Iran Coronavirus Cases

Iran Coronavirus Cases Increase During the Second Wave


Iran coronavirus cases have been increasing for the last few days. The surge right now is similar to the peak levels of March. It is the worst-hit Middle Eastern country by the disease and there is an increase during the second wave.

On June 3, the authorities reported of 3,314 cases, which is 50% more than what it was a week before. Currently, there is a total of 169,425 cases with a death toll of 8,209 people.

The Iran Health Ministry spokesperson, Kianush Jahanpur, said that the country has to follow more social distancing norms and use masks more effectively. His warning is similar to what the government physicians have said about the greater number of hospitalizations.

Iran Coronavirus cases hike after lifting the lockdown

Iran eased out the lockdown measures that were levied on the early days of April. The economy has been affected so steps had to be taken. The number of cases at that time was 70,029. The COVID-19 outbreak forced the country to appeal for an International Monetary Fund loan. This is the first time they had to do this after 1960 when they had to sell off state assets and led the authorities to issues domestic debt.

A businessman Ali, working in the conference industry reported that the authorities are also to be blamed for the recent surge in the number of cases. He said that the government should educate people about the virus and provide infrastructure simultaneously. People need to consider the virus as a serious threat and act cautiously. He said that people in Iran have still not understood the gravity of the situation. The man only revealed his first name due to the sensitivities of talking to foreign media.

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Nine provinces out of 31 in Iran are red zones and are on high alert of transmission. It includes the border provinces of Khuzestan, which is rich in Iran’s oil production. Sistan-Baluchestan, bordering both Pakistan and Afghanistan is another place that is on alert and homes significant minority of the Sunni population. Other areas like the Khorasan Razavi province, Republic of Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan provinces bordering Turkey and Armenia have also seen a surge in cases.

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