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Kids never have enough toys. They might own an entire shop, but still, the want for new ones doesn’t go away. ( If you happen to visit my city – Kolkata and looking for a good toy shop, it won’t be a problem! You will find every shop I have made a list of below to cater to and fulfill your kids’ demands. So, below you book your tickets to Kolkata, start scrolling down to know the toys shop near me that fits your kids’ requirements!

7 toys shop near me

The list below has seven potent shops that keep a variety of toys and keep up with the trend all the time. So, if you happen to visit Kolkata anytime, you will indeed settle for any one toys shop near me. Before that, check out the following list:

Wonderland Toys

It is probably one of the biggest toy shops in Kolkata. You will find toys and games suitable for all age groups.

Moreover, they have a variety of games such as puzzles, playground equipment, and stationery. You will find both branded and non-branded toys in this shop. So, you can count this as one of the toys shop near me that you kid will love visiting!

Address: Gariahat Road


One of the best toys shop near me, and it is like a paradise for the little ones.

Besides the normal toys and stuff, they have a very big collection of cars and Legos. Besides, they even stock on the Lego City series, which is not frequently available in Kolkata.

In the Lego City series, you can find the airplane, fire stations, and skyscrapers that will complete the entire set.

Not only do they have toys for babies but also full-grown adults. You can even try out some board games like Monopoly and more.

Address: Ballygunge, City Center 1, and Quest Mall.

Image Credit: LLB

Modern Toys Co

Even though the name says modern, this shop is more than 100 years old. Started their journey in 1919, this heritage shop has a huge collection of puzzles and toys for the little ones.

From dolls, cars, puzzles to educational toys and so much more, you will find here. Also, they keep both branded and non-branded products. So, it is a budget-friendly shop, and it can meet your kids’ demands without putting a massive pull on your pockets.

Address: Taltala

Toy Planet

Located in the Forum Mall, there is no doubt that your kids will plea you to take them to Toy Planet again and again.

They have a huge collection of puzzles, dolls, art supplies, and toys for the children.

Besides, they also have school supplies such as school bags, lunch boxes, stationery, and so much more.

Moreover, they have a huge Mario figure that many kids and even older people will love.

Address: Bhowanipur.

Toy Planet
Image Credit: LLB


Muskaan is the toys shop near me in North Kolkata, which is opposite the Talkie Show House Cinema Hall.

This store, in particular, is a place if you want to buy some affordable toys and games. A huge collection of dolls, cars, and stuffed toys are available here.

Also, you can find those miniature cars and small bikes for toddlers, which they ride around in the house.

Address: Shyambazar


You can be either 5 or 75, but Hamley’s is a place where everyone wants to visit repeatedly.

Apart from the great collection, they allow your kids to play with the games before you buy them.

Moreover, they have the best collection of expensive and premium pieces of stuff such as life-size teddy bears, other stuff animals, detective toys, cars with steering wheels, limited edition and high-quality footballs, and telescopes.

Also, they wrap up the toys in their customize wrapping paper for free.

Address: Ballygunge

Image Credit: Quest Mall

Nilesh Toy Shop

They have a huge collection, but in particular, they sell baby products.

Other than the stuffed toys, they have all products for a newborn baby till eight-year-old.

Moreover, you can purchase school supplies, stationers, liners, etc.

Besides, all the products are branded here and of great quality. Thus, this has made it to my list of toys shop near me.

Address: Palit Street at Lansdowne

Tips for organising kids’ puzzles and toys

Apart from informing you about the toys shop near me, I thought of helping you with some quick tips. Buying toys is not a tough task, but organizing them in place is tricky. So, to keep your house organized, let us check out some quick tips below:

Designated play area

It is a nightmare when you see toys thrown all over the house. So, it will be very much useful if you have a separate toy area in the house.

However, everyone does not live in a big house. In that case, keep the toys in one corner of the living room, and restrict playing with them in the bedrooms.

If the kids see parents are keeping the toys and pieces of stuff in one area soon after, the kids will learn to keep their stuff in a particular place.

Limit the number of toys in the house

Let’s be real; kids only need a few games and toys. More so, having many toys can be overwhelming to the kids, but it does indicate having a huge playroom.

Gradually decrease the number of games and toys in the house by removing the duplicate toys, old games kids do not use anymore. Moreover, don’t miss out on throwing away the broken stuff.

Be practical about the toy size

Kids will always love big games such as tents, playhouses, riding toys, and tunnels. But they are difficult to store and takes a lot of space in the house.

Thus, if you plan to buy a big toy or game, make sure they can be easy to disassemble, saving a lot of space.

Sort them out and store

Categorize the games by type, such as dolls, puzzles, Legos, etc. Once you do that, store them in different boxes instead of dumping them in a big toy box.

