What makes a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider good?

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If you have realized that the desktop installed accounting software that you are using is not enough for your business and it is acting as a barrier between growth and your business then you have cleared the first obstacle in your business cycle and you have learned to adapt and embrace modern technology. Currently, the most famous accounting software is obviously QuickBooks but instead of using this easy to use and feature rich accounting software by installing it on your desktop, you should start using the cloud hosting solution but for that you will have to choose a good QuickBooks cloud hosting provider.

You might be thinking that whether you will be able to make cloud hosting solutions like QB hosting an integral part of your organization or not depends on how you use cloud but you should know that it also depends on the type of cloud hosting provider you have chosen. There are many different types of QB cloud hosting providers in the market and in order to choose the best one, you need to make what are the features of an ideal QuickBooks cloud hosting provider. This is why, in this blog post, we are going to look at some of the features that make a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider good.

Good track record

One of the most important things to look at while choosing a QB cloud hosting provider is their track record. You should know that when you are going to choose a cloud hosting provider for your accounting solution then you will be dealing with your financial data with the cloud hosting provider and this is why you should never work with a completely new cloud hosting provider, especially in the case of an accounting software.

You should always look for the track record of the cloud vendor before making your final decision. Most of the good and reputed cloud hosting providers shares their track record right on their official website but if it is not mentioned on their website then you should not hesitate in asking the cloud vendor about their track record. If the cloud vendor hesitates in sharing the record then you can assume that there is something wrong with the work done by the cloud vendor in the past.

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High uptime

In addition to the track record, you will also have to look at the uptime provided by the cloud vendor. You should know there is a majority of businesses that move to the cloud platform just because they were no longer able to deal with downtime. When you will be dependant upon your local hardware system then you will always have face to downtime. And if you are facing downtime even after shifting to cloud because of your wrong selection of cloud vendor then there is no use of moving to the cloud platform.

If you will be working with a reputed and good cloud vendor then they will offer you guaranteed 99,99% of high uptime. This much high uptime means that you will have to face only a few minutes of downtime throughout the year. If the cloud hosting provider will offer you high uptime then you will be able to maintain your business continuity and you will also be able to increase your productivity since your business solution will be always available for you.

Technical support

Even while working with the best IT solution, you will have to deal with technical issues that comes with time and the same goes for QuickBooks hosting solution as well. If you will be working with QB on the cloud then you will have to face issues. But these issues will not be solved by you as the cloud hosting provider will take care of these normal IT issues with their round the clock customer support team. This is why the technical support provided by the cloud vendors matters a lot while making a decision.

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If the cloud hosting provider will offer world-class technical support then you will never have to worry about dealing with IT issues and you can completely focus on your core business. You don’t even need to pay a single dime for this technical support. You should ask about the response time of the technical support team and you can also ask about the experience of the IT professionals working in the technical support team. Without confirming world-class IT support, you should never make the final decision.

These are some of the most common features that make a cloud hosting provider good. If you are planning to move to the cloud platform then it becomes very essential to choose the right cloud hosting provider as they will play a major role in your cloud experience. So make the right decision and reap the advantages of cloud.

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Rohit is a technical content writer at Gotomymoney and he has long experience of working in the accounting industry. With an accounting background and interest in technology, topics like cloud accounting, cyber security and accounting software become his favorite topics.

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