Are Bitcoin Casinos Fair?

Are Bitcoin Casinos Fair?


Bitcoin Casinos are all the rage these days. Gamblers from around the world are able to play their favorite games and bet on their favorite teams while enjoying anonymity (wth some casinos), faster withdrawals, and bigger bonuses than traditional online casinos.

That all sounds fantastic, but it means nothing if these Bitcoin Casinos aren’t playing fair.

Are Bitcoin casinos stacking the odds in their favor? How can you really be sure that, when you play, you’re playing a fair game?

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can verify if are Bitcoin casinos fair and of your choice.

Provably Fair

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a favorite saying: “Don’t trust. Verify.”

It means that with any cryptocurrency you shouldn’t need to trust someone or some third party. You should be able to verify a transaction, smart contract, etc.

Bitcoin casinos are no exception.

Several online gambling platforms provide users with an algorithm. That algorithm can be analyzed and verified for fairness.

That is the essence of provably fair. 

Some of the best bitcoin casinos make sure to offer such mechanisms for their players. That way when you place bets on games you can use the bitcoin casinos method for verifying each transaction in the game. 

If you’re curious about the technicality, the platform will use open source algorithms for random seed generation, hashing, and for the random number generator. 

After you’ve played blackjack, poker, a slots game, you can then use these algorithms to test the game’s response to every in-game decision you’ve made. 

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Afterwards, you can compare the outcome to the published algorithms, the seeds, and hashes.

Read Online Reviews

If the Bitcoin casino you have your eyes on doesn’t offer algorithms to help you determine that your games are provably fair, then you might want to stick to the time tested method of looking at reviews.

There are plenty of great forums for discussing Bitcoin casinos. Do keep in mind, like with any opinion forums, that they may be skewed to the negative.

After all, if someone loses and is bitter, there is a greater chance they’ll bombard all the forums with complaints and negative reviews.

Then again, if the majority of reviews are unfavorable and specifically accuse a site of unfair play, then it’s best not to burn your own hand to find out for yourself.

Best Method: Stick to the Best Bitcoin Casinos

You may be tempted to try new Bitcoin casinos when they offer high payouts, incredible bonuses, or other hooks to draw you in. 

But this is your hard earned money you’re trying to enjoy. And there are several top rated, provably fair bitcoin gambling sites that have knockout bonuses and payouts as good as any shiny new Online Cricket Betting ID

Plus, the tried and true bitcoin gambling sites also come with perks that the best regular online Cricket ID offer: great customer service, strong fanbase, and a wide selection of games, sports, and even eSports in some cases.

So remember, don’t trust, verify. 

And of course, have fun!


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