things to write about in a journal

Things to Write About in a Journal for Goals and to Document Life


It is excellent that you are looking for things to write about in a journal because this is your first step towards having a better lifestyle. Journaling helps you reflect on yourself, the things you do, and what you are doing toward having a successful life.

Journalising has a lot of effect on self-accountability, and it is an easy way of stressbuster. Writing about your thoughts and letting everything out on paper will educate you about yourself innovatively.

It’s a fantastic transformation tool. There are a lot of things to write about in a journal. You can start with a regular diary, phone, or a computer. Making it a routine would benefit you most surprisingly. It might take some time to regularise; however, eventually, you will see it becoming a habit.

As humans, we tend to overthink or ponder on things that might have no value in the next moment. But this needs to be out of your system. A journal can become your next best friend. It can be your memory, which can help you to stay updated. Your brain can do beautiful things, but forgetting is also a disadvantage.

So grab a notebook and write it down for your reference! It’s a beautiful way to keep yourself away from the unnecessary stress of forgetting things. Now it’s widespread to think about what are things to write about in a journal if you are someone new to this. By the end of this article, you will be able to figure out the importance of journalizing and ideas to write about in a journal.

Beginner in journaling

Assuming this is the first time you are writing a journal, you need to purchase some stationeries. Go to any stationery shop and buy yourself a lovely journal/diary with which you would like to start your journey.

If you are from the creative side, you can make your journal and add your style to your new friend. This will help to interest you in starting this journey. You can add colors, pictures, feathers, beads, or anything you like. It is also fine if you prefer writing in a notebook. Just starting writing is all that matters.

Start writing the ten things you want to cover for the day as a beginner. Try registering it regularly for the next 15 days. By the end of 15 days, you can see how composed you have become.

Once you become regular, you can add things to your journal before you sleep. You can clear your mind by writing about whatever happened throughout the day and how you feel about it. You can mention anything you want to, any emotion you feel. This will help you to sleep better with a clear mind.

Things to write about in a journal depend on each individual. The items you want to write depends totally on your likes, preferences, and priority. For example, if you’re going to write about your daily activity, use it as a reminder, or make it your new best friend to share your thoughts. It can be anything and everything you want to focus on.

Things to Write About in a Journal for Goals and to Document Life

Things to journal about

Now that you understand how to begin with, we’ll see the ways to explore journaling. Below are a few things to write about in a journal:

Goals for the day

This journalizing is jotting down everything you need to do for the day. You can start your morning with this. Sit down and think of all priorities you have for the day.

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Once you begin regularising this, you will find yourself in a position where you don’t miss out on anything. But, even if you do, the next day, when you sit to write, the missed-out part will be on the top of your list, and it will not slip away.

Everyday Life

Now we go through many emotional ups and downs throughout the day. Sometimes it may feel very claustrophobic inside, and an urge to let it all out. This can tremendously help you to let your emotions out in your journal. Even if you have many supportive friends and family, you sometimes want someone to listen, and writing a journal is the next best thing.

Record Keeper

Life is too short, but it’s worth living it significantly. You are bound to go through many ups and downs as a human being. The struggles, wins, tragedies, and surprises come with life. However, you stood up with your head high and fought all the battles, and that’s worth recording.

Keeping a record of achievements and the battles you lost will eventually become a biography of yourself. It will be worth looking back at your milestones. If you want, it can be kept for future generations to look at as a memoir.

Positive things to write about in a journal

Journalising is easy, but the ways to bring positivity while writing a journal are pretty different. Below are some of the positive ways of following a journal:


Manifesting is an exciting thing to do. It can do wonders if your thoughts are evident on a particular item. If you start writing down whatever your heart wants and focusing on it, you will eventually see it happening for real.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Always be grateful to the almighty for this life. Life is precious, and living in this world is the most fantastic thing that happened to you. Once we start appreciating the life we are gifted with; life becomes beautiful.

You are grateful for your family, friends, food, shelter, and so many other things. Paying gratitude can start this in the mornings or before you sleep, anything you prefer. Make a point of writing at least 3-5 things you are grateful for the day. You can never be grateful and stressed concurrently; psychologically, it is impossible.

