Do’s and Don’t of Air Travelling With CBD-based Products


CBD or Cannabidiol is now getting its fair share of popularity across a diverse market. CBD-based products are prevalent in today’s market and are often made into different formulas. Such diversity in options, companies have reinvented the formulations of CBD-products. You’ll find an assortment of affordable CBD-enriched products and merchandise across the internet. From tinctures, balms, and oils to treats, including CBD gums, gummies, and brittles. There is a vast selection for you to choose from and gain your daily dose of CBD.

The Essence of CBD-Oil

Cannabidiol is an extract from the cannabis plant, particularly the Indica strain. When compared to its counterpart, the Sativa strain, Indicas are more low-hitting and act with a sedating effect. This is an essential part of Cannabidiol, which plays a significant role in relaxation and calming. When you compare CBD to its high-inducing counterpart, THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is more inclined to medicinal purposes as THCs are for recreational affairs. You can check the comparison guide about CBD vs THC for further details.

One of the most notable parts of CBD and why it has gained massive popularity among the masses is its anti-inflammatory effects and other health benefits. Studies have shown that CBD-oil benefits include regulation of food intake, alleviates pain, reduces anxiety, and other severe medical conditions. Moreover, purchasing and owning CBD must always be under rules and is provided by a legitimate CBD-based product vendor. 

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Is it fine to Travel with CBD-based products?

Yes, you can bring it to you anywhere. However, there are specific regulations and rules on how much CBD-products are going with you. Also, there are individual transportation companies that take extra precautions when it comes to traveling with  CBD-products and one of which is airfare.

Air travelers who struggle with repercussions of anxiety and seizures turn to CBD as their go-to remedy especially with extremely long flights. Others use CBD while traveling to reduce the risks of body inflammations caused by cramps. Although bringing your CBD-oil to you when you travel may pose no dangers, the only problem is that; Will your medication get past the TSA or Transportation Security Administration?

Airport security is not all about K-9 dogs sniffing your baggage throughout the vicinity of the airport – those are just for high-explosives and possible drugs. But when it comes to CBD, TSA personnel have specific regulations to allow you to bring your CBD with you. With the acceptance and legalization of marijuana in every state, TSA has recently loosened up their directives around CBD-based products. But it does not mean that you are permitted to bring your medication aboard the plane anytime; it still does depend on the personnel itself. 

Legal Products Accepted by TSA

Since the legalization of marijuana has been approved by almost every state, TSA has updated its regulations for passengers. Here are the products you could bring with you when you’re traveling via aircraft.

Medical Marijuana

If you take CBD for medicinal purposes, then you’re good to go. Medical marijuana is used to treat patients with recurrent seizures caused by epilepsy. Moreover, medicinal cannabis is made for prescriptions to people with underlying medical conditions. Often, you can bring different assortments of medical marijuana to the plane, but if you would like to be discreet, choose edibles like gummies and brittles. 

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Products Containing No More Than 0.3% THC

Most companies derive CBD oils from Indica strains using top-notch technology and procedures. Moreover, some products are made from hybrid plants, often gaining both healing effects of CBD and the psychoactive aftereffects of THC. For this reason, TSA strictly prohibits products with more than 0.3% of THC.

The Bottom Line: Is it safe to bring your CBD-products when traveling via Airplane?

Yes, the legality permits you to bring them with you. However, TSA regulations can prohibit certain kinds of formulations. Also, only FDA-approved products are strictly accepted when boarding. If you want to have the best deals of approved CBD-product online, check out the promos at American Marijuana. From different brands to assortments, American Marijuana enables you to get the best offers from a myriad of CBD-dedicated companies.

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