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Donna Goudeau Release, Story, Controversy, and More


In the vast world of the internet, where things go viral quickly and fade away just as fast, few individuals manage to leave a lasting impression. Donna Goudeau, an armed robber from Texas, unexpectedly gained fame through an arrest video. However, her notoriety didn’t end with her prison sentence.

In this article, we explore Donna Renee Goudeau’s life beyond her viral video. Join us as we delve into her biography, family, and the crimes that brought her into the public eye.

Early life and background

Donna was born and raised in Texas. While there is not much comprehensive information available, it is believed that she grew up in a challenging environment that may have influenced her life choices and actions.

Reports suggest that there is a Donna Goudeau daughter. The name of Goudeau’s girl is unknown and away from public eye.

Donna Goudeau net worth

Reliable sources detailing her financial status are scarce. So, accurate details about her net worth are unavailable.

Also, note that people who have gained public attention primarily due to viral videos or criminal activities may not have significant financial resources or substantial net worth.

Donna did make money from crimes, but when she was caught she found that her friends used up all the money she extracted. She trusted her friends and thought they were a team working on crimes together, but the reality quickly changed when the tables turned.

Donna could have used the money for hiring a lawyer as she confessed to the police. However, she could not do so as she had no money left.

Eventually she had to apply for a plea deal.

Infamous Crime

Donna Goudeau gained notoriety for her involvement in a violent assault and armed robbery targeting Juan Sustiata, a 73-year-old man residing at the Driftwood Inn in Texas.

Alongside two male accomplices, Goudeau approached Sustiata while he was sitting in his car and motioned for him to roll down his window. The trio then attempted to rob him at gunpoint.

When Sustiata resisted and tried to defend himself, Goudeau and her accomplices began assaulting him through the car window, causing multiple lacerations to his face, hands, arms, and torso. During the robbery, they also took his cash, credit cards, and iPhone.

As a result of the investigation, Goudeau became a suspect due to her frequenting the Driftwood Inn and other local establishments in North Little Rock. At the time of her arrest, she was 25 years old.

Goudeau and her accomplices were convicted for their role in the violent crime.

Donna Goudeau

The Conviction

Goudeau received a sentence of 18 years in prison for her involvement in the armed robbery. Her male accomplices, Keyron Elmore and Jeremy Goudeau, were sentenced to 60 and 50 years, respectively.

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What made Donna Goudeau famous?

Goudeau gained fame primarily through the viral spread of her arrest video, which was widely shared online. The video, which surfaced in 2011, depicted Goudeau during her encounter with law enforcement following her involvement in an armed robbery.

The video captured the attention of online users due to Goudeau’s outspoken and sometimes humorous remarks made during the arrest.

Some of her lines, such as “I’m legally blind” and “that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it,” became popular catchphrases and were widely shared and parodied on social media platforms.

As the video circulated and gained momentum, Goudeau’s name and image became recognizable to a broad audience. Memes, parodies, and remixes featuring her arrest video further contributed to her internet fame. However, it is important to remember that her fame stems from her involvement in criminal activities.

Controversies and Criticisms

Goudeau’s involvement in criminal activities and rise to internet fame generated controversy and attracted criticism from various quarters. These controversies and criticisms revolve around two main aspects: the nature of her criminal behavior and the way she was portrayed in the viral arrest video.

Firstly, in the arrest video, some individuals voiced their concerns about her remarks and demeanor. They argued that her humorous and attention-seeking behavior during the arrest may underestimate the seriousness of the crimes she committed. No to ignore the fact that she is spending 18 years in jail, while the other two will spend 50 and 60 years instead.

By making light of her criminal actions, she has been accused of minimizing the harm caused to the victims and the gravity of the offenses. This criticism shoots from the belief that criminal behavior should be taken seriously, and attempts to make light of it may be seen as disrespectful or insensitive.

Secondly, there have been ethical debates surrounding the phenomenon of turning individuals involved in criminal activities into internet sensations. Critics argue that by giving widespread attention and fame to someone like Goudeau, there is a risk of glamorizing criminal behavior.

They express concerns that the viral nature of the video and the subsequent internet fame may send the wrong message to others, particularly impressionable individuals. The worry is that such attention could inadvertently promote or encourage criminal behavior by making it seem glamorous or worthy of admiration.

