Drop in Number of COVID-19 Cases in Italy Over the Weekend

Drop in Number of COVID-19 Cases in Italy Over the Weekend


On May 30, Italy reported of 111 deaths and 416 new COVID-19 cases. The country is one of the worst-hit by COVID-19, but the curve seems to flatten now. On May 29, the number of death cases were 87, while the average fresh cases dropped from 516 to 416.

The complete death toll since the time of the outbreak is 33,415 – it is the third highest in the world after the US and UK respectively. The number of confirmed cases as of today stands as 232,997 and is the sixth-highest globally after the US, Brazil, Russia, Spain, and the UK. The number of people infected with COVID-19 fell from 46,175 to 43,691 last week.

How is Italy flattening the curve?

As per reports, Italy has reached the peak of the coronavirus cases and it’s on its way to flattening the curve. On May 30, there were 450 patients in the ICU by than was 25 less than May 29. They have been showing a good decline in the number of cases and are making their way towards becoming COVID-19 free.

Out of 155,633 people who were originally infected, 152,844 of them have recovered. As per reports, 2.405 million people were tested for coronavirus against 2.369 million on May 29. The population of Italy is roughly 60 million.

In other news, the small region of Abruzzo didn’t report of any fresh case on Saturday according to the Civil Protection Agency.

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Final thoughts

As of today, Italy has 355 new cases and 75 death. The numbers are going down by the day and it is a positive indication towards watching the curve flatten. However, other countries like India and the US have still not reached the peak. Lockdown measures are also not being met in many countries due to a drop in the economy. We can only wait and see how things get better in the coming months for every country.

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