How to increase solar panel efficiency and output power

How to increase solar panel efficiency and output power


Harnessing the power of the sun for electricity isn’t a new practice, the discoveries leading to solar cells beginning almost 200 hundred years ago. The big advantage of deploying solar power is that it’s completely clean and renewable. No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when the panels work to create electricity. Plus, the sun can provide way more energy than necessary. An ever-increasing number of companies is using the power of the sun, understanding the responsibility to address the climate crisis. In this post, you will find how you can increase solar power efficiency.

Switching to commercial solar panels is the best thing you can do as a business owner. Not only can you reduce operating costs, but also increase your property value. It’s good for the company as you can generate positive responses from consumers. If the solar panels aren’t properly taken care of, nevertheless, they don’t provide flawless performance.

Please continue reading to find out what it takes to increase solar power efficiency and output power. It’s not overly complicated.

Consume as much solar energy as possible

Solar energy is applicable anywhere and, since it can make your life better, try to increase solar power efficiency as much as possible. The panels should be generating electricity throughout the day and, therefore, providing optimum results. Recharge all your gadgets (smartphone, laptop, lamp, etc.). If you happen to have solar inverters, it’s a good idea to recharge them during the day. This way, you’ll avoid wasting power. Besides the financial burden, excess contributes to global warming. So, don’t allow energy to go to waste. It’s in your best interest to consume the power generated by the solar panels and additional devices.

Solar energy production occurs simultaneously with times of peak demand. The times for maximum energy demand are 11:00 and 16:00. No taking advantage of this unlimited energy source would be a big mistake. You have the chance to improve corporate sustainability, not to mention that you don’t have to rely on the grid. Renewables are preferable from a power output standpoint. Solar panels have a power output that ranges between 225 and 350 watts. The higher the wattage of the solar panels, the more power to you.

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Make sure the solar panels aren’t fully shaded

Shade represents an important inhibitor when it comes down to solar panels. What happens is that shade considerably reduces the amount of light reaching the solar panel cells, which in turn reduces power output. Even if the solar panels function in the shade, the output capacity is compromised due to the limited exposure to sunlight. By shade, it’s not necessarily understood by cloudy skies. Trees can also create shade. And so do chimneys and vents. Shade is detrimental to your commercial solar power system, so you must do something about it. You can’t relocate the chimney or the vents, but you can trim the trees.

Keep the solar panels crystal clean

Needless to say, it’s imperative to have the solar panels professionally cleaned because performance is severely compromised if they’re dirty. It’s necessary to eliminate the dust and dirt, which can lead to a blockage with time. Cleaning is the only thing required in terms of solar panel maintenance. Make sure that the sunlight can reach the photovoltaic cells – in other words, ensure that dust, dirt, and other debris don’t collect on the surface. Regular solar panel cleaning guarantees that the photovoltaic modules don’t deteriorate. It’s not recommended to rely on rain for the cleaning of the solar panels. It might make the photovoltaic modules worse.

Solar panel cleaning implies washing the panels as if they were windows. Many agree that the best way to clean solar panels is via professional help. An experienced company will check out the issue and ensure the commercial solar power system is tidied up according to best practices. The job is hazardous, so don’t attempt to do it yourself. What is more, it requires particular materials for cleaning. Local businesses provide commercial cleaning services for solar panels, so do a Google search. Check the rating for the company you’re interested in and request a quote to know what you can expect in terms of price.

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Consider installing a backup battery

Take into consideration the possibility of installing a backup battery. You’ll have power in case the grid goes out, so you’ll not be tied to the utilities grid. You can also take advantage of offsetting rising costs. It’s not difficult to add a backup battery to your existing system, but it’s not child’s play either. If the photovoltaic module was designed so as to accommodate energy for later on, it’s relatively complicated. The only thing you can do is use an inverter replacement or an AC coupled solution. Determine what works best in your particular situation and make an informed decision when out in the market.

As you compare available options, you’ll come across unintelligible product specifications. The most important aspects to pay attention to are capacity and power ratings. The capacity refers to the total amount of energy that the battery is capable of storing, while the power ratings give you a good idea of the power output allowed. Don’t forget to compare the warranties associated with each backup battery. They testify to the products’ long-term functionality. In case you didn’t already know, you can get about 15 years out of the backup battery. You can fulfill your organization’s electricity needs and maintain your budget at the same time.

Final considerations

Increase solar power efficiency so that better economic benefits for your organization. As you have seen, there are several factors impacting the efficiency of photovoltaic modules. Even if you’re not a serious experimenter, don’t despair because there are time-tested solutions you can resort to. Make sure to harness the power of the sun in an efficient and cost-effective way. For the highest output, additional measures need to be taken. We’re presently facing a tremendous power crisis and, if you’ve been smart enough to invest in an innovative alternative method, you should properly maintain it for optimal results and reliability.

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