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Harvard Business School Online Courses in High Demand after COVID-19


If you are looking for Harvard Business School online courses, you should be prepared for changes that will come up due to the pandemic. Since more and more people now want to learn online, there is a high demand for university courses.

The overall number of students enrolled in Harvard Business School courses online in 2020 surpassed 100,000. During the lockdown period, they first started providing free courses online. However, not all of them will have seats or be entirely free of cost. This article will take you through some of the best options you can enroll in, along with prices and other relevant details.

Harvard Business School Online Free Courses

Harvard Business School is providing online courses since March 2020 with their provider, EdX. In April 2020, the free courses’ enrollment started getting broader, and since then, more students have started to apply to these courses.

Harvard provides many free courses, starting from Game Development to Humanities; everything is there on their website for free. The duration of each course varies from 1 week to 10 weeks and sometimes more. Now let’s take a deeper look at the courses Harvard Business School provides for free with their free certificates.

In this article, you can take a look at the top free courses and trending subjects available on Harvard Business School’s website. Let’s take a look at the best courses they are providing for free; let’s see if you can find your favorite topic here.

Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market

Duration – 5 Weeks, 2-4 hours per week


The most trending course is the Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market course. Harvard is providing a 5-week course with only 2-4 hours per week, and you can learn a systematic approach to technology entrepreneurship, evaluation of a technology, etc.

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Duration – 6 Weeks, 3 – 5 hours per week


Through this course, you will learn the conceptual framework, entrepreneurial solution to a problem, etc. This is also up there on the trending topics.

Strategy Execution

Duration – 6 Weeks, 5 – 8 hours per week


This course will teach how to apply frameworks, goal-setting exercises, evaluation of team’s management strategy, etc.

Become A More Resilient Leader in Turbulent Times

Duration – 2 years


Through this course, you can learn leadership insights that can help you in your workplace, the importance of positivity, and teamwork with an example of Shackleton and his crew.

Harvard Business School Online Courses (Paid Courses List for 2021)

Harvard Business School online courses are also getting enrollments as usual for their generic degree or master courses. Here we will take a look at top online paid courses that are trending on their website.

Although the pandemic was devastating for the education industry, the students are getting themselves enrolled in colleges, universities, and schools regardless. This, in turn, helps them not waste an entire year and learn more.

If you have not found your favorite subject in the previous list, maybe in this one you can find it.

The trendy subjects on the paid online courses section are – Business, Computer Science, Art & Design, etc. Have a close look at the topics, prices, and the duration of the course.

Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders

Duration – 4 Weeks

Subject – Business

Price – $4,390

This is a trending Harvard Business online course on their trending page on the website. This course is costly, and the duration is not long enough, but this is trending for a reason. Through this course, you can learn to identify your strategic gaps, project development, team management, networking skills, etc.

Credential of Readiness

Duration – 10 – 17 weeks, 8 – 15 hours per week

Price – $2,250

This course introduces three courses: financial accounting, business analytics, and economics for managers. This course will help you have explicit knowledge of these three courses, which will help you in your career. You might find it the most beneficial course on the website.

Disruptive Strategy

Duration – 6 Weeks, 5 – 6 hours a week

Price – $1,600

Harvard Business School online courses provide some facilities with a course and advanced knowledge to help students in their careers. However, through this course, you can learn disruption theory, applying a strategy framework, executive-level strategy formation, etc. Now let’s see what the motive behind providing free courses is.

Why enroll in free courses?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic situation is bad across the world, and each country is recovering right now. In this situation charging $30 for a course that does not bring many students is irrelevant. The idea of giving free online courses came from this perspective. The definite reason behind this is Harvard Business School online free courses will bring their enrollments.

The benefit of having online classes every day seems to be a new concept, but Harvard provides Harvard Business School Online Courses from way back. This is not a new concept to them, but we should discuss the benefits. However, we will discuss three cons as well to match things up.


  • You will save money: Online classes save your monthly transportation expenses, and the course fees are already low due to the effect of COVID-19. Saving money on the courses and transportation adds up as a financial benefit for sure.
  • You can learn it when you can: The other benefit is knowing when you have time. Some free online courses do not have a live instructor taking a class; mostly, it is recorded.

Gain practical skills – Through online courses, a student can learn different skills simultaneously without wasting traveling hours and transportation expenses. It can help them to gain more knowledge on things.


