Muslim baby boy names

Muslim Baby Boy Names Alphabetically With Meanings


Have you recently wondered about the possible name you could give to your baby boy? The dilemma over deciding a name is expected because a name is an identity. So, we can’t just rush over the process and select any name for the precious person. So, if you need assistance in selecting your boy’s name, here are some suggestions regarding Muslim baby boy names. Many suggestions will fill you with joy and pleasure if you read the article until the end.

Often, we listen to people saying, what’s in a name! Those who are first-time parents or expecting their kid can only understand the excitement and tension surrounding the naming of their kid.

Believe it or not, names are one of the most crucial identities of human beings, and those few letters are how people will associate with or recognize that person. So, it becomes essential to come to an adorable yet meaningful name. This article will provide some of the best Muslim baby boy names.

It is said that names have a great significance on one’s life. Many families hire astrologers who then select a suitable name for the kid in semblance with their birth time. So, astrologers play with numbers and the meaning of the names they suggest in that process. If you read this article, you will become acquainted with some of those names and meanings.

Muslim baby boy names

Before going into the alphabetical order of name suggestions, let’s select some unique names which stand out from the list.

One of the most precious gifts in this universe is the gift of kids. Nothing can beat the feeling of giving birth to your children. So, please spend some time selecting their names to shower them with fortunes and happiness.


One name stands out among all Muslim baby boy names. While many Muslim baby boy names are brilliant both phonetically and meaningfully, Wajahat is one of the most sweet-sounding Muslim names? These names are primarily Arabic; hence, the origin is also the same.

The meaning of this name is honor, and honor should be the guiding force of every person’s life. So, if you name your child on its basis, you run the chance of instilling this value in that person from a very young age.

Also, if you have a baby girl, this name is suitable. It can also mean beauty; however, mostly, parents choose this name for the boy child. Number one is the lucky number, and white, green and blue are the lucky numbers. So, if you remember these details while your child grows up, their life will be filled with happiness and prosperity.

Muslim baby boy names


Adheen is a name that captivates Muslim parents when they hear about it. The name, which sounds so sweet when pronounced right, means submissive or obedient. We have forgotten to be calm and quiet in today’s world and listen carefully.

Thus, if you want your kid to grow up with that virtue, Adheen is the best choice for a name. The name has its origin in Urdu hence the language renders the sweet melody when one calls someone by this name.


How can a list of Muslim baby boy names miss out on the name Zamurah? Among the Arabic names that you can search for your child’s name, then Zamurah is your right fit. As the name is sparkling, so is its meaning, and the name means fire or sparkle of a ray of light.

The lucky number for this name is seven. So, try and fix important dates on the 7th of any month to bring happiness to the boy’s life.


The Arabic boy, names list can never be complete if you omit Farasat. We spend a whole lot of time finding a unique name for our children. This is because, as humans, we tend to stand apart in every respect. So, names are also meant to be unique. Hence, Farasat is one such name that not many parents choose.

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Farasat means sagacity or perception. So, in today’s world, when our perceptive power is reducing, this name can make your child aware of the importance of perception. The number four is his lucky number. So, if you are still dubious about selecting your boy’s name, here is the name – Farasat.


If you want to name your kid after any of the Delhi sultans or Mughal rulers, then there is an abundance. However, one name hides behind the never-ending lists of Akbars and Muhammads is Bahlol. Bahlol Lodi was the first Sultan of the Lodi dynasty of Delhi, which witnessed the fall of the Delhi Sultanate and the rise of the Mughals. So, it would be great to name your kid Bahlul.

When you utter the name Bahlul, it sounds like the melody of a free-flowing hilly river cutting across boulders and meandering in a zigzag path. The meaning of the word is laughter or happiness. Who doesn’t want their kids to live their life happily? Most parents sacrifice their lives to make their kids’ lives happy and secure. So, naming your boy Bahlul can be the most suitable of all.

The lucky number for the name is just as your boy will never be behind anyone and will always experience success in whichever field he goes.


Are you a music enthusiast and love playing the sitar? Well, while you cannot name your son after a musical instrument. If that sounds a bit ridiculous to you, then you can try a name that rhymes with Sitaar. The name that we suggest in this case is Bitaar. Every time you call your son by this name, you can hear the strings of Sitaar ringing in your ear.

Being from the religion which witnessed the birth of Khayal, tabla, and Hindustani sangeet, this much you can do to commemorate your origin. Also, did you know Bitaar meant expert? Who can say your son can grow up to be a fantastic music expert?


Mursaleen is another name that you might choose for your son. This name Mursaleen means prophet, ambassador, or messenger. So, as Islam originated due to Prophet Muhammad, you can find a name called Mursaleen.

