Ten Things You May Not Have Known about Hemp


Even though more and more brokers that sell hemp are opening up, both brick and mortar stores and online e-commerce retailers, it seems that a lot of people still do not know much about the plant itself. So, today I would like to provide you with some fast facts about it, just to shed a bit further light on the topic!

Something to keep in mind as I proceed is that this is far from a comprehensive list. Rather, it is a bit of knowledge to get you started if you find yourself wanting to educate yourself on the cannabis plant in general. So, just try to remember that and buckle up for some interesting information!

One: The Seeds are Actually a Nut

Now, if you were not aware, most seeds are also considered nuts in terms of trees (like acorns or walnuts, for example). It is a bit rarer to see this with other plants, but certainly not unheard of. The seeds from hemp plants are used for a lot of purposes, some of which you can learn about here: https://www.webmd.com/diet/hemp-seeds-good-for-you. There is some debate in regard to them being good for us, but in general they are!

Two: Hemp is Legal in all of the Fifty States

This was not always the case. In fact, it is a fairly recent development – as in, this occurred within the past four years. Can you believe that?

Until the Farm Bill passed in 2018, it was only permitted in a few states. Now, though, farmers are free to grow as much as they want wherever they want. This has made for a serious boost to the economy!

Three: Paper Made of Hemp is More Durable than Other Paper

This point probably seems a bit random, and admittedly it is. However, I just find it so fascinating that I had to include it. Paper made from the fibers of the cannabis plant are less likely to rip and tear and are also more sustainable. It makes you wonder why we are not using all paper made from it!

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Four: You Can Ingest it in Many Ways

Many companies have figured out how to refine hemp into things like gummies or oils. You can redirect to thehempcollect to learn more about it if you are wondering. It is also used in things like vegan dairy products of all things – yes, even cheese!

So, if you are at the grocery store and are feeling adventurous, you could try some hemp milk or something like that! It probably is not at every supermarket, but I am finding it more often than not these days!

Five: It has a Short Growth and Harvest Cycle

Ever wondered why it is so profitable to grow? Well, a big part of that is the short growth cycle. You can plant it and harvest your crop within about one hundred and twenty days, which is very fast compared to a lot of other plants. That is definitely a part of the draw.

Six: Hemp Fiber is Extremely Versatile

Did you know that these plants can be used to make over twenty-five thousand products? Well, now you do! To top it all off, though, the fiber in specific is insanely useful. It can be a part of skateboard decks, ropes and yarn, and even concrete. I know I definitely had not thought of that before, but it is an awesome way of reducing waste during the construction process!

Seven: Hemp Can Help Us Reduce Carbon Emissions

Now, if this is a point that intrigues you, I suggest looking at a website like this one. There are a ton of articles out there that explain how it works, but I will do my best to explain as well. Essentially, the plants can help to capture harmful carbon emissions and prevent them from going up into the atmosphere.

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Of course, CO2 has been a huge concern of most environmentalists in the past decade, so this is a nice bonus to growing these plants. Can you see why I wanted to talk about this, now?

Eight: The Vikings Used it

Obviously, a ton of ancient and older cultures used hemp in their day to day lives. I want to give a shout out to the Vikings in specific though, because I think it is super cool that they used this plant in making the sails for their ships and even some of their armor. Clearly, it is a very strong fiber – one of the strongest in the world, if not the strongest.

Nine: It Might be Able to Help Save Bees

Honeybees are pollinators. This means that any flowering plants can really help them out in terms of food sources. Cannabis falls into this category, and because it is so easy to grow and readily available right now, many scientists are turning to it to help us with aiding honeybee colonies get stronger! Talk about a lot of uses.

Ten: The Seeds are a Great Protein Source

I return to the seeds one final time for the last point I would like to share today. In terms of sources of protein, hemp seeds are quite surprising. They have a ton of it, comparable to a slice of beef even! So, if you have been hesitant to try them out as an alternative source, give it a try!


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