Not only will this help the kids to know where to find a certain toy but also help you easily clean them up later.

Toy shelves

It helps kids to see what games and toys they have. Moreover, try to label them with big words and photos so they can identify them.

Toy shelves and boxes are quite affordable and easily available at shops and online stores. So, don’t forget to get them to organize the toys.

Easy and fast clean-up

Kids do have a lot of homework and a busy schedule, so it is difficult for them to organize the toys all the time.

Therefore, try to use a few laundry baskets or bins where they can easily keep their toys for the time being, and later, they can clean it up.

Keep few toys out of the way

Games like models, puzzles, play bricks, Legos, and other games with many pieces could be a disaster if kids brought them out suddenly at random times.

Thus, for few toys, it will be up to the parents if they want their kids to play with them or not. So, it helps not to let different board game pieces mix up.

Make some rules

Teach the kids how many games and toys they can play at one time. Hence, it will be easier to clean up and encourage the kids to complete one task before starting another activity.

Safety first always

Storage containers kept on top of one another can be dangerous, and they can easily fall. Hence, find different ways to keep the toys on the lower section of the storage box or in small storage containers to avoid any mishap.

Invest in toy organizer bins or baskets

Go for shelves and carriers! Shelves are good to limit the number of games and toys, unlike boxes. Less number of toys means less mess.

Toy bins are amazing to keep all the stuff together, and it also helps the kids play with few games at one time. Baskets, bins, and shelves come in different sizes, designs, and shapes, so that you can decide from a huge variety.

However, the best storage style is the cube bookcase set. You can keep the large toys directly on top of the shelves, and you can keep small ones in the boxes you prefer.

Moreover, it is also the best choice for little kids as the games and toys will be at an eye-level, and they can access them easily.

Use labels

This is helpful for kids who are 5 or 6. Usually, a lot of parents keep the toys in a drawer which are closed and non-transparent. Hence, it is difficult for the children to recognize where which toy is kept.

However, you can label each drawer with a sticker and write what drawer contains what toys such as dolls, Legos, cars, and more.

Furthermore, you can use cute stickers such as for doll storage use some doll stickers; it will be cute, and kids will find it easily.

Store them according to the kid’s height

For children who are infants or toddlers, keep them at an eye reach level. So, while they want to play, they can easily reach them instead of messing with the surrounding area.

Furthermore, it will be a lot easier to pack them away once they finish playing with them.

Do not overfill baskets

If you do not want a mess in the house, don’t overcrowd the baskets with toys. Usually, this happens when the children cannot get their stuff easily.

They will pull everything from the box or shelves and dump them on the floor or bed to get the game they want.

But if you distribute them in different baskets and keep the large games individually, the kids will know where to get them and return them once they are done playing.

Hence, if you see one of the containers is filled until the brim, it is time to keep some stuff from another basket or box.

Consider rotating the toys and games

Rotation of toys is the best to organize them. Everyday toy rotation is a great way for little children who always dump their toys and games on the floor all at once.

Furthermore, it will also help you lessen the number of games that are there to play but do not want to reveal them all at once.

Also, it is a great way for the children and the parents who are overwhelmed with all the cleaning up of the toys in the home.

Some ways to do toy rotation:

Either rotate all the toys or only rotate a few of them. Keep the favorite games and toys in the room.

You can either rotate them daily or rotate them every 10 to 15 days.

Be patient

Lastly, be patient with your kids and have fun with them. While organizing, both you and your kids will learn some cool and creative ways to store stuff. So, it will keep your child’s spirits to clean rather than a task he/she is scared of.

DIY Storage Hacks

If you have visited any toys shop near me, you must have bought a lot of stuff for your kids. But if you are struggling to get a suitable place for the toys, try out some DIY storage hacks. Which are:

Stuffed Toys

First, use these toys for the filling of some beanbag chairs.

Second, you can place them in a wall-hanging hatbox.

Lastly, using a clothespin, clip the toys on the clothesline to keep them organized. Through these three ways, you can store the stuffed toys and yet not create a mess in the house.

Dress-up attires

First, make a tension rod between two showcases or bookshelves and hang them.

Second, drill on the wall and hooks, now hook the dresses on the wall.

Lastly, you could keep them in the laundry basket. Besides, you can hide them from your kids if they want to play during bedtime.

Art Supplies

First, keep them in different boxes.

Second, you can even subdivide them—pencils and markers on one side, whereas crayons and pastel colors on the other.

Lastly, if you hang your clothes on the hanger, keep them in the pockets.

Lego Pieces

Firstly, food storage boxes are great to keep the Lego pieces.

Second, keep them in a tray, and you can place them under the bed.

Lastly, in a cabinet, keep them color-coded. So, it will help the kids to know where is which color when they are playing.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a lot of toys shop near me. Let me know which shop you are going to visit next with your kids.

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