Stay at home kid activities

Stay at Home Kid Activities to Help Them Learn New Skills

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Do your children not let you work? Are you looking for ways to keep your children preoccupied? Well, read ahead, and we will help you with stay at home kid activities to keep your little ones busy while you’re doing household work.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it is almost more than a year that everyone is working from home. And managing work, household chores, and kids can indeed be challenging!

Keeping children busy while you are attending a zoom meeting or tossing the utensils in the dishwasher has become a desire parents strongly wish to fulfill.

So, here is a list of stay at home kid activities that will keep them busy and help them learn a lot of fun and interesting stuff! So, hang in there, and we will provide you with great ideas!

Stay at home kid activities

Check out the following stay at home kid activities:

Let the kids paint and you can print them

Almost all kids love to draw and paint, which shows their creativity. So, you can set them a target while you are at work. Then, once you are done, you can check the painting and print out the best ones.

Some companies can print the paintings on t-shirts, accessories, dresses, or bags. But, of course, your kid will be extremely happy to wear their own designs.

Grow plants

You can grow plants with your kids. The turning of seeds into plants will surprise them. If your house has a garden, help your kids plant the seeds. Then, of course, you can order the easy-growing plants for your garden.

If you are staying in an apartment without any garden, you can purchase some indoor plants like marigolds, Zinnia and Coleus flowers or rosemary, parsley, and basil. Your kids will love to see flowers and plants in your home.

Engage the day with a project

Provide your kid some project. For example, you can give your kid some drawing or quiz for the entire day. Your kid will spend the whole day doing the project. By giving this kind of project, you can also do your work well without any distractions.

Make a nice blanket tent

You can make a blanket tent for your kid. Leave your kids with toys in that tent, and be sure your kids will enjoy this for hours.

Educate about viruses

It would be best if you give education about the coronavirus pandemic to your kid. You may view with your kid some educational videos which explain the viruses well.

Tell your kid how safe he is at his own home, why he is not going outside or playing outdoor games with friends. Teach the kid to wear masks, use sanitizer, and wash hands properly.

If you do not have the time, you can always let your kids watch the videos while you are busy. Then, once you finish, you can discuss about the video with them.

Create a memory book for family

You can encourage your kid to create a memory book for your family so that you can recall this quarantine days later. Of course, you can always get your kid a small instant camera to get the snaps quickly.

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Then, tell your kid to click every moment throughout the entire quarantine period. In that way, you can keep a record of your family activities. Kids can even use the printer to print out the pictures and paste them into the diary if they don’t have a camera.

Stay at home kid activities

Stay at home kid activities for 4 year olds

Kids are very curious about everything around them at this age. So, it becomes important to give them the right toys to engage them and also promote their overall development.

There are several stay at home kid activities that will help them develop quickly and increase their memory power. So, let us check out the following:

Trace letters

You can help them to trace letters. So, you can buy your kid papers with some dotted lines and draw yourself the letters with a pencil. Then, make your kid write over it again with markers. Thus, your kid will learn every letter easily at home and also improve their skills.

Throw game

Kids love to play the throw game. Through this game, you can test his/her aim. So, apart from improving their skills, they will enjoy playing the game with you.

Bingo game

Your kid can learn numbers and letters through the bingo game. However, it is best you help your kid to play this game. So, create some cards with numbers and letters to play the game. And do not forget to reward them if they win the game.

Color hunt

Let your kid hunt a color. Instead of teaching them by showing different things, you can tell them a particular color and let them find out something of that color. Your kid will enjoy this and learn color identification as well.

Information game

Play an information game with your kids. Give them some information like their full name, parent’s name, address, and phone numbers through playing. And to do that, you can sing a melodious song to help them memorize all the information. The melody of the song will make your kid remember everything.

Make a phone with a tin can

You can make a phone with a tin can for your kid. Through this fun game, your kid can learn about sound waves and vibration.

Match the shapes

Through match shapes, you will help them recognize and also improve their skills. Through these fun indoor games, your kid learns about different shapes like circles, hearts, rectangles, squares, etc.

Solve puzzles

You can give the kid puzzles. Through this, your kid will learn how to sharpen their motor skills. Moreover, they will remain engaged for hours doing this.

Educate about seasons

Teach your kid about different seasons. Explain to them in detail about all the season changes. You can make your kid notice how the season changes, like falling off the leaves or the temperature change.

