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Behind the Scenes of Hit Single HMI by Mad Max Money Talk


Haitian music industry star Mad Max Money Talk released his famous single HMI on YouTube in January 2020.Along with his song, the music video also went viral among his vast fan following, especially on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes music.

What is HMI about?

The song highlights how the music industry in Haiti is not what it can be. Just like the successful Western music industry, Mad Max Money Talk wants the Haitian music industry to evolve and benefit the economy. The main difference between successful music industries worldwide and the one in Haiti is the lack of resources and accessibility.

Artists of all genders and ages are able to create a worldwide platform for themselves that opens up several fulfilling and monetizing opportunities for them. However, the talent in Haiti is not able to do so. Mad Max Money Talks fears the talent in Haiti will go to waste, which is why he wrote this song to inspire other musicians and the government in Haiti to make necessary changes.

On being asked about his contribution with his latest song, Haitian Music Industry, Mad Max Money Talk comments, “I can serve as examples for the youngsters through my music and also speak a certain truth that needs to be said about my country.

What does Mad Max Money Talk have to say about his song HMI?

Mad Max Money Talk composed this song with a purpose. This is where his personal and music goals collide because he wants to be a successful music artist while elevating the music industry of his home country. He believes that the journey would be incomplete if it’s one without the other.

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When asked about the thought process behind composing this song, Mad Max Money Talk highlights, “HMI is all about what’s going on with the music business in Haiti. There are a lot of things that need to be fixed. I felt that I had to say something before it was too late because other artists don’t really talk about it. I have to put it out there for the government and the musicians because it is important. We need to change the Haitian Music Industry because I am tired of artists making great music and hit records but not making money. Most certainly, we need unity and love within each other now more than ever.”

Hence, Mad Max Money Talk dedicated his talent and hard work towards making Creole music. Creole Rap and Haitian Hip Hop music are identifying factors for Haiti that symbolize its individuality after freedom from colonization. As a music artist born in Haiti, Mad Max Money Talk wants to give back to his community by making Creole music known worldwide.

HMI: The music video

The track was produced by Mr. Jay, while the video was shot by Mr. Bens. On the topic of recording the song and shooting the music video, Mad Max Money Talk stated, “The recording was cool, you know when you speak from the heart, and they are all facts, it becomes pretty easy.” He also mentions how Mr. Bens made shooting the video incredibly simple and effortless. Mad Max Money Talk and his team shot the music video in a day, wrapping up postproduction a few days after the initial shoot.

The music video is clean and simple because Mad Max Money Talk aims to focus on the message of the song more than anything else. The beat and background music is upbeat and catchy despite the meaning of the lyrics. When it comes to video shots, the three-minute music video is classy and entertaining. The music video features Mad Max himself singing the song with scenic backgrounds and elegant interior car shots. With thousands of likes and views on YouTube, Mad Max Money Talk really has a knack for making music videos.

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Mad Max Money Talk and his love for the Haitian Music Industry

On being asked whether he brought something new to the Haitian Music Industry, Mad Max Money Talk answered, “For sure! I have been in the game for a while now. People love me because I respect others. I’m incredibly supportive and never have any beef at all with other music artists.

As for the future of the Haitian music industry, Mad Max Money Talk hopes to make more music so that he can use his success to achieve something significant. His success would not just be his own because it will also reflect positively on the Haitian music industry.

Mad Max Money Talk’s hit singles& famous music artist collaborations

Mad Max Money Talk has released several music hit singles like ‘Chanpyon’ and ‘Trouble Boy.’  Through his songs and videos, Mad Max Money Talk aims to make it a point that Haitian musicians have what it takes to compete with international music artists.

His 2012 album Step Up Your Game features 16 music tracks that sent waves through the music industry with its release. The album track list includes:

  1. Kafou
  2. Tet Mwen Cho
  3. Yo Pa Konnen Featuring – ZakTouch, Zoe Nas
  4. First Class Featuring – Fantom (8), Izolan
  5. Mad Mad
  6. Li Ka FanmMwen
  7. Sterilite Featuring – Eud*
  8. Rap Mwen
  9. Money Talk Team (Interlude)
  10. Kite Yo Pale Featuring – ZakTouch
  11. Lavi San Lanmou
  12. Step Your Game Up
  13. Poukont Li
  14. ApelManke Featuring – Trouble Boy Hitmaker
  15. Kwe Nan Tet Ou Featuring – Ceci, Thinker
  16. Mesi

To further solidify his position in the Haitian music industry, Mad Max Money Talk collaborated with other musicians; for instance, Steve Khe, Dutty, and Kolonel. He hopes to continue making and celebrating the music he loves for himself and his supportive fans.

Madmax Money Talk Hit Single HMI: HMI by Mad Max Moneytalk – YouTube

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