Problem solver

Using a journal to solve a problem is very simple. You can start by writing the problem and then the solution to it. Try analyzing what made you think of it as a problem and who was involved.

Now start writing things that an outsider would think about the whole situation. You’ll be amazed at the way you get the solution to your problem. Because here, you start thinking without any judgments and analyze the trouble keeping the other party’s side.

You mention the rights and wrongs without being biased. Journalising can help solve many personal and professional issues as well. When we start writing down issues or problems, they start becoming small.

Journalising to use the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction has been proven true for a very long time. The same goes for this belief, as there are always two sides to a coin. Some people believe in it, and few do not.

However, a study has proven that manifesting in your journal can be helpful only if you regularise doing it for at least a month. It is more like attracting good things and thoughts. If you start focusing on the things you want and appreciate, it makes you feel much better.

As the law of attraction states, the more you start attracting the good things by thinking or writing down, the universe starts working towards it. For example, if you want good grades, start writing them down every day, and eventually, you’ll be surprised to see yourself working towards the result.

What happens here is that you believe it to be accurate and subconsciously start working toward the goal. At times we start writing without thinking. We begin with scribbling whatever comes to our minds. While writing, we may feel sadness or anger about a given situation, but we need to subside that emotion and look into the better part of life.

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The Law of Attraction is no magic; it is the path to living positively and staying focused. Journalising the things you wish to achieve will help to keep on track. And eventually, push you toward the goal. Always be sure of your goals; once you’re determined, no one can stop you from reaching the finish line.

Different ways to write a journal

Journalising can be done in many ways, not just by writing it in a diary or a rule book. If you are someone who doesn’t like writing a diary, there are a lot of other ways to maintain a journal:

1. Handy Journal

This way of maintaining your journal is quite fun. You can carry it wherever you go. This is like your buddy who travels and gets to know everything you do. So, in this journal, you put up your day’s nitty gritty.

A handy journal can fit in your bag or even your pocket! Whatever suits you. You can use a doddle or draw things you see around the day. These handy journals bring out the creative side of you.

2. Quoting

Music is one of the best forms to release stress. There must be times when a particular song instantly changes your mood. You can jot down the lyrics in your diary; this can be your guide for reference.

3. Vision Board

A vision board is a fascinating way to maintain a journal. You can jot down everything your mind runs into on a vision board. For example, if you want to go to Paris, you can stick postcards of the Eiffel Tower on your vision board.

This will keep you focused so that someday you will make it to Paris. It can be so much more; all your wildest dreams, fantasies, and things you want to achieve can be on your vision board. You can hang it in front of the bed or anywhere in your room.

4. Achievement report

in this journal, you can roll out all the most significant milestones you have conquered. You are your cheerleader when self-doubt occurs. These wins are one of the things to write about in a journal.

Things to Write About in a Journal for Goals and to Document Life

Benefits of journaling

The things to write about in a journal depend on the individual, but it has a lot to do with situations and the environment.

Journaling is also prescribed as a medicine for handling the mental health of individuals. In the below points, the benefits of journaling are mentioned:

1. Reducing stress

As the point rightly states, journaling can help reduce stress and make you feel lighter when you start pouring your emotions. It’s a practice that doctors ask to help their patients for handling anxiety and stress.

2. Health benefits

Along with mental health, it makes you healthy from within. The blood pressure and pulse one faces due to stress can be controlled by regularly maintaining a journal. Eventually, the doctor visits also get reduced if you can follow this religiously in your life.

3. No Space for negativity

Once you start journaling, the thoughts that craters negativity will automatically vanish without you knowing. This happens because the idea can no longer disturb you once it’s out of your mind. The problem arises only when the disturbing thoughts make a home in your head. Separating them from you by journaling is a great way to eliminate them.

4. Sedative for depression

Depression has become very common nowadays. It doesn’t see age or time; depression can hit anyone at any point in time. It doesn’t even give me time to think.

But the sooner you know, ensure you will reach out for help and act accordingly. If journalizing starts in the starting phase of depression, you might not even need any drugs and will eventually start feeling better.

Final thoughts

I hope this article has cleared all the doubts about journalizing and what things to write about in a journal. You can now start your journal by following the above steps. So why wait any further? Start it today and get to know yourself from within.

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