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Cultivating a Passionate Relationship: 4 Romantic Gestures for Her to Show You Care


“Chivalry is dead.”

Chances are, you’ve heard this phrase sometime in your life. After all, it’s older than any of us have been alive. Of course, it’s never been true. As long as you can come up with romantic gestures for her, chivalry will be fine.

The real question is, “How do I show my affection for her?” First of all, don’t use romance as a precursor to wanting something in return. This goes against the spirit of romance, and she will feel it. Other than that, here are some ideas.

1. Offer Support

Most of the time, women don’t want you to try and solve their problems for them. Instead, they may feel like venting about their boss, co-workers, or anything else. By listening to her, you’re giving her the emotional support she may need.

Keep in mind that there are big differences in the ways men and women talk. Men tend to focus on relaying facts or making a point. Women do that too, but they also use communication as a way to create intimacy and form deeper bonds.

2. Compliment Her

Does your partner make you feel happy? If the answer is yes, let her know. Thinking about these things is nice, but thoughts alone won’t make her feel good. If you’re giving her compliments, focus on her personality rather than physical appearance.

Even if you’re in a casual relationship, compliments are small romantic gestures every girl will love. No woman wants to feel like “another notch.” Plus, compliments will encourage her to open up and show you the qualities you like about her.

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3. Surprise Her

When it comes to romantic gestures, nothing beats a nice surprise. Back when your relationship started, surprises were a regular occurrence. If that seems like ancient history, it’s worth trying to revisit those feelings.

The thing about surprises is that they don’t need to be too involved. Is it her turn to do the dishes? Do them yourself while she’s busy elsewhere. Did it snow and she needs to get somewhere? Clear the snow off her car.

Of course, presents tend to make for the best surprises. Don’t be afraid to get a little kinky, particularly if you feel like your sex life could use a boost. For instance, sex toys can be a great gift — see more here.

4. Look at Her

This one sounds obvious, right? The truth is, the longer two people stay together, the less they’re looking at each other. More and more often, you’ll find yourself glancing at your phone while you’re talking with your partner.

The solution is simple: make an effort to look at your lady while she’s speaking. Giving her your full attention is a great way to show her your love. Studies show that having uninterrupted eye contact makes couples feel more connected.

Other Romantic Gestures for Her

Remember: your partner needs to feel loved and cherished. Without doing romantic gestures for her, she’ll wilt a little bit every day. Don’t take her for granted and make sure she knows that you’re willing to make sacrifices for her.

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