5 not-so-boring corporate entertainment ideas

5 not-so-boring corporate entertainment ideas


By developing a strong relationship with clients, staff, and stakeholders, your business can make the transition from being just another company to a genuine brand that people cherish and trust. Entertainment in the corporate shouldn’t be viewed as an expense. It’s an investment in your organization. You’re probably already doing this, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use some advice. When it comes down to creating bonding opportunities, you need to get creative. If you want to create a powerful and memorable event, keep in mind the following ideas of entertainment in the corporate organization. You must make every encounter worth it.

1.Bring in celebrity impersonators

Celebrity impersonators are basically entertainers who walk, talk, act, and look just like a particular celebrity. It might sound like an odd profession, but it’s actually a tribute to the celebrity who is being portrayed. Consider inviting a celebrity impersonator to your little get-together. Celebrity look-alikes are extremely funny. They don’t take things too seriously and that’s because resembling someone famous can be distracting. In Australia, for instance, many make a living out of impersonating their favourite celebrities. Kelly O’Brien is one such example. She brings to life the character of Dolly Parton, doing lots and lots of tribute shows. You have to see it to believe it.

2.Enjoy a game of golf

It’s a common misconception that golf is boring. The truth is that laying golf is super fun and it’s all due to the endless possibilities it offers. You get to enjoy the great outdoors, not to mention that you get a little bit of exercise in the meantime. The game is full of humorous moments; if you take yourself too seriously to laugh at your performance, then you’ll get much entertainment in the corporate office from watching others struggle on the yard. Owing to the handicap system, people of different capabilities can play. Keep in mind that golf is a game of character. You have to stay calm under pressure, think strategically, and never lose your temper.

Book your round of golf now. Entertainment destinations provide a one-of-a-kind experience of golfing in Sydney. Golf is a highly popular sport in Australia, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are a myriad of options when it comes down to participating in the game. You’ll not spend the entire time hitting the ball. You can chat with your golfing partners for as long as you like so as to know them better. People are more likely to do business with those whom they know and trust, meaning that they’re not willing to give their money to a faceless corporation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro golfer. Don’t waste any more time and book a round on the golf course.

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3.Provide the ultimate puppy experience

You can incorporate the love of dogs into your events. Everyone likes dogs, so your clients, staff, and stakeholders are some of them. Dog lovers don’t make up a small minority, just so you know. You could organise an animal rescue event, which involves interaction and engagement. Look for puppies who desperately need homes and see if you can make long-term arrangements. Here’s another idea: lend a helping hand. Animal shelters need all the help they can get, whether it’s comforting animals or making toys. Get in touch with the RSPCA and figure out what can be done. You can become a corporate supporter if you want. Your donation will make a huge difference.

Just think about it. You can give back to the animals and strengthen corporate bonds. Purchase goods that the shelter needs to purchase or get people to get involved in animal welfare. Better yet, organize a conference and have puppies and canine companions at your event. You might just increase animal adoptions. You’ll give more puppies a forever home. The bottom line is that a puppy experience increases the mood, boosts morale, and, most importantly, reduces stress. If you’re looking to do something different, this might be your answer. The last thing you want to do is to end up with a boring evening of entertainment in the corporate office.

4.Virtual and augmented reality

At the present costs, you can’t say that virtual and augmented reality are expensive. Since these ground-breaking technologies are affordable, you might as well take advantage of them. But how? Give people the opportunity to test the limit of their imagination. If the thought of playing sports doesn’t seem tempting, visit a museum, why don’t you? There are plenty of museums from around the world offering virtual tours, such as the British Museum (London) and the Musée d’Orsay (Paris). Take your pick. People will hopefully like the type of entertainment you’ve chosen. There are countless experiences to choose from when it comes down to virtual and augmented reality.

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5.Throw a casino party

Adding a casino theme to your corporate event is a fantastic way of getting everyone hooked and enabling interaction at a social level. You don’t have to fly to Las Vegas to have the time of your life. All you need are professional dealers, a poker table, and guests willing to dig deep into their pockets. Of course, no real money is allowed. If you don’t have the necessary props, there are rental companies for that. Simplify everything, including the decoration. There’s no need to go overboard. Just make sure to bring the right foods and drinks and create a playlist that’s appropriate for the occasion.

It’s important to figure out what types of casino games you want. Include games that attract people and let them enjoy themselves. Blackjack, roulette, and slots are all great options. Poker is pretty popular because it’s an intellectual game that requires special skills. Plus, it’s a social activity. The game is played against other people and you have to be able to read your opponent to win. Have a chat with several companies throwing casino parties and see what their favourite picks are. Finally yet importantly, choose the right venue. When you decide on a date for the event, make sure everyone is free.

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