Also, times and again, across religions, we have seen, in times of chaos, messengers of love have arrived on earth. So, if you want your son to be a messenger of God or love or happiness in these tumultuous times, then Mursaleen is the best choice for a name, and four will be his lucky number.

Muslim baby boy names

Names in alphabetic order

Now, let’s some names in alphabetical order:



A lovely sounding name that reminds one of the monsoon months is the 8th month in the Persian calendar. However, the word means more clear.


If you are a deft worshipper of Allah and want to make your son so, then Aabid is the most suitable of all names for your son. The name stands out in the list of Muslim baby boy names as this means Worshipper of God. Also, the name is so melodious that you will find it joyous when you call your kid by this name.


Baahi is an adorable name for a Muslim baby boy. Also, if you want to give your kid Westernised Muslim names, you can very well select Baahi. Baahi means brilliant, shining, magnificent, splendid, and glorious.

Boys are always the most precious and delicate gifts on earth. It would help if you reared your boy well to be an example in this society. Naming your son Baahi helps implant these virtues from a very tender age.

Being a man doesn’t mean being dominant or patriarchal. Being a man means being a good human. Fleabag once said, why was hot priest so famous? It was because he listened to her. Hence, you can name your kid Baal which means vigor, victory, strong, or strength. However, this is not the strength of muscles, but rather the strength of wisdom, which you will be able to teach her from a very young age.

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Bashir is another name with a similar meaning, and the name means harbinger of excellent or wise news and a wise person. So, if you have twins, you can name them Baal and Bashir. You can also look for some Shia names for baby boy. Ayan is usually seen as a Hindu name, but it means gift of God and is a Muslim name.

Muslim baby boy names


It isn’t easy to find names with C. However, some of the great names start with D. If your or your partner’s name starts with D and you want to name your kid in that regard, then you can choose some names. They include Dafiq (active), Daeb (diligent), Dafqah (Brust), Daha (Blazing), Dahban (gold plated), Daler (Brave), Daneer (Radiant), Dana (intelligent), Dayyar (inhabitant), Deen (faith), etc.

If you are looking for names starting with E, the first name that might strike your mind is after the famous Bollywood singer- Shankar Ehsaan Loy. Ehsaan means goodness. As we all know, people remember us for what we have done for them. So, doing someone a favor from the core of one’s heart might be a good reason for you to select this name.


Many Muslim baby boy names start with K. Kabir, first comes to mind after the Indian saint who preached love and religious harmony. Other names include Kader (green), Kadar (destiny), Kab (high rank and honor), Kahal (person with darker eyelids), Kaifi (jolly). Kaifi is a good name if you are a fan of Indian poet Kaifi Azmi.

Names starting with L have a very melodic tune. They include Lahan (someone with a bright head), Laith famous), Lajbar (the famous companion of Muhammad the prophet), Lalip means Prophet, Lasin (Belief), Layyin (resilient), Luay (shield), Lutah (judicious), Lutfan (kindness).

M has a great list of names under it. Some of them are Madani (civilized), Madih (commendable), Maahir (Brave), Mahdi (rightly guided), Mahfuj ( the one who is protected), Mahjub ( veiled), Maier (Religious). So, these are the names that you can try if you have M in your mind wfbab yhile selecting your boy’s names.

Some names starting with N are Naadir (dear), Naabih (outstanding), Nabil (peacock).

Usually, finding names with O can be difficult. But there is an abundance of Muslim baby boy names starting with O. They include Onshuda (chant), Oraibia (keen), Osaf ( good dancer), Ovais (prophet’s companion).


Now, let’s look at some beautiful names, starting with P. Pareesan, which means extremely beautiful. Parnian means Canvas. Parvej or Parwej is a widespread name that has a significant meaning. The name means luck or victorious peace. There are other names like Pason, Pelabo, Payam, etc.

Names starting with Q include Qahir, Qaid, Qaadir, Qadar, Qasim, etc.

A long list of sweet and melodious names comes to mind when someone asks names starting with R. They include Rabi (breeze). Interestingly, if you replace b with v, it becomes a Hindu name, Ravi, which means sun or sun rays. Other names include Rafid, Rushaid, Rahatul, etc.

Several names start with S, including Saamir, Sabeer, Sabit, Sadeeq, Sadit etc.

Taai, Taaraz, Taha, Tahir, Tahmid are some of the names you can consider if you decide to name your kid after the letter T. Tahsin is a beautiful name that can be used for a boy or a girl which means beautification, appreciation, and acclaim.


In this section, you won’t find many names. Hardly any name starts with X or Y. However, some of the names starting with U are Ujab, Ubaid, Uftam etc. Other names starting with Z are Zafar, Zaahir, Zabir, etc.

Final Thoughts

So, this article provided you with a long list of possible names with almost every alphabet. Select whichever name you find beautiful and soothing to utter and fill your son’s life with happiness.

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