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Mobiles have truly revolutionized literally everything. From daily-routine tasks to essential works, from our way of writing to the way of communication, from our business processes to management-related operation – mobile devices have intervened in all these, to make them better. Today, there are best online invoicing software for enterprises  and hundreds of other solutions to simplify business operations. 

Using such tools, you can improve your business’s productivity and reduce the need for manual work in repeated or automatable tasks. For example, an iPhone Online Billing Software can be used to send invoices to clients and reminders for the payments can be automated using it. 

Similarly, you may track employees’ work time to automate the calculation of salary or automate the billing process for your retail store using the online billing software app Android/iOS/web.

Here are 5 good Suggestions for startups, enterprises, and all other kinds of businesses:

1.Use Mobile apps for Invoicing and Billing 

There are a few best online invoicing software for enterprises for iPhone and Android mobile users. By enabling your employees through such apps for instant invoicing, you will be able to send invoices to clients from anywhere and at any time.

For this purpose, your choice of Android and/or iPhone Online Billing Software and invoicing tools should be based upon multiple factors, such as:

  • The type of mobile device(s) your team, responsible for finance/invoicing, is using.
  • The billing needs, e.g. receipt organizer maker app Android can be used by retail stores and sellers.
  • The cost of subscription per user [Should be free for basic things]
  • The business-specific features of the invoicing and billing operations

Besides this, make sure that your chosen mobile app has multiple templates for invoicing. It should allow customization of bills and invoices as per your brand’s choice. A good invoicing app for mobile phones generally also has the facility to schedule invoices. 

There are times when you will be willing to send estimates to your prospects, or reminders for payment to your existing clients. So, make sure that your mobile invoicing and billing software has the features regarding the same.

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In the end, you should finalize the mobile application which is cost-convenient and easy-to-use. It will save your time while keeping the operations pocket-friendly. If we were to suggest, Moon Invoice is a good mobile solution to consider for invoicing and billing.

2.Virtual Meetings

We all saw how COVID affected businesses in 2020 and made all of us work from home for a long time. Things are not fully normal yet. So, if your team is still working remotely or has the freedom to work from home occasionally, a virtual meeting software mobile app is crucial.

Even if you are working from the office forever and couldn’t operate in COVID times because of the affected production line, you can deny the fact that team meetings were still needed many times in that duration. 

Also, if your team members have to travel or work on the field for a good enough duration, you might sometimes want them to attend team meetings remotely.

All in all, an organization needs to have a reliable and secured virtual meeting mobile app. The capacity of handling users should be per the maximum number of members who join a meeting. It should work well for Android as well as iOS devices while having the potential to operate through web browsers too.

Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoho Meetings, and many trusted apps are already present in the market for you. Before picking one, you should compare their features and their pricing, considering your needs and budget.

3.Projects and Expense Tracking

Project tracking as well as expense tracking has to be using mobile apps. Conventional web-only or desktop-only tools are no more perfect for this purpose.


Well, do you remember the time when a client called to discuss important pointers related to the project and you forgot to update your team members about the same because you were on leave?

Or, do you remember when you and your 2 team members had to incur extra money on a business trip due to a delayed meeting but you forgot to update your finance team regarding the same, so that money went from your pocket?

Such things happen quite frequently. And with the increasing digitization, updating project or expense-related work/projects could be needed anytime and anywhere. So, by enabling your employees through a mobile app for such tracking, you will make things easier and more transparent for them. It, surely, will improve their satisfaction rate towards their work.

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If you could get leave and employee management features in such an app, it will be amazing for your organization.

4.Apps for Instant Messaging and Emailing

Sending emails or replying to them and having quick conversations through any instant messenger for business deals are very common practices for anyone in the corporate world. 

While some businesses prefer to keep their employees away from instant messenger business accounts or work email when they are away from the office, most of the organizations are in dire need of instant communication. If you are among the latter ones, only mobile enablement could help you achieve effective results.

For internal communication, communication tools like Skype, Hangout, and Slack are efficient. For communication with employees and clients, Whatsapp businesses and messengers in Social Media platforms (Facebook, Insta, Twitter, etc.) could be in your ‘essentials’ list. 

Having a good email client mobile app to use your work email on the mobile phone is a good idea.

5.A mobile POS app 

A POS or Point-of-Sales solution is the backbone of business for a wide range of organizations in a few industries. If you are among them and are using a POS solution, you are doing it right. However, if your POS has no mobile app, your organization should switch to a better POS that could let your employees work remotely too.

Let us give you an example. Moon POS is one of the best POS billing software.

This mobile POS lets you generate POS orders, add products, create discounts, generate order template PDF, track inventory, create descriptions and other details for products, export/import CSV reports, send emails, check customer statements, return order processing, barcode handling, giving print commands and do a lot more.

Isn’t it something your employees would love to do while having no need for sticking to their tables in the process? We guess, yes. 

The Final Word

Mobile applications are slowly changing the business landscape and operation flow. By choosing the right mobile applications to be incorporated in the business processes, organizations could improve their workflow and employee engagement model. This article was dedicated to a few such mobile online invoicing software for enterprises; hope you will find these useful.

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