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Easy Ways You Can Turn Self-consciousness Into Success


We all know people who immediately own any room they enter. They swagger, happily interacting with strangers, chatting and laughing in a relaxed and open way, making everyone around them smile and feel comfortable.

However, if every time you enter a room full of strangers and immediately feel the sensation that everyone is looking at you, examining you for failures, judging what you are wearing, how your hair looks and discovering that you are missing all departments – You are too aware of yourself.

Never Lose Your Self-consciousness Again

This uncomfortable feeling, which psychologists call the focus of attention effect, makes you look for a corner where you expect nobody to notice you, or maybe run to the food and beverage table so that you look busy and seem calmer than you you really feel

The first step in getting rid of your feelings of self-awareness is to identify or identify any specific reason for it and then address those reasons. Sometimes, self-awareness is only an innate part of our character, and we have always experienced it, but for some people it is the result of something specific, such as weight gain, surgical scars, the feeling that they lack clothes or The right style, your hair is gray, or maybe they don’t go to the beach because stretch marks make them feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit. This type of self-awareness has real-world solutions and can be addressed.

  • If your weight is giving you social anxiety and slowing it down. It may be time to talk with your doctor about a serious weight loss program.
  • Talk to a stylist about a new wardrobe, or take the cheapest route and look online for current clothing trends, and then shop to get a new look.
  • If gray hair makes you look older than you feel Try a hair coloring option to mix your grays. Or choose a completely new look with a completely new color.
  • If you avoid the beach or keep yourself covered because stretch marks make you feel self-conscious in a bathing suit. These can be addressed with a good stretch mark cream both during and after pregnancy or weight gain.
  • Keep in mind that the way you feel about these problems can be addressed even if the problem itself cannot be corrected. Remember that most people do not really spend their time examining their defects and that much of how they feel is only their own internal judgment and not that of others, which leads to the next important step.
  • When you have this thought, try shrugging it off as though it was a completely ridiculous thought such as, “pigs can fly.” This is a reminder that your own inner voice is not a reliable source on this issue. It’s not at all the voice of reality because you’ve blown your own flaws far out of proportion.
  • Just as it’s likely that you don’t have unkind thoughts about someone you are meeting, the person you are meeting is highly unlikely to be having unkind thoughts about you. Which leads to the next important step.
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Recognize that your first thoughts are probably something when you meet someone. Like “What a pretty smile she has” or “I love her hairstyle”. And not “Wow, she has to lose a few pounds” or “I bet she’s not as educated as me”. If you did not think such things about a stranger or a new acquaintance. It is highly unlikely that they think of you. In fact, it is your own self-judgment that you feel, not the judgment of others.

When you enter a room full of people and your stomach begins to sink. Remember, people really do not pay you as much attention as you think. The reality is that people are generally too involved in their own thoughts or conversations. You need to stop doing what you do with others to instantly check for mistakes. Even when they look at you, they no longer focus on negative qualities of you, but on them.

Imagine, your best friend told you that she attended a social event or an important meeting. And immediately I felt like she was being judged negatively by everyone, in terms of her looks, training, qualifications and personality. Would not you hug your best friend and tell her that everything is in her head? Because she is a beautiful, smart, friendly person and nobody could have negative thoughts about someone like her?

Well, if that’s so clear to you, if you look at your friend in this situation. Why is it not obvious then that it is you? Treat yourself exactly as you would with your best friend. And tell yourself that nobody could have rude thoughts about you.

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An effective way to overcome self-esteem is to deliberately challenge oneself. By putting yourself in situations that your self-esteem normally avoids. Then just pretend that you are a much more confident, sociable person than you really are. For example, let yourself be approached by a stranger and have a friendly conversation.

Go to a party and pretend to be the person who owns the room when she comes in. Engage strangers in conversation as if you feel completely well. If you do this often enough, you will eventually feel better. And can even really become the person who owns the space at every social event. (Modafinil)

This Article Will Make Your Self-consciousness Amazing


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