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Who Is Donnell Woods the Father of Lori Harvey


Lori Harvey is best known as comedian Steve Harvey’s little daughter. Years went by and no one mentioned the name of Donnell Woods in the media. This is because the Harveys kept the Donnell Woods-Lori Harvey connection a closely guarded secret. But who is Donnell Woods and how is the Harvey family related?

Donnell Woods is a Memphis drug dealer and currently serving life-imprisonment. Sometimes known as Donnell Jones, this person made rounds on the media as The Donnell Woods Lori Harvey father. Due to his criminal history and relationship with Lori, a lot of people took interest in the life of this criminal.

In this article, we will find uncover the secrets that they Harvey family didn’t want us to know!

Married life of Majorie Harvey

Donnell Woods was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He grew up in a low-income home and gained early exposure to crime and narcotics. To make ends meet, Woods dropped out of high school and began selling drugs. He was later arrested and imprisoned for narcotics trafficking.

Lori Harvey biological father Donnell Woods took the internet by storm recently. But what interested people more is the life of Majorie Harvey.

In addition to being previously married to Donnell Woods, Majorie Harvey, Steve Harvey’s third and current wife, was also married to Jim L. Townsend, another drug lord.

But is Jim Townsend and Donnell Woods related?

Apart from the fact that they were both husbands to Majorie Harvey and that they are serving imprisonment, they are not related in anyway.

Majorie Harvey first marriage

Marjorie Woods was first married to drug baron Jim L. Townsend. Although there were allegations that Jim Townsend and Majorie were 23 years apart in age, this was not the reason for their split.

When the police caught Townsend due to the purchase of 40 kilograms of cocaine, there were chances of Majorie’s involvement in the matter. He received a life sentence and served 26 years in jail before President Obama pardoned it. As per his orders, Townsend is free since January 2017.

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Marjorie did not get any criminal charges because of this case even when Townsend’s lawyers claimed her participation.

Majorie Harvey second and third marriage

Jim and Marjorie split after fewer than five years in prison. But it was with him that she had her first two children, Jason and Morgan.

Steve Harvey is Majorie Harvey’s third husband. After her marriage with Jim L. Townsend ended, she moved on and married Woods. The child they had together was Lori Harvey. Later, Woods got arrested for distributing cocaine and was imprisoned.

After Donnell Woods was imprisoned, Majorie Harvey moved on with Steve Harvey, who married her and adopted Lori Harvey. The Harveys wanted to keep this a secret. But with due course of time, the cat was out of the bag!

Criminal Record

Over the years, Donnell Woods has had multiple run-ins with the authorities. From narcotics trafficking, grand theft, to assault, there are multiple charges against the man. But the man eventually managed to bail himself out.

Many people have questioned Woods’ character and goals because of his criminal history. Here is a sneak-peek to his life:

Following Prison

Donnell Woods changed his life after spending time in prison. He relocated to Los Angeles and established himself as an entrepreneur in the entertainment sector. Woods established a record label and handled a number of popular musicians. He dabbled in acting as well, appearing in a few films and television shows.


Donnell Woods strives to rebuild his life despite his criminal history. He has been dealing with at-risk youngsters and attempting to steer them in the right direction.

Donnell Woods Personal Life

Donnell Woods and Lori Harvey relationship interest a lot of people. Since people want to know about Steve Harvey, his step-daughter’s life also gain traction.

Lori is Steve Harvey’s step-daughter, and Woods is her biological father. Lori and Woods relationship has been strained over the years, and they have not been in contact.

Donnell Woods and Lori Harvey reunited and their pictures circulated in the media while in Atlanta in 2020. Because of how rough their relationship had previously been, many people were shocked. Although it’s unclear what led to their reconciliation, it’s stoking rumors that Woods is attempting to capitalize on Lori’s popularity.

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When asked by media about her biological father, Lori Harvey keeps mum and shares least with the media. Family relatives claim that Lori is happy to have her father back in her life.

Since Lori is known to maintain secrecy of her personal affairs. It is unlikely that she would reveal anything about their connection anytime soon. We can assume that Lori does not want to let Woods capitalize on her step-father’s fame.

Steve Harvey refrains from talking about this subject. But it looks like the family has put conflicts aside and is attempting to deepen relationships.

Final thoughts

The story of Donnell Woods is convoluted. Despite his troubled past, he is striving hard to make amends. There have been conflicts in his relationship with Lori Harvey throughout the years, but they look to be making strides toward tighter ties. Despite the fact that many people are wary of Woods because of his past, he is Lori’s biological father and deserves a second chance.


1. Who Is Lori Harvey’s biological Father?

Donnell Woods is Lori Harvey’s biological father, though neither Lori nor Donnell have publicly verified or disputed the speculation. This idea is based on Marjorie Harvey’s relationship timeline, which shows that she was connected with Donnell Woods around the time Lori was born, following her divorce from her first husband, Jim Townsend.

2. Is Steve Harvey the biological father of Lori Harvey?

Lori Harvey’s biological father is not Steve Harvey. After marrying Lori’s mother, Marjorie, Steve Harvey adopted her and gave her his surname. Lori and Steve have a strong father-daughter relationship despite not being biologically related.

3. Are Donnell Woods and Jim Townsend related?

No, there is no proof that Jim Townsend and Donnell Woods are connected. These people shared relationship with Marjorie Harvey but all at different timelines. Even though both men were associated with Marjorie, there is no proof of a direct relationship—familial or otherwise—between Townsend and Woods.

4. What happened to the biological father of Lori Harvey?

After getting married to Marjorie Harvey, Donnell Woods, who is thought to be Lori Harvey’s biological father, encountered legal issues and was accused of drug-related offenses. His belongings, which included a club later sold to NBA star Isaiah Todd, were taken by the authorities. There are no confirmed details regarding his whereabouts or present condition.

5. Is Donnell Woods the biological father of Lori Harvey?

Although it is widely believed that Donnell Woods is the biological father of Lori Harvey, neither Lori nor Donnell have made this assertion public. According to the timeline, Marjorie and Donnell may have been dating around the time Lori was born.

6. Is Lori Harvey the biological daughter of Steve Harvey?

Lori Harvey is not the biological daughter of Steve Harvey. She is Marjorie Harvey’s daughter from a prior relationship. Steve adopted Lori and her two siblings after marrying Marjorie, giving them his surname.

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