Hearing aids: how to use medical devices correctly?


Hearing aids. This term is increasingly found in the information field and the trend will only grow. Every year more and more people suffer from hearing problems. Age-related changes, noise exposure in cities and work, and bad habits lead to a gradual decrease in hearing. Today, even teenagers have a chance to lose their hearing (most often due to constant listening to loud music). The situation is worsened by the fact that people are poorly informed about hearing problems and their causes. As a result, we are increasingly noticing in everyday life. More and more people suffer from hearing loss and wear hearing aids.

In general, there is nothing wrong with a person wearing these medical devices. Even on the contrary! Do not be afraid and shy about it. Moreover, modern hearing aids are small and stylish devices, they can emphasize your personality and style. The main thing is to choose the right model, configure it and follow the recommendations of the audiologist for the correct use of their devices!

Why is this important?

Hearing aids are complex electronic devices. They perform an important function – they return lost hearing. Therefore, they should be treated with all seriousness. These are not simple headphones or hearing amplifiers. Wearing a hearing aid for the first time, a hearing impaired person should “choose the path to good hearing.” Unfortunately, too many people do not receive the necessary information on how to use hearing aids correctly. At the same time, proper wearing of medical devices affects:

  • Restoration of lost hearing
  • The service life of the devices
  • Comfort

In turn, the effectiveness and convenience of daily use of hearing aids depend on two factors:

  1. Correct selection of devices
  2. Compliance with the recommendations of hearing care professional

Thus, the use of audiological assistants requires more seriousness than the use of headphones. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired result. An incorrect selection of hearing aids won’t help to restore hearing.

Many patients with hearing loss prefer to choose and buy hearing aids on their own, without thinking about the consequences. They choose devices of the wrong power and do not follow the recommendations for their use. As a result, they get a negative experience and disappointment from hearing aids. Further, they can spread information about their personal negative experience of using devices, thus forming a misconception about hearing aids. There are rumors and information that hearing aids do not help people, that they are expensive and do not deserve your attention. However, everything is exactly the opposite! With the right approach to buying devices, setting them up, and using them, you’ll get irreplaceable assistants. They’ll give you an amazing palette of sounds!

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How to go through the adaptation process faster?

Have you become a happy owner of hearing aids Staten Island? Wonderful! Now your life will sparkle with bright colors and sounds again! But before you forget about your everyday problems and return to a happy and fulfilling life, you’ll have to go through a period of adaptation to hearing aids.

Our brain is an amazing creation of nature. It always adapts to changing conditions. When a person loses his hearing, the brain rebuilds the work of individual sections under new realities. Gradually, it leads to a decrease in the patient’s cognitive abilities and other problems. When hearing is restored, the brain rebuilds its work again. Only now, it functions in the condition of healthy hearing. The restructuring takes time. This is the period of adaptation.

If you try to put the devices on in a noisy environment on the first day or use them for more than 1 hour, then you’ll get a negative experience. Most likely, you won’t be able to wear them for so long. Therefore, it is necessary to go through a period of adaptation and get used to hearing aids. On average, it takes 2-3 weeks. After a period of adaptation, you’ll be able to use your devices with maximum efficiency and comfort.

How to go through the adaptation period quickly and without painful consequences? Follow all the recommendations of your attending audiologist. A specialist will give you advice taking into account the individual characteristics of your body.

Audiologists recommend starting to use hearing aids in a familiar sound environment so as not to overload the brain with new information. The best place is a house where only familiar sounds are present.

The wearing time of the devices is 30 minutes, no more. Then add 20-30 minutes every day, depending on your feelings. Gradually increasing the wearing time, you’ll come to the desired goal – 8-12 hours.

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After getting used to home sounds, it is necessary to gradually expand the sound load. Now it’s time for you to go outside. Start using the devices in quiet places. Walking in parks is a great place to start.

Following these tips and individual recommendations of an audiologist, you won’t notice how quickly the adaptation period will pass!

Proper care will prolong the service life of the devices!

Hearing aids are complex electronic devices consisting of various components. They are subject to the negative impact of many factors. To extend their working life, it is necessary to observe the use interval and take care of the devices. People spend time and money to get the most effective hearing aids. And if they break down within the first 1-2 years after purchase, it’ll lead to great disappointment.

How many years can hearing aids work? Most manufacturers indicate 3-5 years with restful care. What should I do to achieve the desired result?

First, read the manufacturer’s user manual. Each manufacturer has some features, so they should be taken into account when caring for the devices. Follow all the rules and recommendations!

Do not forget to take off your hearing aids when taking a shower, visiting the pool, and for medical examinations. In the first case, water is harmful to electronic devices. In the second case, it is radiation exposure during examinations. You get used to modern hearing aids quickly. And thanks to the comfort, you quickly forget about their presence. Nevertheless, we must always remember them and not forget to remove them in appropriate situations.

The environment has a detrimental effect on electronic devices. Therefore, try not to leave hearing aids in direct sunlight. In addition, try to avoid exposure to excessively high and low temperatures.

Dust, dirt, sweat, and earwax pollute the devices, which often leads to deterioration and breakage. Therefore, regularly clean your electronic assistants. How to do it? It is better to consult your audiologist. Let the doctor show you how to clean your hearing aid model and what tools to use.

Observing all the listed rules of using a hearing aid, you’ll enjoy healthy hearing for as long as possible. This improves the quality and comfort of wearing devices.

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