Defective Brakes

What Are My Rights if My Car Accident Was Caused by Defective Brakes?

Safety and security

Defective vehicle components are some of the most dangerous things that can cause serious injury, even death, in the event of an accident. As a driver, you expect your vehicle to be up to code, no matter the make or model you drive, providing the maximum safety to you and other passengers inside. When manufacturers overlook potentially life-threatening details, this puts all consumers at risk and severely reduces the security and confidence with which their models can be driven. If you have recently experienced an accident that was caused by brakes that have failed, with the help of experienced Dallas defective brake lawyers at Reyes Law you are entitled to compensation for this component failure. No driver deserves to operate their vehicle in fear. Here’s how you can hold the manufacturer accountable for their neglect. 

Car Accident as a Result of Brake Failure

The braking system of a vehicle is critical to your ability to stop the car in time when sharing the road with other drivers. Without a properly functioning braking system, you can never be sure if your vehicle will stop in time and, therefore, whether it will be able to keep you safe at a moment’s notice. When a brake failure occurs and results in a car accident, there may be several sources to which liability can be assigned. 

The first possibility is the driver. If you have neglected basic vehicle maintenance – for example, you rarely take you car in for repair, even when the dashboard symbols are illuminated – you may be held responsible for the brake failure. Vehicles that are in poor condition are dangerous to take out on the road, and significantly increase the probability that you will be involved in an accident. 

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On the other hand, the brake failure may not be your responsibility at all – this is where your right to file a claim comes in. The vehicle manufacturer will be held responsible for damages and injuries if: 

  • They failed to inspect the braking system
  • They neglected to notify buyers of a recall
  • They failed to notice a design flaw in the vehicle’s production.

If the responsibility cannot be attributed to the manufacturer, then you may be able to assign liability to the dealer. 

Filing a Claim Against the Manufacturer or Dealer

It can be tricky to determine whether you should be filing a claim against the dealer or the manufacturer when failed brakes result in a collision. On the one hand, the manufacturer has a duty to make sure the design and production of the vehicle enable it to pass safety standards. On the other, the dealer must be knowledgeable about the condition of the cars they sell and can be held responsible if they knowingly sell a defective vehicle to you.

As you prepare to file your claim for the defective brakes that led to your auto collision, consult a lawyer to find out exactly how to proceed in your case. An experienced professional will guide you in knowing whether to sue the dealer or manufacturer to ensure you get precisely the compensation you need for recovery.

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