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This eyeglasses Startup is breaking all rules of conventional Eyewear Industry

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With nothing more than two years in business, in competition with the eyewear industry, British startup Specscart has managed to open two stores at their home of Manchester and is in for the long haul. It’s difficult to buy glasses online, not just due to expensive prices but the lack of original designs and quality. 

At its bury store, customers can peer through multiple glasses inspired from all eras of fashion with a twist of modern design. The store contains chunky wooden frames to impossible titanium glasses, it only depends on your choice of what you want to take home. The display of the diverse design, pattern, & material is absolutely worth watching. 

Specscart breathes the style of its home ground, Manchester has given it to them. Like the beautiful ode to the city, Specscart’s pay homage through its glasses names inspired from each city of Manchester. And the company has its laboratory in the city itself where it makes its own glasses. 

The company’s growth in both prescription and fashion glasses is evident that it has its one foot in the past while others in the future. Prescription lenses used in varifocal glasses or reading glasses is what we have always experienced glasses to be about, nothing beyond. With new times and evolution in fashion, glasses are becoming more of an accessory rather than just a medical tool. Spescart blends the bridge perfectly by offering prescription glasses but making glasses more accessible and fashion-centric. 

However small the company may be, it is for the bigger picture by making an impact on their customer’s lives. Not just through affordability but also producing stylish yet sustainable glasses. The company doesn’t render plastic-moulded frames, not just for their damaging environmental impact but also eradicating nature of quality, texture and longevity. Replaced with a better alternative of bio-acetate, Specscart frames are exquisitely crafted and designed to meet your fashion needs on occasion. Rather than hindering the “quality over quantity” or “quantity over quality” notion, the company offers quality with quantity. 

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The main mission of the company is to produce quality products, but also in quantity for a fashionable approach to life. The idea of keeping one frame for all points of your life is exhausting and dull. Just like your shoes and clothes, your glasses also need to be different and changed with the occasion. Buying multiple frames can only be possible if it comes at a reasonable price which Specscart pledges to offer.

When we compare shopping for clothes & shoes to glasses, the delivery of glasses comes at last. Whereas clothes take minimum 1 to 2 days, glasses, if in high prescription like varifocal glasses, then it can take about 14 to 15 days of delivery. The overpriced cost of the glasses can be bothering to some, but the late delivery is annoying for everyone. Especially in times of urgent need. 

As a modern company with a direct-to-consumer approach, Specscart started its 24 hours dispatch service. To this day, no other eyewear industry brand has ever done or offered such fast service. The next pair of round glasses or geometric glasses you order is sure to make it to your home within the next 24 hours. Much of the company’s success has stemmed from prioritising the customer’s needs and why disruption is necessary to allow glasses being an accessory, not a medical device anymore. 

Paying attention to customer’s needs started another bespoke service, which is an integral part of Specscart identity. Fine-tuning the customer experience, not just with glasses but also through exam examination at Specscart’s stores for no added cost. The journey of buying glasses always has a prior work- visiting an ophthalmologist for an eye test. An eye test cost around £30-35, only by visiting your nearby medical clinic. By cutting off the unwanted distance, Specscart went to offer free eye examination for all groups at their stores. The offer stands for all the time with their in-house expert ophthalmic working at the stores. 

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Specscart eyewear industry is a careful customer-centric belief is part of their substantial growth over the years. With innovative solutions, customer’s get services that are rare to achieve by other brands and it keeps on growing strong. 

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