 


Storage baskets are an easy and affordable way to keep small items organized. They also come in different styles and creative designs that can transform the appeal of the house. You can use storage baskets to store your children’s toys, souvenirs, magazines, wines, fruits, etc. 

Stairs with Built-in Storage Compartments

In a small home, you need to make use of the space effectively. That’s why stairs with built-in storage compartments are an excellent architectural feature for a small house. You can tuck away your home tools, kitchenware, books, souvenirs, knick-knacks, and other items in this storage solution. 

Hire a carpenter who has a great design plan for the stairs. You should see that it doesn’t take up much space in your home. 

Shower Alcove

If you think there isn’t enough storage space for your shower essentials, then shower alcoves are the perfect storage solution. 

The good thing about shower alcoves is that they can maximize space and won’t ruin the design of your shower. You can keep your shampoo, soap, and lotions in a shower alcove. 

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans with hidden compartments is not only a great storage solution but also a home decor. They come in various shapes, designs, and sizes that can enhance the look of your living room. In the secret compartments, you can stow away various items, such as toys, spare sofa covers, and other items in your house. 


It’s a must that you keep your house well organized and free of clutter. You should have storage solutions that can maximize the space in your home and keep your stuff in order. 

Consider storage solutions, such as cube storage shelves, storage ottomans, stairs with built-in compartments, freestanding clothing racks, indoor bike racks, tall cabinets, baskets, shower alcoves, etc., to make your home neat and clutter-free. 

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