Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan to Feature on Forbes’ List of Highest-Paid


According to the latest Hollywood news, famous country singers and stars Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan have made it big. They have made it to the recent list of highest-paid celebrities compiled by Forbes’. Moreover, Shelton and Bryan were the only two stars of their genre to have achieved spots in the list of 2020. In the list of the top 100 celebrities, Bryan and Shelton have achieved the 62nd and 70th spots respectively.

Bryan’s earnings stand at a whopping $45.5 million and that of Shelton is close behind at $43.5 million. Both of the stars on this list share several common attributes that have brought them to find a place in this list. The major similarities include the fact that both of them are presently the most popular country music stars. Besides, both of them own bars on the Lower Broadway in Nashville. Plus, both of them are judges on popular and primetime singing shows. On the one hand, Blake Shelton has been one of the judges on The Voice since the show was launched in 2011. On the other hand, Luke Bryan has been a part of the judging panel of American Idol since 2018.

A striking similarity is that Shelton earns around $13 million from his appearance on The Voice. Similarly, Luke Bryan earns the same from his appearance on the show American Idol. Again, before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Blake Shelton was on his “Friends and Heroes” tour earning at least $1 million in every city. On the other hand, Bryan is also expected to earn the same when he starts with his upcoming tour, “Proud to be Right Here.”

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Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan – Making it to the top

It seems like both the stars earn pretty much the same amount from the entertainment industry. Probably, the difference in the amount listed on Forbes’ is due to the revenue from other sources. As per calculations, the collective earning of this year’s highest-paid celebrities is around $6.1 Billion. Unfortunately, it is almost a $200 million drop from the collective earnings of last year. The reason for such a drop is of course the global pandemic following the coronavirus outbreak.

Celebrities who are leading the list this year are in-laws Kanye West and Kylie Jenner. Their earnings are $170 million and $590 million respectively. The top-rankers are followed by three of the most popular sports stars. They are Roger Federer from the tennis fraternity along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo from the soccer fraternity.

The others in the top ten include producer Tyler Perry, and Brazilian footballer Neymar. Moreover, we have Howard Stern, a radio personality along with the famous NBA star LeBron James. Plus, actor Dwayne Johnson has also secured a place in the list of the top ten. Back in 2017, seven-country stars made it to the list. It included Bryan, Jason Aldean, Chesney, and more. In 2018, Bryan and Chesney were common names along with Garth Brooks. Again, in 2019, Zac Brown Band along with Bryan.

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