The sad life of Donna Goudeau

Donna became viral because when she was caught by police officers she looked high on weed and started singing.

While most people might not know how to handle such encounters, her defense mechanism made her behave a certain way that made the internet go crazy.

Back in 2011, social media was still fairly new. While the meme culture did not have a massive rage back then, people had different ways to express themselves.

Many media channels took interviews with people passing by to know what opinion they had of this woman. Many took the reporting mic and started singing like Donna did.

In reality, the case of Goudeau is not a matter to laugh at.

Was Donna a criminal or just crazy?

The three criminals concerned in the crime went door to door to steal money.

Unfortunately, the old man found himself forced by the criminals to extract money. They started stabbing him and pressed a pillow over his head to make him spill his debit card pin.

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When he did, one of the gang leaders went to the nearby ATM to withdraw money. Donna was arrested while purchasing gas from the old man’s credit card.

When the police took him to custody, they first thought she was a man. But soon they realized the gender was female.

When Donna explained the crimes they did, it was evident that she was psychologically abnormal. Only a person who goes on doing crimes can claim to be legally blind (whatever that’s supposed to mean) and try to defend herself.

The criminal sang while using the name Pop, and mentioned it many more times later. The police found out was Pop was her friend who she loved dearly. While there was a video that circulated later as Pop reveal, we aren’t sure if it was an internet prank or for real.

Her gang members Keryn and Jeremy tried to put all the blame on her because they knew she was wonky.

In an interview with Kenny Webster in 2015, Donna said she was happy she could afford bond hearing. She feels that her life outside of imprisonment would have been more troublesome for her.

Well, Donna could be both criminal and crazy. But she sure is a criminal as she equally participated in stabbing and stealing from the old man.

Where is Donna Goudeau today?

Presently, Goudeau is imprisoned at the Dr. Lane Murray Unit, a correctional facility for women in Gatesville, Texas. The facility houses female inmates who have been convicted of various crimes and are serving their sentences.

Is Donna Goudeau still alive?

There was a time when several big news media houses put up information that Donna Goudeau was killed during her imprisonment. However, the news was fake and eventually came out.  While there was news of Donna Goudeau funeral happening during that time, the reality was different. Donna is alive and come out from imprisonment on July 19, 2029.

Donna Goudeau Instagram

Goudeau became a well-known internet sensation but did not have an official Instagram account. However, there are many fake accounts in her name asking for followers. Some of these profiles are meme pages as people have used her face widely in social media jokes.

Fans or individuals looking to gain attention or deceive others typically create these fake accounts. They may use images, videos, or captions related to Donna Goudeau in an attempt to appear genuine. Beware!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When was Donna Goudeau born?

The exact date of Goudeau’s birth is not widely available.

2. What crime did Donna Goudeau commit?

She was involved in a violent armed robbery.

3. How long is Donna Goudeau’s prison sentence?

Goudeau received a sentence of 18 years in prison.

4. What happened in the viral arrest video?

The viral arrest video captured Goudeau’s encounter with law enforcement following her involvement in the armed robbery. Internet claimed the video was funny, and it went viral.

5. Where is Donna Goudeau currently imprisoned?

Goudeau is imprisoned at the Dr. Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas.

6. What is Donna Goudeau net worth?

Accurate information about her net worth is not available.

7. Does Donna Goudeau have an official Instagram account?

No, she does not have an official Instagram account.

8. When is Donna Goudeau release date?

The Donna Goudeau release date is July 19, 2029. But she was eligible for payroll since July 2020.

9. Does Donna Goudeau have a daughter?

Donna Goudeau has a daughter, but there are no public records that confirm anything related to her.

10. What controversies surround Donna Goudeau’s internet fame?

The controversies surrounding Goudeau’s internet fame involve concerns about trivializing the seriousness of her crimes and the glamorization of criminal behavior through viral content

Final Thoughts

Goudeau’s journey from viral arrest video to imprisonment highlights the dangers and impact of internet fame. While her humorous remarks entertained online audiences, it’s crucial to remember that there is a dark story behind her internet fame.

Reflecting on Goudeau’s story, we should approach viral content with empathy and a critical mindset, recognizing the real lives and consequences behind the spectacle.

A responsible online culture requires understanding the complexities of human experiences and our role as media consumers.

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