Kids- creative activities at home

There are numerous fun and creative stay at home kid activities. Check out the list below:

Paint on rocks

Your kid can paint on rocks. Also, your kid can write some quotes which will inspire others or draw something on the rocks. Make your kids use white paint or craft paint pens to draw or write different things on pebbles and rocks.

Cardboard furniture

Kids can make furniture of cardboard. First, however, you must help them to do this activity properly, like cutting the cardboard. This is because sharp things can be unsafe for them.

Finally, let your kid assemble it and do the decoration part. Your kid will learn to make furniture from some recycled cardboard.


You can help your kid to do some gardening activities. Kids will enjoy doing this activity. So, you can make your kid plant a mango seed. Your kid will become very happy when he/she sees the planted seed turning into a mango tree.

Interactive toy

You can make an interactive toy by using some old containers for your kid. Your kid will learn some basic things at home. Use the things that you have at home to make a toy for your kid.

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Jungle terrarium

Make a small jungle terrarium for your kid. For that, you can use an old glass jar and make a small jungle inside that jar. And be sure your kid will enjoy this for months.

Wall art

Your kid can learn to make some amazing wall art at home. First, you have to get some paper, glue and some ideas. Then, help them if they need you. Your kids will love to see their handwork on the home wall.

Leaf prints

Kids can do print of the leaves. So, get your kids some leaves and tell them to make a print of them. Then, use the leaves prints on the greeting cards and also as your wall arts.

Art on bowls and mugs

You can take some bowls and mugs and give your kid to do some creative arts on them. For example, teach him to paint on the bowls. Use tipped markers to do the art.

Flower decoration

Find some colorful big flowers and use them to decorate your homes. Then, you can ask your kid to decorate your house with them, which will keep them busy.

Paint with watercolor

Educate your kid to paint something with watercolor. Kids enjoy using different colors. So, tell them to paint some colorful bright flowers.

Create pop up cards

Teach them to make some pop-up cards. Your kid will enjoy doing this. But, first, give the instruction and finally let them do it for you. It will not only keep them busy but will also help them learn something new.

Paper flower making

Get them some colorful paper to make different flowers. Your kid will enjoy doing this activity at home. They will be able to bring out their creative side and also stay occupied for a long time.

Stay at home kid activities online

You must want to know how to keep your kids safe and entertained at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a fundamental problem that parents are facing these days.

Since the world is working online, keeping your kids busy will not be difficult. Here is a list of stay at home kid activities online to keep them busy and entertained:

Yoga class

You can find many yoga teachers or studios that are providing online yoga classes. Your kid will love to learn yoga. Yoga is an excellent physical exercise for all. It will engage them, but yoga will also protect the kid’s immune system from various infections and keep them healthy.

A virtual visit to the aquarium or zoo

You can make your kid visit some aquarium or the local zoo. In this way, your kids will learn to recognize animals and also have an enjoyable time.

Chat and play online games with friends

You have to understand that even the kid needs a friend. Your kid is spending most of the time alone or with parents at home. So, give them the chance to chat online with friends and maintain their friendship.

Also, they can play some video games online with their friends. Your kids will be extremely happy to see their friends online, chat with them and play games.

Virtual playground

Allow your kid to play in a virtual playground. A virtual playground is a place where kids from different countries come together in mini-groups.

Generally, the age group for a virtual playground is 5 to 9 years. Your kids will get a chance to socialize. In this way, he/she will learn to share and play with others.

Visit museum

Make your kid visit a museum. This online activity will educate and stimulate your kid’s brain. Your kid will become very curious and enjoy this virtual tour.

Virtual vacation

Your kid may want a change. Staying at home the whole day they might become bored. So, you can take him on a virtual vacation.

Your kids will enjoy the change and imagine the world around them. Among the many places, you can take your kids to Disney World.

Educational game

You can make your kid play some good educational games online. These will help them learn and improve their overall skills.


Make your kid learn through the read-aloud game. Your kid will learn many things from online read-aloud. Moreover, you can keep your kids engage with this online activity. You will find read-aloud in some online libraries and sometimes in authors of the children’s book also.

Magic shows

Make your kid watch some magic shows online. Your kid will learn some amazing magic tricks through online shows. Also, magic performance can become your kid’s new hobby.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope the list of stay at home kid activities keeps your children busy and improves their skills. So, start incorporating these skills into your child’s life and see them learn so many things, even if they stuck at home.

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