WHO Frustrated After China Delays in Releasing Coronavirus info

WHO Frustrated After China Delays in Releasing Coronavirus Info


Throughout January, The WHO (World Health Organization) was all praises for China regarding its quick response to the coronavirus situation. It constantly thanked the Chinese government for releasing the genetic maps of the coronavirus. The WHO officials said that the way China was handling the situation is brilliant and its transparency is praiseworthy.

It seems that China showed a lot of dedication and commitment leaving WHO at a loss of good adjectives. However, the scenes behind are different according to sources. Now there is a raging controversy within the WHO offices following China’s delay in providing some significant reports. These reports would have helped the WHO to fight with the novel coronavirus. Despite all the plaudits, China did decide to release a genome and a genetic map of the virus. Even after the information was decoded by three other laboratories, China did not give up.

Who is to get the blame in this scenario? It seems that the restrictions on information and the rivalry among the Chinese health departments are the culprits. The Chinese government released the genome much later. (handymanconnection.com) It was already published by officials of another lab on a virologist website back on Jan11.

During that time also, Chine faltered to reveal details about positive cases. According to the health agency of the United Nations, it was a trick on China’s side to prolong the outbreak. There are crucial recordings got from the AP office that suggests a bigger game. WHO was constantly praising China to draw out more information about the pandemic. Back on January 6, in a meeting, it was discussed that China is not revealing as much information about the outbreak as it should.

The recent developments

The discussion about the quick response to the virus was made public when the U.N. Health Agency is under a siege. Besides, the U.N. agencies have decided to undertake it as a private project to investigate how the world has handled the pandemic. On the other hand, U.S. President Donald Trump was full of praises for China earlier on. However, recently he has publicly bashed WHO.

Trump has also accused the organization of having colluded with China in hiding information about the novel coronavirus. President Trump went to the extent of announcing that the country will break all ties with the WHO. As a result, the organization is now under a crisis. It is because the U.S. was the biggest independent contributor to WHO with an approximate donation of $450 million annually.

The President of China, Xi Jinping has taken to the media to announce his plans. He said that the Chinese government is aiming to raise $2 Billion in the upcoming two years to fight against coronavirus. He also said that China has never tried to hide any information and reports. Rather, they have always provided every information to WHO right on time. Even though the International Law obliges nations to report every detail to the WHO, the U.N. agencies do not have any such right.

They cannot ideally carry out any kind of independent investigation about epidemics. Therefore, it will always need the support and cooperation of member countries. According to the recordings from the AP, it becomes clear that the WHO is not at all guilty. The story that President Trump believes seems vague because the WHO is not colluding with China. Instead, the organization believes that China is not providing them with enough information.

Reactions of WHO

WHO officials are now discussing newer plans to pressurize China for detailed patient data and gene sequences. The entire work has to be done in a way so that the authorities do not get wired up. In that case, it will result in WHO losing any access to the information. Besides, Chinese scientists will have to bear the brunt of it all.

According to the International Law, it is the responsibility of the WHO to share all the details about any crisis with the rest of the member nations. So, it was noted that the WHO was trying to pressurize China about signing-off in the information. Now, this is not very respectful, and a discussion with the other member nations is a must.

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