apps to relieve boredom

Top types of apps to relieve boredom


One of the worst feelings in the world for most of us is being bored. This makes it key to find something fun to fill in any spare time you get to avoid feeling fed up or frustrated. As most of us have mobile devices now, apps are one of the best ways to go about this. Of course, gambling apps for real money have become very popular recently with the thrills they provide. But what other types of apps to relieve boredom could you download to stay entertained? 

Language app

One kind of app that is great for keeping boredom at bay is a language app. Not only is picking up another language fun, but it is also something useful for your future life. The great news is that there are some superb mobile apps to help with this now. Duolingo is arguably the most popular and has a very easy-to-use interface. 

There is a wide choice of foreign languages to get to know with this app, and it lets you progress at your own pace, which is a good touch. It also gives praise for doing well while gently correcting mistakes, which can help you proceed faster. Available for free on Android and iOS, it also makes learning fun by using enjoyable tasks to aid development.

Social media apps

Recent figures show that there are around 3.8 billion social media users globally, and you can safely assume that most of them use apps to access their accounts daily. Social media apps are a large part of why platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have made such an impression in our lives. They make checking our social media updates easy and convenient wherever we are while also staying up to date with the latest gossip or news. 

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As a result, they are a great type of app for helping to relieve boredom with anywhere you go. Twitter is one of the most popular and gives you the ideal platform to share your views with the world. With the ability to connect with friends and famous people and check out funny videos or pictures, it can really help you pass the time quickly. Next to Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are also simple, fun and packed full of engaging content.

Fitness apps

We are all getting more conscious about our health now and love to find top tips on staying in shape. This has seen fitness apps that help us do just that explode in recent years. Of course, using a fitness app to work out is also great for having fun and forgetting about your boredom. A great choice in this sector is the Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App. Don’t worry if you have more than 7 minutes to kill though as this free app has other workouts of longer durations! 

The varied routines will really help to get you working and forget all about being bored with jumping jacks, triceps dips and other moves included. Free to download on both Android and iOS, it allows you to select the intensity level of workout you want for the mood you are in. A neat touch in this app also lets you design your own workouts by piecing together the various individual moves already inside it. 

Trading apps

Another top type of app you can use to have fun with when free are trading apps. These are pretty much as they sound! They allow you to trade money on the world’s financial markets and hopefully make a profit. Many apps will even let you open a Demo Account to practice with first until you get the hang of it. Trading in stocks, cryptocurrency and standard currency are the most common markets that people invest in, and there are lots of apps around online to help with this.

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One of the most respected and easy to use is the eToro app. This is perfect for new traders, with lots of information on the site to take in and simple-to-use controls. There is also a good choice of assets to trade, depending on what floats your boat. One interesting feature of this app is the ability to copy trades that more experienced traders make to profit. This means that you can start making money without having to spend years learning the ropes first.

Mobile appsmake boredom disappear

No-one likes to feel bored when they have some spare time, and mobile apps mean that this is something that you need not have to worry about. As the above shows, there is a great range of apps that you can use to have fun with and kill time when needed. Simple to download and use from your app store, why not try some out today? 


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