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Feng Shui Bracelet for Health, Prosperity, and Happiness


Is a Feng Shui bracelet authentic? Do these bracelets work as they claim to be? Can wearing a Feng Shui bracelet attract good health and fortune? These are some of the most common questions that you can arise in your mind when you talk about Feng Shui bracelets. Let us thus have a look at what these bracelets are.

In recent times, Feng Shui bracelets have gained a lot of popularity. Also referred to as the PiXiu bracelet, this bracelet promises to bring in many positive things in life when you wear them.

It is considered a spiritual symbol that helps attract prosperity and wealth. It is said that when you wear this bracelet, the relationships around you strengthen. Additionally, this bracelet also helps keep one healthy and keep away diseases.

Therefore, these Chinese bracelets are considered to be a lucky charm. It is made of volcanic glass and some natural crystals. These natural crystals are Black Obsidian, Jade, Garnet, Pyrite, and Citrine. When these natural crystals vibrate, it is believed to bring in a lot of fortune and wealth.

This article has dug deep to know the various facts about these lucky bracelets. Read on to know about some of the common questions you might probably have when discussing the Feng Shui bracelet.

Feng Shui Bracelet Meaning

A Feng Shui bracelet is said to attract prosperity and wealth. It helps a person to activate the positive energy, which is also referred to as Chi in their body. Apart from that, it also helps strengthen the bonds with every individual, thereby including positivity in everything they do.

When it comes to Feng Shui, there are various energies in the universe. From healthy relationships to prosperity and wealth, everything is a different kind of energy on its own.

To succeed in life, we have to attract the correct energy. This bracelet helps to align you with the correct form of energy. This, in turn, helps you reach your goal faster and helps you to be surrounded by positive energies.

This bracelet is considered to be a lucky charm in the Chinese community. However, with time, more and more people from different parts of the world choose to wear one such bracelet.

Apart from just being a lucky charm, this bracelet is also gorgeous and classy when it comes to how it looks. Hence, wearing one could be a fun way to reinforce your dreams and intentions in a positive direction.

Will a Feng Shui bracelet work for you?

By now, we are aware of what a Feng Shui bracelet is. But how would you know if you need to wear one at all? Let us look at some points to that you can relate with yourself now if you need to wear one of these.

If you are losing focus on your intentions

There are several things that a person might want to focus on. It could be a new job, wealth, love, new relationships, or anything else. There could be times when you think you are drifting away from your intentions and thus need help to set it right. This is where you can opt to wear one of these bracelets. This bracelet comes in when you have problems manifesting a specific thing that you want to achieve.

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In case you believe in and like to wear lucky charms

Are you one of those who believes in and loves to wear a lucky charm or carry one? In that case, getting yourself one of these bracelets would be one of the wisest decisions for sure.

These brackets carry a special symbol. It can drive you towards achieving your dreams by making you focus on your goals. It helps you to be kind and grateful for all your achievements and manifestation way before they have arrived.

If you feel you need help in balancing your energy

There might be times when you feel that your body is not aligned with the energy you want to achieve. If you feel so, you might get yourself a Feng Shui bracelet.

There are various crystals with which these bracelets are made. These natural crystals are Black Obsidian, Jade, Garnet, Pyrite, and Citrine. The kind of natural crystal you would require depends on what you want to achieve. These crystals help you align your body with the correct frequency to help you reach your goals.

If you are fond of natural crystals, you might undoubtedly get yourself one of these bracelets to realign your vibrations and frequency.

If you trust the powers of the Feng Shui bracelets

Last but not least, everything depends mainly on trust and belief. Nothing will prove beneficial if there is no trust in the outcome that it can provide.

Hence, if you have faith in the powers of these bracelets and crystals or are ready to give them a try with an open mind and heart, you can surely give these bracelets a try.

Feng Shui Bracelet Rules

Do you think that simply wearing a Feng Shui bracelet will align your frequency and help you achieve your goals? In that case, you are not right.