No faculty interactions – As stated previously, most of the courses do not have a faculty teaching you live. Hence, it is hard to understand complex problems, and the only option is to rewind it and repeatedly hear the same thing. (onlinephentermine.net)

Self-discipline – You need to take notes on your own, and nobody is there to check up on you. It is your responsibility to be discipline and organize your notes for your own benefit.

These are the benefits and cons explained, but the idea behind this initiative shaped as Harvard Business School online free courses. Let’s take a look at the discussion given below.

Harvard Business School’s idea behind the initiative of Online Courses

It is pretty expensive for many students from over the world to enroll in a Harvard Business School online course. Students from outside of the UK have to rent an apartment and pay for the bills and the course they have to start then working part-time. To save this much expenses and gain more enrollments, Harvard decided to introduce Harvard Business School online courses cheaper in actual price. The students will also save many expenses and time, and even they will get the official certificate from the HBS. Their idea behind this initiative is to make their courses available for all students from different economic backgrounds.

As we all know, Harvard is one of the highest-ranked universities, and the Harvard Business School is one of the leading or probably the top business schools in the UK. So, to afford their courses, the students have to come from a healthy economic background. In terms of Harvard Business School online courses, it can be affordable for anyone, and as most of these courses are short and cheap, the enrollment will be bigger than a normal season. This idea was first implemented way back, and during the lockdown period, the students who were planning to apply to the HBS enrolled in their online courses.

By the end of the UK lockdown, most of them finished their short courses and prepared for their advanced course, while some of them were pretty close to finishing it and getting their certificates. This initiative was and is very relevant and beneficial for the students and the HBS.

A new experience for the students

During the lockdown period, the free courses on the HBS website were extended, and many more new courses joined the pile. For the students who tried online courses for the first time, it is a new experience, and some of the students also described their experience as “weird.” However, many students liked their experiences just because they got a chance to attend an online course from HBS during an ongoing pandemic.

If some student chooses to learn business management, they can with a Harvard Business School complete the course certificate, which will be valuable for their future. They also learned their basics and advanced level about their subject. This new experience helped the students with the whole online study dilemma, as most of the students were pursuing another course and enrolled in one of HBS’s courses. This experience also made them used to the latest systems and helped them manage their online class experiences.

Although it was hard as most of the courses were pre-recorded, so for any doubts, there is no one to reach out to. As in online classes, there is a professor or lecturer present on the spot to clear your doubts. That new experience was not at all pleasing for all of the students. However, that made them practice their knowledge about the subject and the power of Google to solve their doubts. The new experience for the students made them comfortable with this online study situation as still now there is a lockdown in the UK, and no universities, schools, and colleges are opening up to start having classes in the college vicinity. In detail, we will see the reviews of the students about this experience and the courses.

Harvard Business School Online Review

Diverse students have different opinions about the Harvard Business School online courses. After analyzing the reviews about the HBS courses, look at what we got. Some students support the HBS online courses as this is a professional certificate course and a professional certificate course has better value than a degree course. This online course saves thousands of pounds for the students as their traveling expenses, apartment rents, bills, and course fees would be enough to make them work part-time and hamper their studies. This is the most convenient way possible to get a Harvard Business School certificate. However, at this moment, nothing is open anyway, so this is the better option.

Although many students felt some issues with the online course system, as there is no professor or lecturer to guide the students, sometimes they feel lost and are wasting most of the time solving their queries than noting them down and understanding them. Some found the experience “weird” and “technical” in some cases, but in this situation, this is probably the best way not just to sit around waste a year. Harvard Business School Online review got some mixed comments from the students, but most of them were positive and appreciative about the initiative. The majority of the students recommend their friends, and some are making about their experience to encourage other people to take part in their favorite courses.

Final Thoughts

The Harvard Business School initiative for promoting more free and paid online courses for the students during the pandemic was good and beneficial for the parties. However, some student does have problems and issues with the online learning system. Still, you need to adapt to a situation, and that’s why we are one of the most intelligent species because we adapt to a situation quickly. If we can all wear masks for our and others’ safety, then the students can adapt to the online learning system for their benefit. A business school like Harvard provides online courses so that nobody can have a year gap and the short course time helped them get their certificates from HBS before the lockdown got over. That’s enough reason to appreciate the initiative, as some of the students were critical about this online course initiative; most of them supported this initiative.

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