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Buying bed – 8 tips when choosing a new bed and mattress

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The mattress and bed have a huge impact on how we sleep. But buying a bed can be tricky, and it’s important not to be in a hurry.

Here are 8 things to think about before buying – as well as a great bed guide.

The right bed is A and O to get a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, you cannot cope with everyday life and can even get sick. But what one needs for a bed to sleep well is highly individual. But what applies to everyone is never to compromise on the choice of products, as it has a big impact on your night’s sleep. It is important that you feel properly if the bed provides the support you need. A basic rule is also that the mattress should be at least ten inches longer than you are, and preferably as wide as possible. But the most important thing is so clear that it is beautiful – keep in mind that we sleep an average of 26 years of our lives!

1. Tips for sharing a bed

If the mattress is for both you and your partner, you should try out both. If you are different in length and weigh very different, you should have two different mattresses. You may also want different hardness / softness and materials in the mattress. If you have back problems, you should discuss it with your chiropractor or the staff on site for guidance. If it is the best mattress topper for side sleepers, they are good at ergonomics. 

2. Sleep position – sleeping on the side, back or stomach

Do you sleep on the side, back or stomach? Your sleeping position plays a big role in the choice of bed. If you sleep a lot on the side, you need a bed where the shoulder and hip can fall down, for the spine to rest as straight as possible. If you usually sleep on your back, it is important that the bed gives you good support in the back. Sleeping on the stomach is not recommended as it is difficult for the body to lie completely relaxed then. If you can’t change that, you have to look for a bed that provides good support under the hip and a pillow that works well with the bed.

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3. Important to test beds

Finding the right bed is very important. it needs the right support and relief. Therefore, take off your outerwear and shoes and take your time. Put yourself in the same position as you would if you were at home. Get help from knowledgeable staff. Don’t be stressed, take notes, go home, think, and come back another day and try again. You should have a bed for many years and it also costs some so important that it gets right.

4. Lay down on your back 

Mattresses should follow the curve of the back. Feel free to get support for the lower back. If there is a cavity under the back, the mattress is too firm.

5. Get on the page

The waist should be supported so that the spine becomes horizontal. Feel so that the shoulder and hip fall down firmly in the mattress.

6. Turn around

If you can’t turn around easily, it means the mattress is too soft.

7. Allergic? Important for choosing a mattress

If you are allergic, consider it in the choice of mattress, pillow and duvet. A foam mattress may be the best option along with a pillow made of synthetic material instead of down. Talk to the staff and check carefully. Many allergy sites on the web are talking about the best allergy mattresses, pillows and duvets.

8. Moisture in bed

During the night we sweat, everyone does – even if you don’t think so – more or less. To avoid dampening the mattresses, a washable bed mattress is a good solution. Ask the staff how to wash the pillow and blanket in the best way for them to last longer. There are now also mattresses and bedding that make you sweat less and absorb moisture better than others. For example, latex is a material that breathes well.

9. Children in bed

If you have children who sleep a lot in your / your bed, it is a good idea to choose an extra wide mattress so that everyone can fit. You will probably regret it if you buy one that suits you and your partner only and then you get to spend the night with the kids.

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10. Don’t forget the pillow

The pillow is easy to forget, but it is very important for the neck to be in the same position as the rest of the back. Of course, a pillow should be comfortable, but just like with the mattress, it is important to talk to some expert if you need a soft or hard pillow, or maybe a tempur pillow, and try it together with the mattress.  

11. Which bed type is right for you?

 What is a bed?

The bed is lower and neater but is available in different sizes. It usually has only one bottom and then a bed mattress that can vary in height and softness. The bed is suitable for those who want a stable bed with good sleeping comfort, and at a good price. It can stand directly on the floor with legs or placed in a bed frame.

 What is adjustable bed?

The adjustable bed provides better comfort and can be adapted to the body in a different way. The bed can be raised and lowered at both the head end and the foot end, as needed and desired. If you spend a lot of time in bed, this is recommended. Likewise, if you snore then it can be dampened by raising the head end during the night.

What is Continental Bed?

The continental bed has several bottoms and thus gives extra good flexibility, and no joint in the middle of the double bed. As it is deeper than other beds, it reduces the pressure on the body and creates a nice feeling. Many also think it is nicer than other beds.  

Beds keep different well and long. But the body changes and you expect to put on a few kilos, you should at least change after 15 years, even if the bed is unchanged.

As for bed mattress, it is recommended that you change it every five years, for both comfort and hygiene reasons. You should change pillows every two years, but it also depends on materials and use. Invest in quality that lasts longer.

3 thoughts on “Buying bed – 8 tips when choosing a new bed and mattress

  1. The adjustable bed provides better comfort and can be adapted to the body in a different way.

  2. Yes this is really very helpful article specially me because i find the best mattress so have got it with this website thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice tips! Let me add one more: do not buy the cheapest mattress available! You will get what you pay for – this rule works 100% with mattresses. Think about your budget thoroughly. In my experience, the best price-performance mattresses are between $800-$1,000.

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