These bracelets come with a set of rules that you must follow. Following these rules would help you activate it, and thus it would start working. We are sure that you must be wondering what those rules are by now. Therefore, let us have a look at it.

Ensure that the bracelet is clean

You are very likely to either directly purchase the bracelet from any shop or order it from somewhere. Hence, there is a considerable probability of it gathering a lot of energy on the way to reaching you. Therefore, restoring the accumulated or lost energy is essential to function correctly.

Hence, for the bracelet to help you achieve your goals, you must first clean it properly before wearing it. When you clean the bracelet, it helps to lose some of the energy is collected and thus helps to clear some space. This would help you amplify your energy towards reaching your goals.

Fix on and activate your intention

Once you have made the bracelet clean, the next step is to activate your goals and intention. Unless your intentions are not aligned with the energy of the bracelet, it will not start to work. By now, you must be wondering how you would activate the bracelet and align its energy towards your intentions. For that, you would have to fix your intention and then affirm yourself.

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There are various goals or intentions that a person might have. It could be a new job, opportunity, or relationship. Whatever your intention is, you have to be clear about it and affirm yourself. Give yourself this affirmation every day at least two to three times when wearing the bracelet. This would accumulate all the energy and then work towards helping you to achieve the goal.

Work towards achieving your goals

If you think that you would be able to achieve your goal just by wearing a Feng Shui bracelet, you are wrong. Feng Shui motivates us to work harder to be where we look forward to being. It supports our hard work by aligning the right kind of energy.

Once you are sure of what you want to achieve, your next step would be to work hard towards reaching it. The bracelet would back your efforts up by aligning it with all the positive energy needed.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

There are many kinds of Feng Shui bracelets. Naturally so, since there are many natural crystals with which this bracelet can be made. These natural crystals are Black Obsidian, Jade, Garnet, Pyrite, and Citrine. The right kind of natural crystal you need depends on your goals and intentions.

However, when we talk about Feng Shui bracelets, the first and foremost type that comes to our mind is the Black Obsidian Feng Shui Bracelet. This bracelet is considered a magic bracelet that helps you reach your goals and offers success and protection.

There are many benefits of wearing one such bracelet. Let us have a look at some of the most important ones.


It protects from any kinds of negative energies

The black obsidian bracelet is made out of volcanic stone. It is said that it traps a fiery form of energy inside it when formed. This vital energy helps to protect against any negative energies that might affect you.

In case you were not aware, these bracelets are made of beads. The vibration of each of these beads helps to keep any negative energies away from you. Negative energies bring bad luck and thereby causes problems in a person’s life. This bracelet protects you from that.

Helps to improve health

One of the many reasons you must choose to wear a black obsidian bracelet is that it helps to improve health. Once you get yourself one of these, you feel the boost of health it brings spiritually, physically, and mentally.

This bracelet helps to keep various diseases under control. They are stomach disorders, gallbladder problems, stress, heart health, and blood pressure and sugar levels.

Apart from these, if you know someone who is or is suffering from any addiction, this bracelet can be your savior.

Boost luck and bring happiness

A black obsidian Feng Shui bracelet helps bring good luck and happiness into an individual’s life. Each of the beads of this bracelet has a powerful Tibetan mantra.

The mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum. For those of you know, this mantra holds much power in the Buddhist tradition. Hence, once you get yourself one of these bracelets, you are sure to notice the difference.

evil eye bracelet

Feng Shui Bracelet Reviews

Over the years, a Feng Shui bracelet has received a lot of recognition. But one of the main questions that we often ask is if this is real. The answer is yes; these bracelets are genuine. These bracelets work by keeping a balance of the positive energy in your body. The bracelets are considered lucky charms in China.

However, if you rely entirely on these bracelets to help you achieve your goal, then the chances of you achieving success is meager. These bracelets would work only if you work hard to achieve your goals.

The point is it would never really hurt to give these bracelets a try. But of course, as and when you try, do remember to keep a little faith in your heart. As one cannot achieve anything without having a little faith.

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