Gerard Gravano Journey From a Criminal to Respected Civilian

Gerard Gravano Journey From a Criminal to Respected Civilian

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Have you ever heard a story of a gangster taking a drastic turn to confess his crimes and going back to live everyday life? Sounds pretty interesting. Gerard Gravano has a similar story. He used to be a drug dealer, but now everything is changed, and he lives a sober life with his wife and kids.

It wasn’t an easy task for Gerard as he is the son of well-known mobster Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. Sammy is an American former mobster who became underboss of the Gambino crime family. Later he took the central position and handled a vast drug cartel.

Sammy Gerard got arrested for running an ecstasy drug ring in several states, including New York and Arizona. Even Gerard faced a sentence with 40 others among the cartel.

The movie “The Last Gangster” clearly portrayed the reality of the entire drug cartel, how it became big and what made the gangsters plead guilty. This article discussed a brief history and a life summary of Gerard Gravano.

History of Gerard Gravano

There isn’t a lot of information available about Gerard. We researched multiple websites, news articles, and some information from our sources, and the only thing we could find is that Gerard is the only son of Sammy and partnered with his father to run the drug cartel.

Later in February 2000, Gerard, Sammy, and 40 other people in the drug cartel got arrested by the police on charges of running a multimillion-dollar drug ring. Gerard faced up to 15 and a half years and nine years for several tasks. However, he only got a concurrent sentence and spent nine years in prison.

Indeed, his father influenced Gerard to join the dirty business, but there are no exact details on how he started and who helped the most. He remained pretty mysterious for a long time that most people didn’t even know that Sammy had a son.

Growing up, Gerard believed that his father worked in construction, and he had no idea about him being a gangster and a drug dealer. Later, when he grew to a certain age, he found out that his father was in the wrong business and ran a well-known drug ring in the United States.

Nonetheless, this was the brief history only known about Gerard Gravano. We have a lot of information about his current life but not the past.

History of Sammy Gravano

Sammy was born in Brooklyn in 1945. He wasn’t the brightest kid in the school but the bravest. Sammy got involved in crimes at an early age in his life, beginning with some minor shoplifting. He was brave and would fight senior boys without any hesitation.

Gangsters in the area watched little Gerard fighting fearlessly with elder boys for his bicycle. They got impressed, and Sammy got a new name, “The bull.” He was not good at his studies and left school at 16.

Then Sammy used to spend most of his time with a local youth gang called the Rompers. He used to supply dangerous and unacceptable products to the Army. Then due to being drafted into the Vietnam War, Sammy returned to New York and officially joined up with the Mafia.

From here, the journey of drug cartels and murders began. He gained a lot and became a millionaire. On the other hand, Sammy even had to lose a lot and killed his brother-in-law.

The movie shows that many things happened during his entire term as a criminal.  The last gangster explains it in the best way possible. Eventually, Gerard came into his life, and things started to change.

Why did Gerard Gravano plead guilty?

He was involved in his family’s criminal activities for a long. However, in 2000, Gerard Gravano and dozens of people were arrested for running an ecstasy drug ring from Arizona to New York, Time and the AP reported.

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Later, Gerard pleaded guilty to illegally conducting an enterprise and offering to sell and transport dangerous drugs, and in 2002, he was sentenced to nine years behind the bar.

He pleaded guilty because he wanted to end the ongoing cycle of drug racket in his family. Gerard had seen his father’s life. Indeed, his father was a millionaire, but Gerard was not impressed by the wealth. He wanted to live a peaceful life with his wife and kids, with whom he lives now.

Many people have multiple theories behind the case of Gerard, but we think it’s the main reason he decided to plead guilty. He wanted to complete his sentence and live a peaceful and socially acceptable life.

What Gerard is he doing now?

The film left us with suspense, and that’s why most people are curious to know about his personal life and what work he is doing now. We researched a few details, and according to sources, Gerard is about 45 years old now and living a peaceful life in Arizona with his wife and four children.

He also owns a successful business known as Impact Payment Options was still listed as an active business in good condition with the Arizona Corporation Commission. However, his company was never accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and the listed website of his company is also inactive.

Gerard was previously involved in three other businesses, but they are no longer active. He was the manager of an organization called KGG Management, which got closed in 2020 during the pandemic. Another company called Credit One LLC also got closed last year.

He and his mom Debra Gravano used to run a restaurant in 1977 called uncle San’s before Gerard, and his family were arrested for the drug case. According to its website, that restaurant is still active and called Uncle Sal’s Italian Restaurant & Bar, operating in Scottsdale, but a different family runs it.

Gerard now has only one active registered business.

