Smart Insulin Pen Cap Device for Diabetes Finally Receives FDA Approval

Smart Insulin Pen Cap Device for Diabetes Finally Receives FDA Approval


A 2020 report from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) suggests quite a shocking scenario. That is why the smart insulin pen cap device has now come as a blessing to keep people healthy.

The report states that at least one out of 10 people in the USA have diabetes, either undiagnosed or diagnosed. Therefore, the total figure of people with diabetes in the country stands at 34.2 million as of 2018.

While almost 95% of people out of the total figure have type II diabetes, the remaining report a type I. For a country that has such a massive figure of diabetics, it is unfortunate that there are not enough administering and monitoring facilities for insulin.

It is that element that either Type I people with diabetes lack or Type II diabetics don’t respond to. Bodies of some people fail even to create enough insulin. All this is true even though insulin is the essential element in the case of diabetes. However, the whole situation may drastically change now as the FDA approves the smart insulin pen cap device.

Bigfoot is the biomedical organization that recently received approval to launch the Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management System. This system will feature special pen caps that are capable enough for recommending insulin doses.

The device is beneficial for patients who must take multiple doses of insulin daily. The process is called MDI or Multiple Daily Injections to keep the sugar level under control.

How does the smart insulin pen cap device by Bigfoot work?

According to Bigfoot Biomedical’s CEO Jeffrey Brewer, controlling diabetes is quite challenging. The primary issue that arises, in this case, is that insulin does not have specific timing or dosage. Therefore, patients are constantly in a state of confusion trying to determine the dosage of daily insulin.

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To make things easier for everyone, Bigfoot is soon launching a smart insulin pen cap device. It will automatically determine insulin dosage so that patients don’t depend on blind guessing.

The device consists of three primary parts- smartpen caps that work for long-acting and rapid insulin doses. Apart from that, there is a Libre 2 ICGM sensor and an advanced mobile app.

The pen cap device will be the first-ever type that is suitable for both Type I and Type II diabetics following MDI therapy. Moreover, the device utilizes a constant glucose monitoring system (Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2 System). It is what recommends proper insulin doses to patients. The makers are working on further advancement of the pen cap device, and there will be better versions available soon.

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