A Major Dilemma: Too Little or Too Much Homework?


Today’s generation of students is under the gun. There is incredible pressure and competition to get good grades. At the same time, young adults are also stressing about extracurricular activities and social status.

Did you know that less than 13 percent of teens get the hours of sleep recommended by the CDC? It is possible that excess homework is the reason your child is not sleeping. They may be staying up late to keep up with their grades.

Read on to learn whether your child is receiving too much homework. Explore topics such as the cons of too much homework and how to recognize there is a problem.

What Are The Signs Of Too Much?

As a parent or educator, there are a few different ways to tell if the children have too much work. The first check is of a physical nature.

Is your child walking in the door with their backpack bursting at the seams? Carrying home a stack of books is a physical cue that they have too much work.

In middle and high schools, children leave the books that they do not need in their locker. The fact that they need so many books is a clear indication that they have a lot of work to complete. The homework is multi-subject and spans all the different books they are bringing home.

The next thing to look for are mental health cues. Does your child have anxiety attacks or emotional breakdowns about school?

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Feelings of being overwhelmed are common for school-aged children. In many cases, a high school child’s schedule is more intense than an adult’s.

They have school for eight hours per day. Many young adults work part-time jobs or play demanding sports schedules. After a long day, they come home to a stack of homework.

Having a full schedule from the early morning until late at night would overwhelm the best of us. Witnessing a deterioration in a child’s mental health condition is a clear sign of too much work. Lack of sleep is another indicator. Many young adults sacrifice sleep to get their homework done.

What Are The Solutions?

From an education standpoint, the best thing to do is optimize the completion of work. This way, the student wastes less time figuring out problems or stressing out about how to do something.

Providing a tutor is helpful for students to optimize homework completion. Setting aside dedicated homework time after school is also helpful.

Educators find success by using a learning management system. Here, students can accelerate the learning curve especially in math courses.

As a parent, it is beneficial to remove distractions and provide as much help as possible. Allowing the student to focus on school instead of a part-time job is impactful.

What To Do About Too Much Homework?

You are now ready to spot the signs of too much work. Seeing your child stay up past midnight with a stack of books is a distressing sight.  Check in on your child or student frequently to assess their mental health.

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