Gerard Gravano Journey From a Criminal to Respected Civilian

Gerard Gravano net worth

Gerard’s father became a millionaire by doing wrong things. However, Gerard eventually changed his way out. He only has one business, so everyone is interested in knowing about Gerard Gravano net worth.

Unfortunately, no exact details are available about how much the ex-mafia owns. But sources say he must have a hefty amount as Gerard owns a successful business, and previously, he owned three other companies, which are now closed.

Summing up all his wealth might result in millions. However, there is no solid proof and disclosure about Gerard Gravano net worth.

Gerard Gravano personal details

Gerard has an active Instagram and Twitter account where he frequently posts details related to his personal life. He writes in his Instagram bio,

“I love my wife, family is number 1. I have four amazing kids and a wonderful life”.

Indeed, he is happy and lives the prosperous life he always wanted.

Gerard Gravano age

There is no specific disclosure about his age, but he is around 45 years old now. We researched Gerard’s social media accounts and failed to find a birth date.

He doesn’t want to share his exact age, but some news articles claim that he is 45 years old now.


Gerard Gravano found the love of his life after his release from prison. His wife is Amy Lynn Price Gravano. She has an Instagram account; the posts on the account confirm that the couple started dating in 2011 and married in 2018.

In February 2021, Gerard wrote on Instagram,

“Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife ten years together, three years married. You made me a wealthy man the day I met you. You have shown me unconditional Love, Friendship, Loyalty, and respect. And you are a true partner in crime. Someone who will be by my side until my last breath.”

Amy is a health stylist and a fitness coach. She follows her passion and owns a website called Xyngular, where she sells weight loss products.

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Her social media accounts show the vibrant and happy life she lives with her family. Amy has everything she needs, and her business is doing pretty well.

Gerard Gravano wife


Gravano has four children, but their exact age is unknown to us. Although his older son is Nick. In 2012, Gravano wrote that his son is about to start high school. He plays baseball and now appears to be a virtual artist.

Gravano’s wife and children are very young, based on the photos he shared on his Instagram account.

Since his release, Gravano had never been into the drug ring again. He successfully lives the life he wanted to. Gravano has a wife, four children, and a hefty net worth with an active profit-making business. He achieved what he always wanted and was never willing to back to the old time to do wrong things or make dirty money.

Is Gerard Gravano still afraid of his father?

Do you know that Sammy Gravano tried to kill Gerard’s girlfriend Mallory when he was 24-year-old? He planned the entire execution just because Mallory was boasting that she was dating the Bull’s son.

Even Sammy pulled a gun on his son’s head and threatened to pull the trigger because he had broken the family rules. Due to this incident, people speculate that Grenard is still afraid of his father and may not allow him to visit his wife and kids.

It’s obvious to be afraid when your father got a history and series of murders, but currently, things are better, and you can see them together in their family pictures. Even some reports say that Sammy has changed a lot after his release. Also, Gerard is not afraid of his father; now, they live peaceful life.

Gegard Gravano released: The last gangster!

The last gangster is a movie based on Sammy’s life and shows that he was a notorious gangster for the Gambino family. The film portrays that Gravano said he tried to keep his son Gerard and daughter Karen in the dark about his criminal activities; however, the Cosa Nostra life nonetheless touched them.

If you want to see a video representation of a gangster’s life’s exciting story, you must watch this movie. It’s famous and super interesting to watch.

Even ABC News covered a two-hour special event with the infamous Gambino mob family. They featured Sammy the bull asking him about his past life experiences, which influenced him to become a gangster. In the interview, Sammy cleared all the truth and rumors against him.

If you want the exact details about Sammy’s life, then the 2-hour show is worth investing your time.

Is Gerard planning to return?

Gerard Gravano already lives in a happy family where he owns a business and property and has four kids and prosperous life. We don’t think anyone would want to leave all this and return to the same ugly life of hiding from the police and doing all the wrong things.

Even though we checked with our sources, there are no indications or evidence that Gerard is planning to return to his previous life or rerun the drug ring.

Final thoughts

The last gangster is an exciting story where the dad keeps his criminal life secret from his children for a long time. It shows how much you enjoy doing crimes, but you will never be able to face your family with that. Sammy the Bull is famous but for all the wrong reasons.

Gerard Gravano also joined his father’s business but soon realized that he was on the wrong track. During this time, he and all members of the cartel came under the radar and eventually jailed.

It’s good to know that Gerard and his father are now out of the drug and killing business. They paid for their crimes, and the best part is they are not willing to go back to the dirty life again. Now Gerard got a happy life and lives in Arizona with his family. That’s what every normal being wants.

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