Your Own Medical Marijuana

Reasons Why You Should Consider Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana


If you are living in a country or state where growing your own medical marijuana is legal, then it’s more likely that you have considered growing your own marijuana. In fact, the National Gardening Survey found that more than 15% of U.S. households would consider growing marijuana. However, growing your own marijuana also has its share of challenges. 

Marijuana has a strong odor that can draw the attention of your neighbors, and marijuana leaves may also attract pests such as gnats and mites. Similarly, just like growing your little home garden of tomatoes, leafy greens, and herbs, growing marijuana can be quite relaxing. Moreover, if you are a person who needs regular access to marijuana, growing your own medical marijuana would be the best option. Just ensure that you purchase seeds from reliable suppliers such as Farmers Lab Seeds

This article gives you some of the top reasons why you should consider growing your own marijuana. These reasons include:

  1. You’ll have full control

Home growing cannabis allows you to be the master grower, giving you complete independence to control each phase of the growth process. Since there are plenty of different ways to become a successful marijuana grower, you can easily develop a system perfect for you. Whether you are looking to grow them organically, in soil containers, hydroponically, or raised beds, there is a method designed to make growing marijuana both easy and ideal for your individual preference.

Knowing exactly the kind of product you are using is always good. In a time where it is still not easy to track down where the dispensary weeds come from and how it was handled, it becomes more crucial more than ever. But growing your own marijuana allows you to have complete control over the whole process, from buying seeds from reliable suppliers such as Marijuana Seeds USA, to germination to harvesting, drying, and using it. You will know exactly how the plants were grown, and the exact fertilizer [if any] was used. This way, you will have full control over setting the quality standards of your marijuana. 

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2. You are able to experiment

You can try out different growing methods and training techniques if you decide to grow your own cannabis. However, that will depend on how much money you have and willing to invest. It’s worth mentioning that different setups require different care and have varied associated costs. if you have always wanted to try out using a special training technique such as supercropping or topping, or you would want to try out hydroponics, growing your own cannabis plant at home offers you that opportunity.

You can also experiment with different parts of the plant. Cultivating a whole specimen, not just the buds, gives you plenty of extra plant material to use. The sugar leaves are particularly loaded with trichomes and can be turned into some fine edibles or hash. You can also use the leaves to make healthy green juices. In other words, when it comes to growing your own marijuana, you can try and be creative throughout the process. 

3. You will save more money in the long run

Although the initial investment cost associated with home growing is usually a major concern for many people, but it pays off over time. Nowadays, home growing cannabis is not reserved for people who can afford it; anybody can grow it because you can start the process on almost any budget. In fact, many people can actually get back their initial cost of investment after just a single harvest.

Of course, there will always be some startup expenses associated with setting up a grow space, but these expenses reduce over time as your grow space will require minimal monetary input.

4. It’s fun

This may be one of the most important reasons to grow your own cannabis plant. If you enjoy doing a particular thing, it will always provide you with great pleasure. Growing cannabis plant is like growing any kind of plant: it can be a nice and relaxing hobby. Throughout the entire process, you will learn various skills, such as designing a growing space, plumber, and electrician.

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The good thing about growing cannabis plan is that you can start small, with seeds and rich soil. This makes it a cheap hobby since it doesn’t require much capital. It only becomes costly if you feel like upgrading your toolkit. Besides, growing medical marijuana is good for your health: it’s a meditative and active hobby that’s suitable for both your body and mind, especially if you do it outdoors. Fortunately, this hobby doesn’t require any age; you can do it even if you are old.

5. Learning is easy

Home cultivation resources are accessible more than ever. As more states continue to legalize medical marijuana, giving more people the right to cultivate it, the quality and quantity of educational information available continues to broaden.

Magazines, books, websites, and forums are some few examples of ways through which medical marijuana growers share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Long gone are the days when one had to search extensively for growing tips. These days, there are plenty of weekly podcasts dedicated to marijuana cultivation and other open workshops in legal states where people who grow cannabis can meet face-to-face and discuss cannabis growing. These opportunities offer new home growers the perfect time to get started.

6. You reconnect with nature

By taking care of your cannabis plant, you get the chance to observe a beautiful, maturation process. Taking your time to closely monitor the plant throughout each stage of growth will help you know how it develops and the things it require throughout each phase, and you will reconnect with nature as well.

7. You will never run out of cannabis

For many medical marijuana patients, you wouldn’t imagine running of out of stock. So you should have an option in case your favorite dispensary runs out of stock. Growing your own cannabis at home makes you rely less on dispensaries since you can take control of your own supply.

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